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Start New Business Ep3 – Graphic Designer Shop [Machine For Different Markets] Buy @

Start New Business Ep3 Graphic Designer Shop Machine For Different Markets Buy @

Start New Business Ep3 – Graphic Designer Shop [Machine For Different Markets] Buy @

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A Complete Guide On How To Start New Business In Graphic Designing Sector. Target School, Colleges, Companies, Events And Xerox Shop.
Different Machines and Software Needed In a Graphics Designer Shop, Machines Need In A Graphics Shop
-ID Card Software
-Creasing Machine – Manual
-Creasing Machine – Electric
-Half Cutting, Perforation Machine
-Rim Cutter
-Rotary Cutter
-Thermal Lamination Machine
-Round die cutters
-Diary + Calendar Binding Machine
-Button Badge Machine
-Cold Lamination Machine


00:00 – Intro
00:40 – Who are Graphic Designer
01:16 – Different Business in Graphic Designing
05:20 – ID card Software
06:14 – Machines needed in a Graphics Shop
08:04 – Benefit of the Graphic Designing
09:15 – Photos of the machines
09:40 – Cold Lamination machine
10:29 – 2 in 1 Spiral Wiro Binding machine
11:04 – Paper Trimmer
12:13 – Round Badge Machine
13:34 – Round Die Cutter
14:33 – A3 Rim Cutter
16:53 – 18 Manual Creasing Machine
18:19 – Hot Lamination Machine
19:32 – Perforation and Half cutting machine
21:30 – ID card software
22:26 – Scratch Labels
22:55 – Conclusion


Hello every one!

and welcom to Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

in today’s video we are going to talk about

how we can help you to start a
new graphic designer business

to setup a new shop

in today’s video I am going to
tell about different types machines

and about different softwares

which will be helpfull to run your business

and before we begin

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before starting let’s know about

who are the graphic designers

what is the graphic designing shop

basically graphic designer those who

known Photoshop or CorelDraw
or Illustrator any designing software

which is used to design different type of products

for examples brochures,
pamphlet, covers, posters, banners,

boards, flexi stands, ID cards, badges

labels, stickers, pamphlet or dome labels

the product design is seprate business

and to physically print that
product, laminate or binding

to repack and sale that
product is also another business

printing only is not profitable business

and graphic design only is also not profitable business

but when you combine two of
them and make a package sale

so it is quite good profitable business

which can be done by single man with low investment

you should have seen many times in the market

if you are the graphic designer already
you should know what I am telling

you would do designs but other works
like, creasing, perforation, half cutting

or flesh cutting, thermal
lamination or round die cutting

or if you had made calender you
have to make physical calender

or if you want to make badges or label
you may design all that, but other works

but for other works you give to others
source like job workers or any binders

what happens is that you don’t get
enough profit in the binding section

you will get good margin or
profit in graphic desing only

but in the printing job, that was you job

it was physical aspect of your
job in which had not got good profit

so for that aspect and for that
segment where you give to outsource

so we have come here to give informaion

about that we can provide small machines,
you can start business with small scale machines

for your own printing job

if you are designing you can print also

imagine if its volume is high
bigger machines would be required

where more investment is needed

but if it’s a small work

of 100 units

in this case what happens is

you may find difficult in doing outsource works,

imagine if you have gone to
die punching or paper cutting

then he will I have 10,000 piece cutting
jobs or folding jobs or creasing jobs

he say’s you come after 1 hour
or 2 hours then I will finsh your job

what happen in this situation is you will damage
you shop, time and you will loose your patience

in case you job is of 100 page printing

in this case you waste most of the time
for and you don’t get enough margin of profit

in this case the best option is

invest in small machine, keep small machines
in office or home where you work in a table

so that you can do small works
and sample works of your own

if you want to correct any work
you can do it your self in your shop

you don’t need you go outside

when you give immediate response to the customers

if you desing immediately to the customer

or make a sample immediately

the customers get confidence

the customers thing that I
have come to the correct person

the customers will have confidence
that we don’t go outside for any works

all the works will be done in this shop
itself, so that our work will be prefect

this is customers general sentiment

when you go to tailor for stitching

you like to buy cloth in same
shop and to stitch in the same shop

work will be done well and we have brought the
cloth from here and will give for stitching here itself

same concept is in designing,
printing and in graphic industries

who designs also like to print
also, so that he gets confident

he has made the colour combination
well, so he wiil also prints well

I am starting to tell you about
the machines and softwares

which will help you

first we start with ID card software

we have made this software

this software is not only for ID card but
also useful for making labels, bar code

