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Button Badge Machine [How To Making Button Badge Complete Guide] Buy Online

Button Badge Machine How To Making Button Badge Complete Guide Buy Online

Button Badge Machine [How To Making Button Badge Complete Guide] Buy Online

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Design and Create your Own Button Badge with a strong pin back .Customize your round pin-back button badge just the way you like it.44mm &58mm pin back button badges.Affordable, Easy, Fast and Cheap Button Badge.
use 4-colors ink and high quality coated art card paper for better printing output


00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Our Address
00:19 – About the button badge
00:45 – Starting with the design
01:20 – Print setup
02:56 – Cutting the A4 Sheet
04:10 – Cutting with the Round cutter
04:14 – Two sizes of cutters
05:20 – Button badge Machine
06:00 – How to make a button badge
06:10 – Raw materials needed
06.47 – How to make a button badge
08:13 – Material used to make button badge
09:13 – How to change the mould
11:30 – Conclusion


Hello everyone!

I am Abhishek Jain with
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

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have any interest or if you want to purchase

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Today we are going to talk about button badges

As all of you know that we provide
ID card lamination, binding industries

all types of machines and materials

and we keep technical expertise

in this category is the button badge

In this full video, we are
talking about the button badges

we are going to give technical details and ideas

so let us start with our design

This is our CorelDraw software
in which we have set up A4 size

In the A4 we have made
small, small design’s ups in it

we have duplicated the design we say it as “up’s”

and this the technical details about that up’s

if you don’t understand this
technical details don’t worry about it

we will share the soft copy of this also

so that you can use the same
template and start printing

here we have set up in the A4 size
paper, just give the print option (ctrl+p)

and we have selected the printer L3150

and in the preferences, we have selected plain paper

with standard quality, if you want to
increase the quality you can increase

we have applied the quality changes

and we have printed it

for printing, we have used our Epson L3150 printer

when you are printing

we suggest Epson’s inkjet printer

the investment for this printer
is less, not the big investment

you can purchase this printer also

we are an authorized distributor of
Epson in Hyderabad, Telangana region

we will send through parcel or
through transport when ordered

this printer is ideal for low-volume printing

this printer is enough for button
badge because it is a retail business

but when you take a big business like
political badges or wholesale business

for that, we suggest outsourcing printing

in big 13×19 printers in the market

for paper printing only

and the paper printing is done in
this printer with the Epson inkjet printer

here we have used 130 gsm photo glossy paper

if you want to take some print out in 13×19 printer

for that, you use 130 gsm glossy paper

now we cut the up’s

we cut through the black line

length cutting will be like this

we have used full scape size legal cutter

keeping the paper in a
the straight line we cut this paper

we can cut this paper easily like this

now you may think why we
are not cutting with scissors

because we have to do the
work quickly, fastly, and neatly

so we suggest buying the
paper cutter for this kind of works

so use this cutter for cutting

so your work will be fast

if you are one man army, now a day
all over India, this pattern is going on

In many shops the owner
itself does all the work (one man army)

so we suggest buying these machines

so that your work is fast, neat, and correct

and after that, you have to
put in the round cutter like this

we have to adjust the paper like this

and give power using the handle and punch

now we have cut the paper

the width of this paper is 70mm

this is 70mm in width (diameter)

and this is 54mm width

now you think why we are using two-size cutters

because the button badge is
available in two sizes 58mm and 44mm

and for two badges two different cutters are used

you can get this two cutter
from us, we can supply for you

this is 54mm width

and this is a 70mm width round cutter

if you want to make a badge of 58mm badge like this

then you use a 70mm cutter

when you want to make 44mm
badge, you use 54mm size round cutter

similarly, this is our button badge-making machine

this is the red colour pressing machine
and underneath is the aluminum mold

this is the mold of an 8mm button badge

this is a 44mm button badge mold

These two mould fit in this machine

at a time one mold is fitted and used

we have fitted a 58mm mold

this 70mm will be compatible with the 58mm mold

which will go inside the 58mm badge

for this, we use a 58mm mold

now we tell you how to make a badge

first, we put the round metal sheet

I do one thing, I will tell you what are
raw materials used for making button badge

when you order a button badge, we supply these three items

first is round transparent OHP film

and the second is a round metal plate

this is the metal plate, we supply this

and then we supply plastic
badge or plastic base with pin

These three products make one unit

we supply all units in a set

the paper you have to print yourself

with your individual design

if you want to make a button badge with this machine

first, you have to load

metal plate

then you load printed paper

then you load transparent OHP film

then slide this and keep one hand behind

and press the handle hardly

now we see that the badge we put here was
gone, it has gone to the upside aluminum mould

how it will come down

how it will fit in this plastic base

you have to put this plastic base upside down

upside down, the pin must face toward you

this pin will be like this

the badge will be like this

you have to slide this mold

keep one hand behind

and press it

and your badge will be ready

your badge is ready

it has become a glossy badge
with high definition printout

and at the backside, the pin will be like this

and like this, the badge will be ready

this was to give a basic idea about
how does the button badge machine look like

for making this badge we have used 58mm
mold, we have used a red colour pressing machine

we have used 70mm and 54mm round cutter
depending upon the size you are going to make

after that, we set up a paper
cutter, we have used full scape size paper cutter,

this is a normal paper cutter

this is for cutting paper
only not for laminated papers

you can cut other items but this
is specially made to cut papers

then we used the Epson inkjet printer L3150

if you want printers you can contact
through the below WhatsApp number

in the software, we have used a template,
in the template, we have used our designs

we will send this template with
the product through WhatsApp

if you want to test this, contact me on WhatsApp

we will give this design template

so this full setup is used to make button badge

before going I want to tell you one thing

how to change 58mm mold with 44mm mold

here you can see a pin, which
can be removed by fingers

the pin will be fitted like this

put the finger under the pin
and press it, it will be released

now the mold is free, you
can remove it in any direction

look carefully we have
twisted the mould and moved up

and push a little bit

and the mould is removed completely

we have to hold this mould with two hands

keep the two thumbs like this

put two thumbs and press down

and this mould is also removed

we have done the same work in the reverse direction

we have taken the 44mm mould

you see an arrow and a small
rod this will goes inside the machine

we have matched hole to hole

down here

down here

there is a hole inside, we
have fitted inside the hole

we have kept the hand like this

and insert the second mould

here is also a pin, you have to remove that also

we have removed the pin like this

we have pushed up like this

the slide the mould like this and leave it

and put the pin back

and it’s fitted here

the bottom mould will be locked with the pins

when pushed with the fingers
it will come to the side you wanted

so this machine is ready to make a 44mm button badge

and the 58mm size badge is off this size

and you can make it easily

in this small machine, you can put

thank you,

and if you like our video and concept

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and write in the comment box about what are
the other products you want so that we can supply it

Thank you!

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