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Finally A Good Printer For Photo Studio & Labs Epson L18180 Printer Buy @


Finally A Good Printer For Photo Studio & Labs Epson L18180 Printer Buy @

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Contact Us – | The Epson L8180 is a high-performance inkjet printer that is designed for small to medium-sized businesses and home offices. It offers a wide range of features that make it a versatile option for printing documents, photos, and graphics.


00:00 Intro
00:02 Diference between injet and laser printer
00:20 How to clean injet printer
00:35 4 different print outs in AP film
00:39 Print without head cleaning
00:54 Change print setting
01:23 Print with high glossy
02:00 After head cleaningb
02:43 Regular head cleaning is required
03:55 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to,
Abhishek Products by S.K.

Graphics I am Abhishek Jain and
this is EpsonL18180 In today’s

video, I will tell you which
people should buy this printer

and which people must avoid
this printer, what are the

special things about this printer?

What is the limitation of this
printer and in the end we will

discuss how you can increase
the capabilities of your

business by using the
capabilities of this printer

and maybe give your customers a
better service how you can run

your business with the

Or can you keep pace with many
bigger businesses like photo labs

So let’s get started

now we will understand for
which people or for which

business this printer is useful,
To my knowledge this printer is

very good for a photo studio
and a small lab for a business

with a photo frame, you must
purchase this printer.

and you will get more benefit
out of it

Also, if you are interested in
the fashion industry, where you

have to make a very good and
a high-quality print of your

designs, then this printer is
very good for you.

Apart from that, if you have a
designing the shop, you have

created a separate design
agency for brand-making or

branding, as well as if you are
just a regular agency that has

to give you a lot of proof from
going to the productions.

at first

So this is of your use

The printer is costly, so it is
important for us to know

whether this printer is of your
use or not, so this is the

the first section of this video,
after that, I will tell you that

according to me, this printer
may not be of any use.

If you have a Xerox shop or a
digital shop or you do an event

management work, where you need
a third print or you are

looking for a printer for your
normal home use, then this

the printer is working for you.

If you have a corporate office
or an office environment where

you need the same size printer
to print office products or

print, then this printer is of
no use at all. We will tell you

later about your purchase of
any other order. if you have a

co-operative office

If you talk, then here I should
clear and want which business

or which person should take
these printers according to me

and who should avoid them?

I have told you the location,
from whom should I take it, and who

should not take it, now I will
tell you why I am saying this,

to know why I am saying this,
you have to understand what is

the special thing about this

The special thing about this
the printer is that it is an ink

tank or eco tank printer, due to
which has ink inside it

or we say it is a cartridge which
belongs to ink

So it becomes very good for
photo studio work.

For the photo studio, there
were many printers before this,

such as, L805, 1800, 1300 what
is special inside it, the

special thing inside it is that
inside it, you get only three

shades of black colour.

And at the same time, CMYK has
three CMYK, so we heard a

lot, it has become CMYK.

We have been listening since
childhood, but there are two

different colours inside it,
pure black and grey because it

is a six-colour printer, then by
default its photo studio

quality or photo print quality

It will be very wonderful.


This is a six-colour printer but
it does not have LC and LM

inside i.e. light cyan and
light magenta, inside it, is

pure black and grey, there is
three black shades. This is a

big different point, this is a
unique selling point.

because of that we get a clear
vision who should buy this

printer, who should not buy
this printer, so first of all,

let’s understand who gives
three shades of black colour,

why they gave it,

when you have three shades of
blacks you have 3 or 4 benefits,

The first benefit is that when you
print a grey colour print or

black & white portrait or norma
black print

the depth of the black colour
will be very good, it will be


Secondly, when you are printing
someone’s face portrait or

printing a scenery or printing
the elevation of a building or

photos of our elders who have
passed away,

When printing photo frames for
them, there is a very life-like

photo resolution inside it.

have you understood my point
because if black comes inside

it, then the depth of other
colours increase due to black,

if there is no black, then
there is depth inside the photo

inside the colour, this work
gives black colour and we get

three shades of black.

Another advantage of this is
that when you are printing, the

the ink of our black colour is the

in any colour print, when you

have three colours black,
then then the colour is used

efficiently, if you have to
print drak print, their pure

black ink will be used

You have to print light green,
print shades, print shadows.

Someone’s facial features are
after someone, someone has grey

hair, then the colour matching
that is there is perfect, what

happens in general printers?

CMYK there are 4 colours,
thousands of colours are made by

mixing these four colours, when
you have six colours, then even

more thousand plus and thousand,
suppose two thousand were

printed, then their depth and
details increase

If there are any small wrinkles
in the face of those who grow

up, then this is a small route,
then it also comes in a very

comfortable way, even if you
look at the photo closely, you

will get details like life.

When you are doing the business
of photo frame photo studio,

then all these features are
very important for you to get a

good print.