QR code, manufaturing stickers, expiry date stickers,

library book stickers or any type of stickers

or envolope label stickers or any repeted works

in that case you can use this software

imagine if you have excel sheet
and papers background design

take both in the excel sheet and the desing and
bring to the software and press ok button

the software will create all the ID card
of the excel sheets or labels automatically

so that your time is saved, money and the mistakes

and the customerl thinks that he is professional worker

second we have a machine called
creasing machine both manul and electric

we will tell you detail about it in the coiming slides

forth is the half cutting and perforation
machine it is a small scale machine

we have manual rim cutter, again it is a
manual rim cutter which helps for small runs

next is the rotary cutter, many
times you print hard media

you laminate it as a base, so it help
to cut hard medias or tough medias

last again for small runs is the thermal
lamination machine, it’s good and useful for sampling

then we have round cutters, this is
not recommend for every customers

but for some customers who are in trophy industries

or for badge making industries customers

or political party connected customers, if
you have then the round cutter will be useful

if you want to capture the job of doing
calendars and diary business for new years

you design diary, you design calender

so start printing also

so your profit will be double

so in this case we have machines
for making diary and calendars

similarly we have button badge, which means
making button badge, this business runs all the time

if you are doing out source,

now you don’t need to out source this we have
this machine and you can make full benfit of this

and again cold lamination machine,
if you are serving in the photo studio category

for supplying for photo frame industires

then this cold lamination machine is must for you

what is the reson for providing all these machines,

  the reson is very simple

the desing is made once

but the print out is made 1000 times

wedding invitations

design is made once

same invitaions will be printed 1000 times

so the profit for one card designing is Rs.1000

so if the printing for one card is Rs.10, the
for 1000 cards, the profit will be10,000 Rupees

and here the profit will be Rs.1000

so you calculate this

is printing more profitable

or desinging only is profitable

two of the business is connected
with each others, you need two of them

and if you have this machines

so you can do the work very well

you can give the customer immediate samples

and the customers confidence

and the customers loyalty

you can gain that, you must gain that

with money trust is also needed

for that you need this machine also

this is the photo of some machines

you may think why I am showing
photos instead of machines

the reason for this is Corona period

when I am making this video is 14th

and the second phase is started of the Corona Virus

so that we taught to show
machines photos in the presentation

so that you may get an idea about
what are types of machines we have

in the graphic desingers shop

if you have the photo studio market

photo frame’s market or poster lamiantion market

or school or college students always
comes to your shops to design different works

or if it is a women day function in
a company or any internation day

so they need some posters for branding

so that posters will be laminated
with this lamination machine

we have made detail video of this machine already

infact what ever machine you see

you also see machines in the coming slides

we have made video of all that machines

and that is uploaded in our website

and that is uploaded in the YouTube channel

so see in detail about it

second is when you desing
calenders or diary for new years

or if you have good connection in hotel industries

and you are making menus for them

or if you have good connection with school industires

in which you make work sheet, work
book or making differnt type of diary’s

in that case you can buy this
machine with full confidence

because you can do spiral
binding also and wiro binding also

and the calender bindig is also done in this machine

this is a versatile tool it’s name is 24 inch rotary
cutter, in this small size is also available 14 inch

this machine has the capacity to
cut even 1 mm thickness paper easily

this machine doesn’t cuts bulk
papers, it cuts single paper only

upto 800 microns, 800 microns means ATM card thickness

so it cuts that thickness paper also easily

so it main job is to make prototype,
prototype means making samples

if you have different type of art works

imagine if your collection is art and crafts

if you are connected with big whole sale persons

or if you are connected with arts and science colleges

or if you are connected with interior designers

for those industries this product is needed the most

because they need to cut papers in different
shapes and designs to make cards or designs

India is countary in which election is held in
every 15 day or 20 day, it may be of railways, agency

muncipality, loga saba, raja
saba, many type of election is held

even in colleges also election is held

for elections party badges is made, this is one business

or any other recognized day like yoga day

so different companies make badges
with different branding for that function

imagine if a conference was held for yoga day

for that 800 or 1000 peoples are coming

they will asks for 800 or 1000 badges

how many cheif guest are
coming we will give badges for them

and how many cheif guest are coming and
regular guest, we will give badges for them also

you design is made one time and
printing is done 800 or 1000 times

you have to print according to the demand

next thing is round dia cutter

from us you can get different shapes and sizes of
round dia cutter from 18 mm to 120 mm of diameter

round dia cutter is mostly used in
trophy industries and ID card industries

political stickers, where it is sticked in the cars like
round shape which is made with this round dia cutter

there is many fields where branding is most needed

when installing CCTV camera, over the camera the
company sticker is pasted with this round dia cutter

so there are many application
you can use this round dia cutter

the need is to understand customers need

you have to keep talk with customers continuously

they will tell their requirments slowly

then you have to decide which machine for that work

so the round cuttter demand is
more, just understand customers requirement

next side and next product is rim cutter

this is maual machine

which can cut upto 500 pages at a time

this is recommended for big xerox centres

now a day xerox centers also doing
graphics works, so this is common for both

imagine if you are printing brochure or pamphlet

or any type of bulk paper, or making tickets

or any festival or any exhibition in you village

or any other gathering where
tickets is given or any lottery

or ludo or what you say housie,
tickets for housie and giving

entry ticket for visiting Lord Ganesh

like this is there where you
print in light paper or in thick paper

or you are printing the customers visiting card

you have printed many things

in the big sheet like 13×19, 12×18,

how you will cut, there is 800 or 1000 pages

if you cut one by one it will take till
evening and the work will be not finished

