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Start New Business Ep 5 – Book Binding [Methods For Various Markets] Buy @

Start New Business Ep 5 Book Binding Methods For Various Markets Buy @

Start New Business Ep 5 – Book Binding [Methods For Various Markets] Buy @

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A Complete Guide On How To Start New Business In book Book Binding Shop aka Punching Shop. Target local print shops, Companies And Xerox Shop.
Different Machines and Software Needed In a book Book Binding Shop aka Punching Shop Machines Need are
-Creasing Machine – Manual
-Creasing Machine – Electric
-Half Cutting, Perforation Machine
-Rim Cutter
-Thermal Lamination Machine
-Diary + Calendar Binding Machine
-Electric Spiral Binding
-Corner Cutter
-Gold Foil Fusing Machine


oo:oo – Intro – Start new Business EP-5 Book Binding
00:06 – Video topic – Book Binding Business
00:34 – What is Book Binding Business
01:11 – It is a Job Work Business
01:53 – Machines needed for Book Binding Business
03:33 – In Book Binding Business most of the machines are manual
04:23 – Small works with manual machines instead of Hydraulic machine
05:31 – Book Binding Machines Picture
05:35 – About Rim cutter
06:16 – Creasing Machines
07:15 – Roll-to-roll thermal Lamination Machine
08:16 – Sticker Cutting Machine
08:41 – Creasing Perforation and half Cutting Machine
09:09 – 2-in 1 Spiral/Wiro Binding Machine
10:08 – Corner Cutting Machine
10:50 – Gold Foil – Fusing Machine
11:19 – Electric Spiral/Wiro machine
11:34 – Conclusion


Good Morning, good evening
and good afternoon everyone

and welcome to Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

in today’s video we are going to talk about

how we can supply machines and different products

in related with book binding
business or book binding shop

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first we find the simple answer for
what is the book binding business

What is the book binding business?

book binding business is done many times by
the book stall owners, they setup this business

book binding shop is set near
the printing areas in villages and cities

the book binding business is
many times know as punching shops also

because they have big hydraulic mahcines

they punch, fold, cut, crease the papers, these
works are done in hydraulic punch machines

this is a job work business

this business is not done directly to customer

this is job working business,
other shop owners come to you

they give the printed sheets

and says to cut this, bind this,
puch this, make this calender

or etc., etc., works

this is not the retail business
this is a whole kind of business,

this is job work and no direct customers come to you

bulk order is done in this field

you get amount for per sheet or per work

there is many things about this business

but we see what are the machines that
we can provide to do book binding shop

along with demo, along with the delivery
and along with warranty and guarantee

we supply all the machines
and items shown in this videos

and our shop name is Abhishek Products
and our old shop name is S.K.Graphics

here you can get manual creasing
machine and electric creasing machine

you can get half cutting
machine and perforation machine

manual rim cutter

roll to roll thermal lamination machine

if you have any connection with calender industries

or companies reports cards
or diary’s or annual reports

which is need every three months in 1000 quantities

you can do all those works

or if you want to bind used books in bulk
quantity of 1000 we have spiral binding machine

you can also get electric wiro binding machine

now a days corner cutter is mostly used

like print line, visiting cards is
printed in large quantity daily

in this field there is more competition

in this field if you go out for corner cutting,
your business margine and the profit will be less

so we have the machine
which can cut visiting cards also

full book can be cut

and gold foil machines which is
compatiable with digital UV laser printer

you have observe that some machines
I have tolded is manul machines

and some of them are basic electric machines

you will see in the coming
videos, you will see in the slides

in this there is no hydraulic machines

the reson being that we are targeting a segment

because in India there are many villages, districts
where there is not much demand of this work

who can invest lakhs of rupees

and setup hydraulic machine there

there is no much demand and
there is not enough capital investment

so that we have bring here small, small machines
some are maual and some are electrical machines

where there is small demand or average demand

which also can be done with small investment

with that you can earn money with this business

with that in the cities like Hyderabad

there are many hydraulic machines

in every area there is hydraulic
machines and work is going on

in that case when you are
running the hydraulic machines

when you got the bulk work of 10 thousand or 15
thousand sheets

and another work of binding is going on

when the work is going on, it is not possibel to
stop that work of hydraulic,

the work will go on till end

in between when another customer comes asks

here is the my 100 visiting cards, I
have this much work please do it for me

so don’t take that work because of the on going work

you come back after two or three
hours, at that time I fill finish you work

in today’s world all are
busy and no one has patience

the customer will be angry with you saying that
we are coming regularly and you can’t do this work