Now you will say what are you
talking about, man, this is a

a printer like 1800 or 1300,
which is a four-colour printer,

it also gives a very great
print, why do we need six

colours, because when

You compare your normal photo
print with a printout of a lab,

like in South India, if you see
a very big printing photo lab

called Aakrithi

There is a very big printing
presses like City Color Lab and

there are many printing presses,
they have a big machine worth

crores of millions which we
call photo lab and there they

make photo frames.

Let’s do HP Indigo, which is a
printer from a very famous,

nowadays it is installed in
every city, it happens in

cities, not in villages, this
the printer is not in the village

because it costs crores of

It’s very costly friend big
printers so to

challenge big printer you can’t
challenge that big printer with

your small printer but bring
its closest quality around it,


This printer is made for that

So if you are taking this
printer, then you believe that

you were sitting between a
photo studio and a photo lab,

you have become a mini photo
lab, where you can take out low

volume low volume i.e. low
volume prints every day.

Because these printers are
inkjet, then it will be slow,

let’s say it will be slow.

And this printer, its price
point is in a very low price

point, that is, you get this
printer within the 40 thousand

to 50 thousand range, while if
you go to the photo lab, which is

a printer worth millions of

its maintenance

It seems every year, every
month, it has all that story

inside it, so if you have a
small village, small town,

district or do you live in the city
outskirts, like, here I talk

about Hyderabad, inside

There was a big base named
Secunderabad, Hyderabad became

all these big cities and if you
live somewhere in the outskirts,

you assume somewhere.

If you live far away from
Shivarampalli or GDMetla or

anywhere else and all the big
printing press is far away

from you, due to which you are
late in printing your photo

studio and photo frame to the
customer, then you should take

this printer.

Can you imagine why?

Because your travelling time
will be saved

You don’t have to wait there,
you have quality and control.

Secondly, you can give a better
service to your customer

because you can tell them, sir
will come in ten minutes, print

will be ready, I will make your
photo frame and keep it, I will

give you sample proof printed by
doing complete editing of your


So in this way, you can do this
whole work, if you are working

in the fashion industry, have a
design agency, you have a

marketing agency, then your
customers have to print and

show you samples and proofing

If you take a laser print out
of 13×19 from the press and

there is no depth inside it,
then take this printer while

protecting your design inside
your office.

Print and show the customer a
great print glossy, matt, canvas

There are many more like super
bright sheet, mobile sticker,

you can also print it in it,
transplant sticker, transplant

paper, you print it in it,
there is a photo sticker,

there is no problem with it,
apart from this, if you have an

X-ray film inside it, you can
also fit it inside it, if you

want, there is no sense inside
it by grading it because your

cost is there and the audience
will not match.

Apart from this, the normal
photo paper, which is 270

gsm, you can print it
comfortably inside it.

So here I have told you
what is the special thing about

this printer and what business
you do while taking advantage

of this special thing.

How can you capture and serve
other customers?

Fast delivery, fast sampling
and customer service level, you

can tell all these unique
features, this printer has

common features we will talk about in
last of this video so I have

told you the unique features,
now I will tell you about this


What are the negative points?

The negative point of this
printer is because it is an ink

tank, it is inkjet, this
printer by default will give

slow printout

If you are printing duplex
inside it, then I will not

recommend that you do 200 gsm
duplex printing but you can

also do 70 gsm or 100 gsm
duplex printing inside it,

there is no problem.

Because this printer is slow,
then it may be that you get an

order of 1000 frames today and
you have a very limited time,

if you have two or three days
time, then maybe you may have

trouble because the print is

So further production will also
be slow, so imagine that if the

small customers who come into
your business, who come with

small orders, who are regular
customers, who always have

orders from one or two frames,
then you can do it.


you can print it

If you have a big order for a

frames and that person is
giving you only time for two to

three days, then what should
you do print it in whatever

big photo lab or photo press
nearby you

Get the printout and after
that you will continue to do

whatever work you have to do.

What will happen with it?

If you have a margin business,
a profitable business, a small

customer, a profit, a big
customer, they just give work,

they do not give profit because
the margin is low, the

competition is high, in large
orders then that order

You get it done from outside
and do half the work that is

fitting the frame, you do it
yourself and the big order is

the order, you are doing it
yourself, then you understood

my point, you understood its

and how to overcome it

Now let’s talk about the basic
regular general features of

this printer, general features
and regular features will be

found on the company’s website,
but still, I will tell you for a

clarity, this printer is ink
tank inkjet printer or eco tank

Tell me and what’s inside it?

There is an ink called Claria
ET Premium which is a bit

expensive ink compared to what
normal quality is like?