and you will not get good finishing

for that with out going outside

with this machine you can do it
your self your work in your shops

what happens when you do
your work, quality is controled

you complete the work in time

and third is good impression for the
customers because you have given in time

you know that starting from one to last product you
have cutted in same manner same finishing

because you have done it your self or with your staffs

so you can buy our own machines,
so you don’t need to give to outsource

small jobs, small runs, sampling are done in your shops

and your design is not leaked out
side and your work will be with you

and the customers contact
numbers is also not leaked outside

because you print visiting card
also, you may know what I am telling

next is manual creasing machine,

where is manual creasing machine used

manual creasing machine is
used to make brochure or pamphlet

or any game board

or in school or in colleges

brochures for colleges asking to join MBA and
about fees details and the companies connected with it

now a days school and colleges is one type of business

which care of branding their names

when you are connected with schools or companies

especially IT companies

in the village, town there would
be small factories near by you

small or medium scale
business running of their own

to tell them about their products well

they will ask images regularly through WhatApp

they may ask for A4 size pamphlets or brouchers
of their machines, some thing they may ask from you

in all that cases, if you want
to give the paper the book shape

then this creasing machine
will be very useful for you

this creasing machine is off 18 inch
and it can crease up to 300 gsm papers

I want to tell once again

all the machines you see

all the details video about these machines are in
our YouTube channel and also in our website also

third item we are going to see is
lamination machine, which is very important

now a days every products get lamianted

may be covers, posters, banners, boards

even badges, label, stickers
every products is thermal laminated

if you do creasing or do paper cutting

or make badge, or make calender

or round cut any thing, you must first laminate them

today nothings are made without lamination

first the paper is printed then laminated

then creasing, perforation
cutting or half cutting is done

this will aslo become a must product for you

this is 13 inch machine roll to roll

it will do thermal lamination, it
will laminate from top and bottom

top and bottom roller will be loaded

which means front and bottom will be laminated at a time

so this is also a very important machine

this is an electric machine, which has
temperature control and here is the speed controller

and the next machine is creasing,
perforation and half cutting machine

this is a single machine which can do three works

creasing is done, perforation is
done and half cutting is also done

this machine is recommended for
those who runs baby offset machines

and we recommend for those who
have small scale multicolour offset works

and we recommend especially for
those who does digital printing works

who has digital studio

for them this is very useful

creasing means folding

perforation means to make small holes
or dots which you can see in the bill books

to tear the bills there is dots in
the bill book, that is the perforation

half cutting which means sticker cutting

so these three work is done in this
single machine this fit in small table

no big hydraulic or suction pump is not needed

it work in the normal electricity

you can do your works in your shop itself

you don’t need to leak your design in the market

and no need to leak customer’s details also

this is a dedicated machine in
which only half cutting is done

because in half cutting many blades are required

in this machine you can put upto 12 blades

so this machine does the creasing and half cutting

so when you have more half
cutting jobs like stickers, labels

so this machine is prefect for you

this machine and this machine two of them

it is must for the digital studio

with the digital stuido, if you keep this machines
your profit will increase according to the work

number of prints you print, the number of
creasing and perforation work will also be there

next is our ID card software

I have told already in the pervious side what is the
purpose of this software if you are graphic designer

imagine if you are making customer list

when you making wedding album or
wedding’s envelope, wedding invitation

in that case you make design one time

you can do print with our machines

what happens is there will be many lists

and in the guest list there would be 1000 of them

you would type 1000 list one by one or paste in
corel draw or photoshop your time will be wasted

and you will make mistakes and the customer will
argument with you for the late delivery and mistakes

and there is so many spelling mistakes and so on

so you can find solution for all this in one software

these are the products, that
we have given an idea about it

one more products is there which is scratch labels

when you are making lottery tickets

or lucky draw or making coupon code
we have ready made scratch sticker

we can supply raw materials of that aslo

if you have hunder piece of order

we can provide 100 pieces, if you want 100 pieces only

if you get such orders you don’t need to leave that

don’t need to neglect them,
please contact us we will help you

and with this we end this video

we have request for you, if you like this video

don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE,
SUBSCRIBE, don’t forget to COMMENT

when you want to start different type of
business please write in the comment box below

when it compiles with our capacity or machineries

then we will make new video
about it and tell full details about that

you can contact us through
the WhatApp number given below

you can messages us, showing your visiting
cards, you can tell the requirments and demands

if you have any machine replay us

if we can help in that, we will do it

you can join our Telegram channel also

you can get link in the description below

and thank you everyone

for watching the video

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