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Zebra ZC300 PVC ID Card Printer Review & Business Analysis By Abhishek Jain Abhishek Products

Zebra ZC300 PVC ID Card Printer Review Business Analysis By Abhishek Jain Abhishek Products

Zebra ZC300 PVC ID Card Printer Review & Business Analysis By Abhishek Jain Abhishek Products

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The ZC300 card printer delivers groundbreaking simplicity, security and connectivity options in the slimmest fit-everywhere design in this printer class. Its elegant engineering eliminates virtually all pain points typically associated with card printing, making it easier than ever to print identity, access or membership cards, or credit and debit cards. The result is push-button simplicity, regardless of whether you are printing single or dual-sided cards in color or in black and white


00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Connectivity
00:35 – Card & Ribbon Loading
00:55 – Unique Feature Of ZC300
02:04 – Features Of Zebra ZC300
02:50 – Card Types In Zebra ZC300
03:05 – Using Data For Cost Calculation
03:40 – Printer Maintenance & Language
04:00 – Technical Help
06:00 – Other Business Machines


Hello everyone and welcome to
  Abhishek Products by SK Graphics

today we are going to talk about

  Zebra ZC300 Thermal PVC card printer

As this printer looks good, it also
  prints good quality cards

The main feature of this printer is, it is
  a PVC direct thermal card printer

and it’s the latest model from Zebra company

It has a USB port and Ethernet port

from that, you can provide a
  good quality cards to the client

  Like this, you can load 760 micron PVC
  cards in this printer

There are so many sensors inside the printer

from that, it tells

whether the ribbon is inserted or the card
  is missing or the card is misaligned

All the information from the sensors are
  displayed in the front of the led screen

These features are not in other printers

  like Evolis, Data Card

or Magic Card

This is the first PVC card printer
  which comes with an LED screen

because it has an LED screen you will need
  less time to learn this printer

you can solve any technical problems
  easily with this LED screen

you can give a test print without using any
  computers or laptop

if you want to see whether the printer is
  working properly

just give a test print from the LCD screen
  and a ready-made card will be printed like this

you can see the quality of the card

it can print on front & back dual side printing,
here we have shown a single side print for the demo

this card is fully waterproof, non-tearable
you can bend it easily

you can use it for a year or year & half in you
  wallet or ID card holder without any problem

with this printer, you can print single-sided cards
  & double side cards

with that its ribbon is multi colour so that you
  can give the client front and back in multicolor

you can give a detailed demo
  and good finishing

During the printing, there will
  be some animation and videos

from that, you will get detailed information
  about how the card is printing

here we have printed full tint colour card

to tell that print comes in
  good colour and in good quality

without any scratches, lines, etc.,

on the card, you can print QR codes, bar codes

or any type of access card or RF ID card

you can print thin proximity cards, chip
  card, 1K card, mifare card, NFC card

it can be connected to the wi-fi network

with this display, you can know the card count
  ribbon count, installation options

part number, Serial number, printer information

and other information can be recorded

what is the benefit of this?
  benefit is

when you hand over this printer to your staff then

you can see from time to time how many cards
  have been printed

how many ribbons have been used

with this, you can know the balance accounting

with this led screen you can give
  cleaning head option clean printer

from this, you can select the language

if you are not fluent in English you can select
  other languages

it can display other languages also

This printer’s other feature is that

when you need any technical help

technical help is displayed on the screen

like how to load the plain card into the printer

how to load the ribbon

all these videos are pre-installed in this printer

when you get big order at the midnight

when you stuck printing in the middle

you can see our YouTube channel

or go to the printer and press the button you
  will see in the video

from here you have to load the paper,
from here you have to load the ribbon

and when it stuck here, like this basic and regular
  doubt of the customer is shown in the videos

these videos are already installed in the printer
  because it has the led screen

so you will get these features also

you will get this feature only in Zebra ZC300

not in any printer model I have known

This printer looks stylish and thin

when you see in the distance you can’t
  identify whether it’s is PVC card printer

It looks like a showpiece rather than the printer

It prints front and back PVC cards

you can print your driving license, pan card,
  aadhaar card, voter card

ID card, RF id, NFC, or any type of ID card and even
  the magnetic card also can be printed

you can also print magnetic cards also

This is a versatile PVC card multicolor thermal
  the dual side which means double side printing

  PVC card printer of Zebra company

here we are showing the double side
  printed card for demo

It does not take too much time to print

if you have heavy work of five hundred cards to
  print, you can print and give it to customers easily

because it is a PVC card there is an issue about
  the cost

for more details contact via Whatsapp

you can get the YouTube link below the description

with that link, you can communicate via the WhatsApp

this printers accessory, cleaning kit, cleaning
  cards and other types of accessories are provided

if you have purchased a printer with us

technical help, technical analysis

and we provide video call support also

whether wherever you are

when you have purchased a printer somewhere else

you have to contact that dealer because it
  is companies policy

this is the talk that goes on,
  there is no difficulty in this

with that, if you want any ID card, lamination,
  binding or printer’s raw materials

for that, you can visit our website

or you can message through WhatsApp

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