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ID Card Sample Kit by Abhishek Products @ Buy Online

ID Card Sample Kit by Abhishek Products @ Buy Online

ID Card Sample Kit by Abhishek Products @ Buy Online

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Sample Kit For ID Cards – Comprehensive range of id cards, badges, retractors(yoyo) , lanyards, tags and other products popular among schools, collages, companies and event managers are packed into the sample kit.


00:00 – Intro
00:20 – About ID card sample kit
01:37 – Lamination Inserting transparent Holders
03:35 – Plastic badge
04:04 – Hooks
04:22 – Lanyards, Belts
05:06 – Types of Lanyards
05:42 – Products Used in Companies and Events
06:06 – PVC pouches
06:46 – PVC cards
07:06 – Thermal cards
07:15 – Epson inkjet card
07:20 – Thermal cards
07:47 – Conclusion Conclusions


in today’s video, I am going to tell about the sample kit

What is a sample kit?

we do ID card lamination and binding business

for ID card industries

we have made a sample kit, in the sample kit

we have put all the product, that is
required to run basic ID card business

or important

imagine you have gone to a customer

to show a sample, what is the type
of ID card you are going to give

this is the one-piece sample of every item

which we can supply to you

I will tell you this is the basic
sample kit or essential sample kit

you can use this as a demo piece for the customers
  or you can put this on the display of your shop

the items that are given in this packet

as you see the full items

we will supply all this in a pack

we can supply in a consistent manner

so now I will tell you the details of what are the
things you will get in this sample kit

in this we provide

lamination inserting transparent holders,
it has many varieties which are made with PP materials

in every holder has one model
number with different price

for example, this holder number is H30

this is a vertical holder this fits front & back

this is holder number 76

this opens like a suitcase and one card fits in this

like this, every holder has its number
which will be written in the price list

or when chatting on WhatsApp or when you send the product
photo to us we will tell you the details about that

like that this is crystal variety type holder

this is a sliding-type crystal model

and we are also given a white colour
PP material holder, just for an idea

to tell the customer that these are
the quality products that we can give

if you are a graphic designer or printer or if

you have a separate wholesale shop or retail

we will supply the whole sample
kit put it in your shop’s display

then the customer selects their item

give this a 10 pack or 500 piece or 1000 pieces

so before giving an order if you have a
sample in the hand, they will get confident

similarly, you can send that product photo or
number of that product to us through WhatsApp

we will supply that item

and you can supply to customer easily

these are the inserting type lamination holders

this has black colour, blue
colour and in red colors also

we don’t keep enough stock of
colours because demand for this is less

maximum demand is for white colour

this is the range of white pasting holders, in this
you have single side, double side, small size, big size

vertical is there and horizontal also

similarly, this is a plastic badge

this is also a plastic badge small size and big size

this is a plastic key chain

small size, big size single side,
double side there are different varieties

this is a sample button badge

this is an ID cards retractor yo-yo ordinary
quality and special quality, oval and round

you can get those samples also

if you do lanyard or job work these all thing is useful

this is just a normal key chain

these are all one part, two-part,
three-part and single fitting for

these are the plastic fittings for
lanyards, these are spare parts, raw materials

if you make a multi-color belt,
this is the raw material for belts

if you make a dome label this is a sample for it

this is different types of hooks, fish hook, leaver hook

this is a different type of joint 12mm,

this is made of zinc coating

this is stainless steel with high-quality and low quality

here we have given some lanyard
samples, we supply readymade lanyards also

we supply lanyard raw material
and the lanyard-making machine also

you have watched our show
rooms detail demo in the previous video

in that, we have told about the
lanyard-making machine also

this is a single colour lanyard,
with screen printing single colour

this is a multicolor lanyard, this is a 12mm satin lanyard

this is a tube or sleeve, this
is flat type lanyard with a clip

  this is with hook

this is a holder with direct fitting

this is the multicolor belt

this is a multi colour tie

this is a bigger holder with direct fitting

this product is to give basic
the idea about the school products

and the coming product is used in companies, events

and in a big organization or in any festival

or to give to the security guard,
for ammas now a day is required

temporary or visitor pass these all will be useful

this is a vertical and horizontal leather pouch

this is a soft pouch of thick plastic

in this also vertical and horizontal

these all are PVC pouches

there are different types of PVC pouches

this is a big size, Chinese
the pouch which looks like it is laminated

when we insert paper inside it looks like laminated

again it is Chinese quality, this is
thick high quality zip pouch

this is used in big companies

it has a zip in the top

after putting the card in the pouch zip the
pouch and it will become waterproof,

it is also available in 3 sizes
and in vertical and horizontal

this is the same piece in horizontal

going forward

to see different types of PVC cards

imagine if you are doing ID card works

and if you want an access card, RF ID
card or inkjet cards or thermal card

or pre-printed voter card or if you need
aadhaar card or if you need a golden chip card

we have given a sample of that also,
so that the customers know about that

this is a thermal gold chip card

this is a thermal card ordinary

this is a thermal card with special quality

this will be useful in Epson’s inkjet printers

These two will be used in thermal
printers voter card and aadhaar card

this is a Mifare 1k capacity

this is the access card for Epson inkjet printers

this is another variety, which is of high quality for
Epson printers

this is a thick access card

in this only sticker is pasted no printing is done

this is a thermal card with special
quality with individual packing

this is a thin RF ID access card

again this is compatible with thermal printers

so these are the products
you will get with the sample kit

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