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Epson M15140 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer For Photo Copier and Offices Part 1

Epson M15140 A3 Wi Fi Duplex All in One Ink Tank Printer For Photo Copier and Offices Part 1

Epson M15140 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer For Photo Copier and Offices Part 1

Short Description​

Monochrome EcoTank for small office and business users makes light of A3+ tasks, while offering a low cost per page. A3+ jobs can be accomplished quickly thanks to fast print and scan speeds, two 250-sheet A3 front trays, a 50-sheet A3 rear feed, and a 50-sheet A3 ADF. Print how you like with mobile printing, Ethernet and a 6.8cm LCD touchscreen.
– Top Features –
  Low Cost Per Print (CPP) of 12 paise*
  Fast print speed of up to 25.0 ipm(A4,Simplex)
  Prints up to A3+ (for simplex)
  Automatic duplex printing
  Ultra-high page yield of 7000 pages (black)
  Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet
  Epson Connect (Epson iPrint, Epson Email Print and Remote Print Driver, Scan to Cloud)


00:00 – INTRO Part 1
00:19 – Basic Specs
00:30 – Paper Capacity
01:15 – VS Laserjet Kyocera & Canon
01:40 – Inks / Pages – Draft Copies
02:50 – Scanning 03:03 – Modes For Photocopiers
03:45 – Wifi Connectivity
04:40 – Printing Demo
05:50 – Transportation Mode
06:40 – Paper Jam Cassette
07:11 – Led Display
07:50 – ADF Feature
09:09 – Water Resistant Inks


Hello! everyone and welcome
to the Abhishek products

In today’s special video we will discuss about it

A product which is useful for photocopier
  business or corporate office

In these two cases, this is a small compact printer
  in which its height is less than 25 inch

I will tell you how this printer helps you

This is the mono colour A3 size printer

In this printer is the double side ADF, which
  means two sides automatic scanning

and it has duplex printing which means
  two sides automatic printing

and in this small package, you can load
  up to 500 paper of A3 size

here and here 250+250 papers

and at the back side, you can load up to 50 papers

so this printer can load up to 550 paper

It is a sophisticated and simple design

in every tray, there is an adjustable cassette or guide

in which you can do the work like
  a professional

with proper registration

This is the very latest printer as of January 2021

Epson company has made
  this printer in order to

overcome Canon IR 2006 model,
  or Kyocera Taskalfa series

despite this being an inkjet printer

As you know laserjet is of powder

and inkjet uses ink

There is an ink tank in this printer

in which it uses 008 type ink

and from here the ink has to be loaded

from this little ink tank, you can get
  about 7500 prints

and its printing capacity speed is 25 ppm
  which means 25 pages per minute

which I tell you that the speed of Canon IR2006
  is 20 ppm

Kyocera Taskalfa also has the similar speed

and this machine speed is 25 ppm
  so its speed is high

and its ink cost is lesser than the laser
  so it’s cheap

secondly, Its cost is lesser than the laser,
  the laser cost around 80 or 90 thousand

the cost difference of this machine would be lesser
  than 10% to 20 % of the laser machine

machines cost is also less and the
  printing cost is also less

Plus you will get one year warranty
  all over India

Moreover, there would be no complaint
  as this is Epson’s brand

Here is the scanner, again it is an A3 size

You can scan bigger than the A3 size
  up to 11×17 inch

The panel on this machine is a touch panel

which is meant for different settings

If you do ID card works more, and if you have a
  photocopier shop, there’s a special mode for ID mode

ID card copy mode in which you can take xerox

here there are many setting
  like paper setting, reduce

original size, multiple pages

and finishing, orientation,
image quality, bind margin

reduce to fit the paper, remove the shadow, remove punch hole

like this, there are many basic functions
  and advance function also

which is most needed in the
  xerox or photocopies shops

in corporate companies where there will be
  more need of photocopying works

So this is the most useful printer with the latest
  features which are not in the laser printer

And also it has WiFi,
WiFi is so good in this printer

If you are working in a corporate companies

there is no need to plug anything for WiFi, just connect
to WiFi and keep anywhere in the room, even in the wardrobe

the printer will do its work,
  and it gives prints also

WiFi is very important for any corporate companies

and if you have a photocopier shop and if you
  have WiFi

Then the customer asks to print ID proof from
  WhatsApp through WiFi

At the top is its double ADF

and it has duplex printing

first I will take normal xerox (photocopy)

How does it look and feel

first, we are sending the xerox option

It will tell to load paper, so
  first, we load the paper

see the tray comes automatically, this is the
  next level technology

next level thing which is present in Epson’s
  printers only in which the tray comes automatically

if you have not watched it, I’ll show you

I’ve closed the tray

I’ve fitted here

and again we are giving the print command

This is the receiving tray, after printing the tray
  opens automatically with prints

This is possible in Epson’s printers only,

you can’t find these features in
  any laserjet printers

You feel that you have next
  level technology with you

the good black print has got from this printer

I’ll show you the original copy

This is the original copy

and this is the black & white xerox copy

and it’s very good, a very good printout has come
  with fewer settings, with less timing

and completely it’s the A3 size printer,
  with lots of features

inside this has one good feature

I’ll show you that

Imagine if you are shifting the office

if you are taking the printer anywhere from here

after opening, lock the head like this

if you lock this the ink doesn’t split
  here and there, and the head will be stable

and there would be no damage to the head

and this is the good unique
  features are given in this printer

moving parts is less in this printer
  because it’s an inkjet printer

where in laserjet printer there
  are many moving parts

On the back side, I will tell you

here they’ve given a good feature, this
  the tray can be closed like this

so that no dust enters it, when
  you leave the office at the night

If any paper jams inside this printer, remove this
  cassette out and you can remove the paper easily

you can see the two cassettes inside it

you can see the feed pick-up rubber mechanism here
  and it’s very simple, just press the button it will come out

So this is the latest and greatest printer

In this printer, there is more technological function
  and completely LED model display

in which you can adjust the prints density

copies, double side, single side

and sharpness

and enlarge, like this, there are many functions

if you have more ID cards works, it has a dedicated
  mode for that

Official website of the Epson’s brand printer

when you go to that website you will get all the technical details,

the website detail is given below the description
  and on the comment also

so that you will get a full idea of this printer

the ADF given here is a double ADF

if you load any paper here

it will scan both front & back and gives
  the xerox copy of that

This is a sophisticated and simple printer

I strongly recommend for
  photocopier or xerox shop owners

and for DTP centres,
  it’s value for the money

your work will be done at a low cost

apart from comparison with a laser printer

The benefit of this printer is, this needs no
  air condition or cooling

this is completely heat-free technology

if you keep this printer active for some times
  it will automatically go to power save mode

if you want to on this machine
just touch the LCD panel

it’s a simple technology and an easy method to use
  given by the Epson brand

and we are from Abhishek products by
  S.K.Graphics, we are situated in Hyderabad

if you want this printer anywhere in Andhra or Telangana,

we can supply you with a warranty

this was the short idea about this printer,

but before going, special about this ink is
  it’s printed with waterproof ink

this is duraBrite technology ink

so with that technology, this black colour has
  been printed

if you pour water on the paper it will
  not smudge easily,

even if the paper is damaged, the pigment ink
  which is the original ink that comes with the printer

this duraBrite gives waterproof to the ink

if you have any questions put them on the comment box

if you want to purchase this machine

you will get our address below

Thank you

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