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UNBOXING Side Business With Epson l3250 Ink tank Printer Buy @

UNBOXING Side Business With Epson l3250 Ink tank Printer Buy @

UNBOXING Side Business With Epson l3250 Ink tank Printer Buy @

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The EcoTank L3250 multi-function printer is designed for printing with true convenience at home. A cost-per-print of just 9 Paise (black)* and 24 Paise (colour)* brings savings in every print. One can expect a high print yield of up to 4,500 pages for black, and 7,500 pages for colour – for non-stop printing. It can even print borderless photos – up to 4R in size. The integrated ink tanks and designated nozzles ensure spill-free and error-free refilling. Wireless connectivity enables printing from smart devices. Epson’s Heat-Free Technology helps keep power consumption to a minimum, giving it the capability to print even on a UPS.


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00:00 Peopel are searching for side business
00:05 Inkjet media for side business
00:42 buy this type of printer
01:00 Intro
01:10 Epson EcoTank L3250
01:50 Unboxing
02:05 Special inkjet media
02:43 AP Sticker for ID cards
03:10 High Quality Photo Sticker
03:32 AP film
04:11 X-Ray Sheet
04:17 Trasparent inkjet sticker sheet
04:42 How to develop side business with inkjet  printers
06:07 Four inks of this printer
06:19 Other accessories
06:27 Connects with Wi-Fi
06:04 Buy a PC for your side business
06:55 Buy all inkjet sheets at
07:30 Transparent inkjet sheet uses
07:50 Powder sheet for visiting cards
08:14 Back light Sheet  for LED frames
08:39 New Grade inkjet sheet
09:49 Epson L3250 – Scanning unit at the top
10:03 Paper feed
10:32 Front opening
10:45 Output Tray
11:01 Wi-Fi
11:12 Colour & Black & White button
11:16 Stop button
11:19 Ink Tank
12:15 You can buy at our showroom
12:26 Showroom view
13:02 What are the products you can buy at Abhishek Products
13:40 Conclusion