Anyway, there is no need to
worry, on the back side you can

put 13×19 paper, on the front
side it has two trays, inside

which there is a capacity of 50
pages and 100 pages, inside

which you can print 4×6, 9×12,

A4, 12×18, A3 can be printed

From 4×6 to 12×18 you can do
the printing easily and inside

you also get a scanner,
inside it, you also get a duplex

print as well as inside this
printer you have been given a

touch screen inside from which

you can select the option how
you want to set the quality of

the printer set the size of
the paper set the input of the

tray, then you have LCD but if
you have a laptop, then you can

have all these features without
touching the LCD.

Can you control it from the laptop?

Another little warning about
this printer in fact anyone

normal I would say for inkjet

One thing is maintenance, cycle
or what is it?

Understand the basic thing that
when you print inside the

printer, you are using inks,
what happens as soon as the

the wind blows, it interacts with
the air, then it gradually

converts into solid, so what is

Does it happen that the nozzle
of the printer, the pipe or the

head that is there is blocked?

We don’t want our printers
head blocked, what will we do?

once every three days you have
to print out a normal paper,

then if you do business, then
taking out a print in three

days is not a big task, it is
very easy, there is no need to

think about it, but you should
keep in mind that every three

day Take out at least one print
out in a day, whether you have

an order or not, if you suppose
the order has come, then there

is no problem, what to do if
the order does not come, you

have your visiting card, print
it in it.

The paper used has
been taking place, print the

visiting card, cut it and once
you create some other design

for it or you can print
something normal to gift to a

friend or family.

Or if you have an old customer,
then give him a free printout,

of his old design, he is also
happy and your work is also

done, then this is the only one
thing you have to take care

when you are going on vacation,
for 10 days or 15 days, so in

that case, when you return, you
print it once and see if the

print is coming then it is a
good thing, if it is not coming.

There is an option for head
cleaning, you can do that or

there is an option called Power
Flush, you can do that, the

third option is that there is a
service centre of this number,

calling them and talking about what I
am printing after 4 or 10 days.

I have to change some setting
inside the printer or so that

if the nozzle becomes free,
then I will tell you the

settings, you will apply that
setting and this was the total

technical about this printer.


There are small features like
when you print paper inside it,

automatic the tray comes out,
so we saw this feature in our

old video, L14150 of Epson and
we had kept another review of


L15150 Printer, so the in big
printer also the tray comes out

automatically, and this printer
also, the tray comes out

automatically, so this is also
a good feature.

Features to just features, you
will not be able to use any

practical but there is one
feature, so I have told you

that there are many other
features like there is an

option of Wifi inside it, so if
have an Android or iPhone,

then you have software called
iprint of Epson

you download it

And connect your printer and
your mobile and print it from

your mobile comfortably sitting

Let me tell you the practical

What happens to the customer
many times,

He takes a photo from the
mobile and he does not have an

email, he does not have much
technical knowledge and he just

says that sir, I am WhatsApp to
you, print it, and then you

transfer it from WhatsApp to
your laptop, then from there.

From your laptop

If you print in it, do not fall
into its trap, open your mobile

directly and open the Epson
company’s mobile app I think it

is called Epson iprint, open it
and mail it directly print from

it then your two to three
minutes are saved

If your business is in a job
shop, I mean sorry photo studio,

then you are probably already
busy, you can not waste your

time in these small things in
other things.

So here is our showroom

Here are some

This is some sublimation
printing machine material and

big size sublimation machines
T-shirt, sublimation machine,

machine for printing mobile
back cover, this is the mug

printing machine and this is

A3 Size T-shirts, printing
machines and these are some

satin rolls and this is ours

special inkjet media

these are the special inkjet

like LED frames

X-ray Film, AP Sticker,
Non-tearable Sticker, Photo

Sticker, ID Card Paper which is
called AP Film, this is the

super bright paper is used to make
LED frames, then this is our

transparent paper, transparent
sticker, this is our mobile

sticker, this is visiting card

printing sheet and this is high
quality transparent sheet and

apart from this, we have many
more products such as calendar

making machines comb binding,
spiral binding, wiro binding

staplers and electronic spiral
binding machine, as well as

inside the papers we have
around twenty varieties

similarly, we have cold
lamination machines available

in roll form and A4 cut pieces

Apart from that, you can get

Different types of lamination
films lamination rolls, golden

foil rolls will be available

Badge-making machines, visiting
cards lamination machines and

if you work in e-commerce, we
have separate printers to print

for Facebook Amazon or to print

Apart from that, the entire ID
card accessories are cutting

machines and creasing machines.

And so endless?

There are two hundred machines,
tell the full name

Tell me, I’ll get tired.

So whenever you get time do
visit our showroom and there is

an easy EMI option, we have
spare parts available, machines

are available, we are sitting
her for technical knowledge, so

whenever you get a chance,
please do visit and if you want

to order from us.

So you can visit our website

you can visit us in our
the showroom which is established

in Secunderabad Hyderabad City
Telangana Thank you I am

Abhishek Jain

Bye Bye

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