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Epson L15150 A3 MINI COLOUR XEROX Print/Copy/Scan/Wifi/ADF FULL DEMO Abhishek Products

Epson L15150 A3 MINI COLOUR XEROX PrintCopyScanWifiADF FULL DEMO Abhishek Products

Epson L15150 A3 MINI COLOUR XEROX Print/Copy/Scan/Wifi/ADF FULL DEMO Abhishek Products

Short Description​

Epson EcoTank L15150 has an ultra-high page yield of up to 7,500 pages in black and 6,000 pages in colour. Paired with the new EcoTank pigment ink, DURABrite ET INK delivers prints that are sharp, clear and water-resistant, even in barcode mode. Epson EcoTank L15150 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer


00:00 – Intro to L15150
00:25 – Basic Features
02:09 – Sticker Printer
02:25 – ID Card Paper, Trophy Printer
02:45 – Photo Paper Printer
03:30 – Paper Tray System
04:31 – ADF Printing Demo 1 05:30 – ADF Printing Demo 2 07:00 – Wifi Printing and LCD
09:08 – Paper Jam Options in L15150 Epson
11:45 – Why Use Epson L15150 Not L3110 ? 14:15 – Special Media Loading / Visiting Card Printing


Hello Everyone and Welcome
  to Abhishek Products by SK Graphics.

In this special video, we are going to see,

Epson’s new printer, the model number is L15150

In this video, we test the ADF print quality

and its printing quality

Inside this printer, there is a double-sided ADF

It can automatically scan
  front and back pages

from this side, the paper goes into the
scanner and scanned paper rotates, and comes below it

Inside this printer, there is a
big A3 size scanner

From this, you can get any type of printing
jobs or scanning jobs work from the market

Now we talk about the printer’s Head

Here is the printer’s Head, this moves
left and right and prints on the paper

If you are changing your office or when
moving the printer, lock the head like this

So that its ink doesn’t spill over

When we talk about this printer’s ink
we can talk about this printer’s ink tank

Here is the ink tank of this printer

In this printer, Epson 008 ink is used

In this, we have black, cyan, magenta
and yellow colour inks

This ink tank can be refilled easily

When you are filling the ink, this
will not spill and hands are safe

It will also not spill on the floor

  The ink used in this printer is technology
called DuraBrite

so that it is waterproof when printed
on the paper, it will also be waterproof

if you are printing in paper or Photo
sticker, it will also be waterproof

when talking about the sticker, we can
print all these stickers

I will tell you now

This is our showroom, where we keep
all the products displayed and the demo

when you are free,
you can visit our showroom

meanwhile, we talk about this printer

In this printer, we can use the
non-tearable sticker called AP sticker

This is photo quality sticker you can also
print in this sticker also

when you are making ID cards with AP film

If you have a Photocopier shop,

and you want to make ID cards, this is
a synthetic film where you can make ID cards

you can get good quality like this

you can print transparent paper also for
trophy business

you can print transparent stickers also,
for all your artistic works and trophy works

and also you can print, 130 gsm, 135 gsm, 180 gsm
photo paper

you can also print double-side photo paper

and you can use the Gold and Silver trophy sheet also

You can also print dragon Sheet

Like this, we have seen all the papers that
can be printed with this printer Epson L15150

If you want any stickers, we have shown

Below comments, there is a first comment in which
you can get the link through it you can purchase all the stickers

or there is a WhatsApp number where you can get
complete details about this printer

Now we talk about the printer, inside the printer
there is a tray, where you can put 250 papers of A3 size paper

Plus 250 pages A3 size tray

In which there is an adjustable system is given

You can put A3 size paper or A4 size paper

Here 250 papers, here 250 Papers and at
On the back side of 50 paper can be loaded

so that a total of 550 papers of 70 gsm
can be loaded at a time

As this printer is inkjet, this printer
does not produce heat

To maintain the printer there is no need of
Air Condition or any sophistication is required

At this time we are going to give copy command

Now we are going to take a Black & White print

to check the speed of the printer

When we have given the copy command, it started the
scanning works

one by one it started scanning the paper and it
automatically comes out at the bottom

This is a system that is only in the Epson models only

you can’t find this option in any other printers

You can see that the scanning and printing is
going on at a good speed

I think that some error has occurred

I have kept the scanning paper in the wrong direction
so that no printing is done, So I cancel the work

I have cancelled the work

This is my mistake, I have given a wrong demo

I will keep the paper in the correct direction

I have loaded the paper correctly.

and again I am giving the scan command

Sorry for the last time mistake,
  the paper was loaded upside down.

You have to keep the paper like this for scanning

Now I am giving the black & white option
you can also give a colour option if you want

Now I am giving the black & white option

As I press the black & white option,

the scanning started at the top

the tray automatically opens

as you can see the printing speed

The head of the printer is below,
and it is still continuing printing

The printing speed is very good and
scanning speed is faster than printing

and this is giving very good jet black prints

As before a colour printout was also given

The colour printout is very sharp

The colour printout is very dark and clear

There is no difficulty in printing

It prints the paper at a very good speed

as it is a mini colour xerox machine

you have to understand that it is an inkjet printer

but you can do ID card works, xerox (photocopy) works,
you can set a scanning business

lamination, die cutting works for
corporate companies can be done with this printer

you can create small pamphlets, stickers

you can connect directly to the internet

so that this will be linked with your
mobile phone, for printing from the mobile

Now we have completed all the black & white
scanning and printing for the office works

if it is a corporate office or xerox shops.
This printer is perfect for all works.