Because after the lockdown, people are still looking for
very different types of side businesses, looking for
different types of income sources, so we have created a
new whole product range to support them.
no company has bringed so much variety for inkjet printer
other than us, we call them specialty inkjet media Epson is
just a company, if you use HP, Canon
to print all these sheets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, we have
given you a sheet with all the 9 sheet, this all types are
comfortable with inkjet printers
Buy in which this paper feed option was given
You will see through the shutter, our output will come
here, our input will go from here, our scanning will be done
from here and your USB cable will be installed on the back
side and power cable will be installed, if you have a mobile,
then you can connect the mobile to Wi-Fi or your own.
You can connect the desktop to WiFi.
Hello everyone, I am Abhishek Jain with Abhishek Products by
S.K Graphics and where we talk about developing your side
business, today we have come up with one such new product that
will give you very big results within a very small investment.
Their new epson printer, which is L3250, it has print, copy,
scan, and Wi-Fi mobile connectivity as well as durable
printed, which is available within latest series as well as
this new head.
It also has micro physio technology inside it, which
makes it a heat-free printing because it is an inkjet printer,
it is not a laser jet printer, it also costs very little and
if you purchases you will feel less, so start first.
Let’s unbox it
Now we gradually unbox the printer completely and
gradually we will update all of it, till then we talk about
these products, these stickers or their jet media.
We say that specialty inkjet media and historically you will
know that there is always variety inside the papers for
laser printers i.e. digital printers, no company has ever
tried to bring variety in inkjet printer, because it is a
bit technically challenging.
And its demand is very low in the market, but because after
the lockdown, people are still looking for very different
types of side businesses, looking for different types of
income sources, so we have developed a new whole product
range to support them.
We will be able to supply you by researching every product,
developing it well, maintaining it and packaging.
First of all, let’s talk about AP stickers, this is a
non-tearable waterproof inkjet printer force sheet that is
printed from regular ink, for this you do not need any
special them and you can get any kind of laptop stickers,
car stickers, mobile.
Stickers, ID card stickers can be made, if you do lamination,
then it will not be fade, it is waterproof in itself, it is
also a non-tearable on its own, followed by our high quality
photo stickers, these are high quality photo stickers, this is
Photo frames or low quality low budget
If you want to put stickers inside the stickers or on the
wall or put a temporary sticker on the table or temporary
sticker, then you can use these stickers there.
Our famous AP film is an AP film, people who do designing,
working with corporates will know what is the importance of
ID card and how many ID cards are needed by each cooler
So this is a non-tearable waterproof inkjet printable
double side this is the first double side printable inkjet
media in the inkjet printing, which takes full binding when
The sheets that are printed cannot be laminated. I am
talking about hot lamination. I am talking about hot lamination.
This binds with hot lamination and the next is our X-ray sheet
which is used in hospitals.
You don’t fall in the side business category, next is our
transparent sticker sheet which is transparent sticker sheet.
Let me tell you, after taking out one, this is a transparent
inkjet sticker that we have
You can print from this Epson printer without changing any
component of the printer does not need any alteration
Printers are common, they are available everywhere, but how
will you develop a side business?
I will tell you how you can generate more income from this,
I will tell you how you will print all these products inside
it, you can print inside it, you can print it as well.
There are photos, stickers, promo stickers that can be
updated inside the AP film which is used in the ID card.
After that, if you have a hospital, you can train express
inside it and if you do binding or corporate gifting work, then
you can also print transparent paper transport stickers inside
it as well as you can now do our training inside it.
You can also print visiting cards through help and print
inkjet LED sheets and also print high quality transparent
sheets. All these products can develop all these side
businesses through this one small filter without any extra
Without Any Extra Investment Without Any Alteration to the
There is no need to make any mistake inside the printer, you
do not need to insert any kind of different type of printer,
nor do you need to finish the claim of the printer that you
have in the box in this way.
Will get more
With the printer, you will also be given these four digits,
with inter we will give you these four inches, black sea
common magenta, this low cmyke speaks like
And with it you will get a power cable filter driver CD
Winter’s manual and printer’s USB cable.
It will easily connect to your home WiFi or office Wi-Fi.
And you can download the software of action inside your
mobile, iPod, Android app or iOS app and you can print it
Connect it to this cylinder and develop your business using all
these different types of sheets inside it, now you are
wondering where to find these sheets?
These sheets will be sent to us on our website www.abhishekid.
If you want, go to YouTube Description below YouTube Com
and from there you can order all these sheets online or if
you have a bulk order, you can also contact us through WhatsApp.
We keep giving videos like this regularly and now i will
quickly tell you some more special things of this tender,
you do not need to do any special alteration of printer,
print with normal ink
With the command of a normal printer with normal printer
specification, you can print this transparent sticker,
inside the printer, we have transparent paper which can be
used in binding and corporate gift and decoration and proof
in it.
it is used in high volume in trophies, if you want to start
the work of trophies then you will need such a sheet.
Next up is our famous powder sheet, which you may be seeing
just like this visiting card, we have set it the same layout
as the whole visiting card.
With this, you can print the visiting card and give it to
your customers in a normal inkjet printer.
Just Like Digital Print comes after that our latest products
named Backlight Sheet, this is the backlight sheet, you can
print it inside the photo frames where there are LED
frames and this will make it your great product Raman
Printer You do not need a large laser printer where you have to
spend lakhs and maintenance of 10 to 15 thousand rupees every
month if it has trouble
After that, this is our new grade inkjet sheet, the
transparent sheet which comes with high quality which comes
with inter leaf and we have also printed it with Epson
printer without any special ink
you can aslo use Canon or HP to print all these sheets 1,2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 we have given you 9 types of inkjet sheet you
do not need any special ink for all of them.
There is no need for special software, you have to use them
around normal, with a normal warranty, you can claim it and
you can claim it, in a small printer that comes between Rs.
12000 and Rs.14,000 you can all 8 types of side businesses to
your shop.
You can add sitting at home
So it has taken a lot of hard work to make this video and I
have printed this entire printer of every sheet, I will
also show you the video at the end, you will see it once, but
now let’s talk about this printer
Not complicated, very simple printer,
There is scanning on the top, here is the form given for
white sheets, here is the marking for B5, A4 and letter
size, well in this, the scan is only up to A4 size, then here
there is a paper feed on the back side.
If you are buying any printer, then buy a printer in which
this paper feed option is given because if you want to print
front & back it is a paper feed.
This is the one that will help you and no other feature will
work, whether you print 4×6 printor A4 print, the auto
alignment of the paper that you are seeing, nor the electrolyte,
what is the line of both automatics, this feature is
very important then
If you come forward, then it has a shutter here.
Through the shutter, you can see which side of the printer’s
head is on and how the ink flows and here is the serial
number of the printer which is useful to you when claiming a
Then at the front you have a tray
Or our output will come from here our input will go, from
here our scanning will be done and your USB cable will be
installed on the back side and power cable will be installed
so that you will connect to the system and if you have a mobile
then you can connect the mobile to WiFi or
Then you can connect your desktop to WiFi and your home
WiFi i.e. the left of the house can also be connected to it.
This is a black and white button, it is a button of the
colour copier and this button is for stopping i.e.
And here’s its inktank
Open it in this way
In this way, you open the lid in this way
And here they have clearly labeled black, yellow, magenta,
cyan the same sequence, we have ink black, yellow, magenta and
cyan this low season and you just have to fill the ink here
and with this printer comes you get CD inside
If you do not have a CD driver, don’t worry you will also find
these drivers through our online website and you can use
this printer in a simple way.
You can install in your home system or office and set up
different types of business, yes, you can also print normal
paper inside it as well as you can print all these products
and if you are thinking.
Where can you purchase all these products or where you can
come and see these products yourself physically, then I
would like to invite you inside our showroom where you will
find many more such products more than 200 machine and
You have a display here and you will find us in Telangana State
near Paradise inside Secunderabad.
Our name is Abhishek Products and We People Around 32 Years
is an establishment form that deals in different types of
machines material, for printing, binding and other related
products Our main task is to develop your side business
Through this showroom, we have done that work very easily for
you, here you will find cold lamination machine, paper
cutter and many different ID card machines, material and
cutters, as well as wrio binding, calendar binding,
staples, round cutters which are different.
Used in making different stickers or lamination machine
spare parts, lamination machine, thermal printer, thermal print
bill printer, sublimation machine, visiting card,
lamination visiting card, printing machine which is of
inkjet, you will get all the gold foil rolls with us every
You can also find more with many more such products and you
can develop your business and definitely visit us abhishek
products and do not forget to thank you for watching our
video and like and share thank you.

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