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Amazon Flipkart Thermal Fast Label Printer TSC DA310 Barcode Printer Buy

Amazon Flipkart Thermal Fast Label Printer TSC DA310 Barcode Printer Buy

Amazon Flipkart Thermal Fast Label Printer TSC DA310 Barcode Printer Buy

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The DA310 direct thermal desktop printer is ideal for a wide variety of applications including product marking, point of sale, retail, small office, shipping labels, and other labeling and tag applications at the best price anywhere.
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– Time Stamps –
00:00 – DA310 Barcode Printer
00:09 – Unboxing
00:30 – CD – Driver Software
00:38 – Printer Accessories
01:20 – Energy Star
01:29 – Connectivity
01:44 – Where this Printer is Used
02:01 – Reason Why not used for other Purpose
02:42 – Speed of the Printer
03:20 – 300dpi Printing
03:41 – Spring system for Roll
04:08 – How to Feed the Roll ( instruction on the printer)
04:16 – Transparent Top Cover
04:58 – Conclusion


Amazon, Flipkart, and Shiprocket delivery
all shipping labels this is the best printer
we see the unboxing of the TSC brand DA310 printer
In the printer box, you will get the CD
In the CD you will get the printer driver software and separate designing software
Now we talk about limitations and benefits
in this printer, you will get the standard charging cable
one USB 2.0 cable
and power adaptor
solid packing is done with lots of air cushions
This printer comes with an energy star rating
Power efficiency will be very good in this printer
now we see the ports of this printer
It has one power port and a USB type 2 port
You can use it on the network
this can be connected with a single PC only
We recommend this printer for customers who do online work like
Amazon, Flipkart, Shiprocket, Delhivery, Snapdeal or any online sales work
then this printer is useful for you otherwise, it is not useful for you
What is the reason for this
The reason for this is
Inside this, you can put only the thermal ribbon
this is a ribbonless printer you can print only the thermal quality labels only
ribbon base printing is not done
As we can’t print ribbon base printing
the cost of this printer is high
But the speed is very high
The printing capacity of this printer is 6ips
6ips means one shipping label per second
shipping labels like Amazon, Flipkart
where name and address are written like that one shopping label per second
Where in the TSC pro model and 244 models
it takes 1.5 seconds but in this the printer takes only one second
The second benefit of this printer is
This gives 300dpi print quality
whereas in the TSC 244 and TSC 244 Pro
gives only 200 dpi quality
in the printing technology and quality
it gives 50% extra quality
You can adjust it like this
this is the only TSC model that has this spring the system inside by which you can put any size roll
but this printer is for only online sellers
so that you put only the 4-inch standard roll
it has a dynamic range of roll fitting but it used only for only sellers
There is written instruction for feeding the roll inside
This is the feed button
and transparent glass is given at the top to see how much roll is left
As I don’t have time to make a detailed video I have given the basic idea about this printer
like which customers must buy this printer and which customer must avoid this printer
if you have a supermarket or retail shop or manufacturing jobs
or any manufacturing jobs this printer is not for you
then you can use TSC 244 pro or TSC 244 models
or any high-end models in that
you have to buy this printer if you are doing online sales
this is an idea to give the detail about this printer
if you want to purchase this printer from us
then you can go to our website the link is in the description
If you need any technical videos like this every time
then you can join the Telegram channel I will give the link in the description
If you want to purchase any product in bulk quantities
then contact through the WhatsApp number
and thank you for watching the video
this was the demo of the TSC DA310 model printer

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