and their would be negotiation between them

for this you can keep the
small machine in your office

and what ever sample works, or short run
works all that you can do with this machines

we go to the next side where
we show you the machines

here we have the rim cutter in
which we can cut 500 pages at a time

if you have photo studio cutomer near you,
you can cut the the whole album or visiting cards

you can cuts books and papers

this is a small machine

if you have the big 24 inch paper
cutting machines of hydraulic already

and if you want to do small
works you can definatly do with this

if you have xerox shops in village, town or cities

where you are doing xerox and binding
works, then this macine will be helpful

another thing is 18 inch manual creasing machine

some works are there in which
finishing is got only in manual machines

some work will not get good finishing
in the hydraulic or electric machine

there is a peculiar case in creasing machine

many time when the print is
done in laser printer or digital printer

which is based on tonner

and when you do creasing with an electric machines

the tonner lines will break

in that case the work is done prefectly
with and with only the manual machines

and this is the manula creasing machine

it can crease upto 18 inch

this side here

and you can change the blade and
this is not the use and through machine

we supply this balde also

it’s a simple and heavy duty machines

it will be helpful in both villages and cities

and if you don’t know what is creasing, the
creasing means giving a line or to fold

this is our roll to roll lamination machine

generally the roll to roll lamiantion machine
will be bigger we have made a small machine

and it has temperature control and
speed control, it has roller at top and bottom

in every digital shops of digital printing

there some time they take 50 or

they can do with the bigger machines

beacuse there is a minimum quantity to
work of 1000 pieces or 10 thousand pieces

then only they get profit

in that case you can keep this
machine, this will fit in your table

and you can charge little more for low quantity

but you can give service and delivery fast

then the customer will be linked with
you for the large quantity and low quantity

the stickers have good market now a days

This is sticker cutting machine

and it has 12 sticker cutting blades in it

and you can put 13×19 paper easily

it has no auto feed you have to feed manually

with compact body it has many functions in it

like 12 half cutting blades and 2 creasing blades

and it run with electricity, it
has an electric motor inside here

and this machine will also be very useful for you

this is versatile machine focusing on samplings

in it you can do 2 creasing

and one half cutting and one perforation also

this machine is trageted for making sample works

or when you want a short runs like 200
page creasing or half cutting or perforation

this machine is made to do such a works

and this machines many focus is also that

and again this is our 2 in 1
spiral wiro binding machine

when you have companies work

where in every three months, they make
quarter reports or in every year annual reports

in every share market companies or big organisation
in which board of director or chairman is there,

here more reports are printed,

if you have one company or two
company with your connection for binding works

then you will be busy for whole months

and their would be big
jobs as well as small jobs also

where you can do schools work or companies work

their would be some reports
or diary or new years calendars

the printing will be going on, this
business is also a regular business,

its main big season is on new year only

next machine is corner cutting machine

this corner cutting machine
cut upto 200 pages at a time

you can cut visiting cards or whole book

when you round cut the whole book for the customer

then they will come to you
next year also for making books

because they search for corner cutting in
the market and they don’t find,

normal cutting and binding is found every where

when you keep a different product in you business

then the customers view will be at you all the times

this is the gold foil fusing machine
and this is a heavy duty machine

and in one day it can do up to 9 thousand
  to 9500 gold foil of A4 size paper

and this is aslo roll to toll machine

in front the new roll will be there
and at the back the used rolls will be stored

you have to insert the laser print our from here

laser printing which is digital print, which is
powder base printing is called laser printing

this is heavy duty machine

this is an electric spiral binding machine,

and if you do one more modification
you can do electric wiro binding also

it has a leg pedal with that you
can control one horse power motor

the machines show in this video

all the machines detail video

it is also uploaded in YouTube channel also

if you have any requirement of machines or demand

you can WhatApps through the given number below

and with that we end this video

now our product series is
going on and this is the 5th video

how to start business in different categories

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