This can be connected with WiFi also

Put the WiFi password so that
it can be connected to WiFi

If you are in the house, office, shops
or went outside you can print from anywhere

It has copy, scan and fax features
are also available

You can set so many presets in it

you can also connect with a USB also

you can print with a Pendrive

if you want to set confidentiality mode

if you want to lock the printer

with the confidential mode, you can set this

prints will be password protected

if you want the maintenance of the printer like
head cleaning, print quality, nozzle checking, power cleaning

all these can be done with this LCD screen,
a computer is not needed for this

you can control all these setting

there are many options given in the printer

there is a mute option, quiet mode option

there are many setting options,
general settings, printer counters

in two days to give the customers demo
we have printed 1400 pages

Black & white 264 printouts
colour 1154 printouts

scanning done is (Fed – 1418) for testing

  just in one week

It is a versatile printer,
It is a heavy-duty printer

two people can lift this printer easily

you can keep this anywhere in the office

no need for Air Conditioning or ventilation

please note one thing,
keep away from dust, mud

you can find so many ports

like the USB port, network port

from here we can adjust from A3 to A5 size

sorry, you can’t print 6×4, it is not given
in the default setting, you can do it

This is the ADF of this printer

if any paper is jammed, remove this ADF cover
with two hands and remove the jammed paper

I can’t open this ADF cover because,
I’m holding the camera in one hand

This side I can open with one hand

If any paper is jammed when scanning the paper,
open this cover and remove the jammed paper

please note one thing while scanning the paper,
do not load paper with any type of stapler pins

stapler pin may cause great problems to the printer

If any paper is jammed while printing

There is a handle given by the company

Put the fingers in it and pull it up to open the cover

As you open the cover, the sensor detects the error,
  and the show’s the error message

if any paper is jammed, remove it from here

It is a simple product

you have already seen my video of the Epson L14150 demo

you have seen my video of the “M” series demo of 15140
in the YouTube channel

There would be fewer problems with paper jamming

there is another tray given behind

Like this pull this tray and
remove any paper jammed

This is an Epson’s standard features

this is found in all series in L151
  and all series in L141

It’s a durable and good printer

It’s the best heavy-duty printer I have used

It’s the most versatile printer with more
features, I have reviewed and seen

I believe in the future, there will be
better printer than this.

under this budget

If you talk about budget range,
if you want to purchase this product

Contact via mobile phone only,
contact via WhatsApp only

We have never put this product on the websites

Because investment for this product is high

We are now dealing with phone only

If you want to purchase this product
go to the comment section below

Go to the first link, from that you can
communicate with WhatsApp

There is a chat board, from which you
can get all the rates and specification

There’s is no difficulty,
You can see the ink like this

you can see the ink,
black, cyan, magenta and yellow

The cyan ink is finished,
you have to fill this ink

Many times our customers ask

Why buy this large type Epson printer

instead of this small Epson’s L3150

This is also a small A4 size printer,
in which all works can be done

for A3 What is the reason for investing
  50 or 60 thousand Rupees?

because in the small printers you can’t
get the printing speed

you can’t get the ADF

you can’t get the consistency and
colour depths in the small printer’s

now we are going to see the print quality
  taken from this printer

The depth of the printing is good, and it’s very dark
The print is very sharp

When you see the back side of the paper
you can see a few water marks on the back side

When you take printouts from the small model printer,
lots of ink is consumed, and we get fewer printouts

In this printer, the head will be small, only less
ink is consumed by the printer

So that, the cost of the ink will be less

The ink delivers sharp prints

and there are no watermarks on the back side
of the paper

so that you will good quality at less price

for this printer the maintenance is low,
and the warranty is good

So that I tell the customer that, start
will the small printer

but after one or two years when your
business is developed

spend a little bit and develop your shops,
and buy a big printer

so that you can save your time and customer’s time

so that your shop’s reputation will be high,
and people know that you have a big machine

These are my thoughts, you can think of a different idea

This is a short update about Epson L15150

If you want any technical details, I have uploaded
On the website, all the details are in PDF

I will put the web sites link below
and in the comment section

get all technical details from there,
so that if you have any doubt, it will be cleared

Talking about the printing cost, when the print is
taken in the draft mode it cost 75 paise for colour.

Or when you take full colour like this,
  it will cost around Rs.2

It depends on which mode you printing,
and darkness you set for the print

You can take 130 gsm paper also

Thickness paper is inserted at the backside
of the printer

for printing stickers, the paper is inserted
On the back side

Don’t feed with the front tray

Because there is more chance of paper jamming

If you are feeding costly paper, special media,
special sticker, feed at the backside

so that the paper never stucks in the printer

when you feed the paper to the back side it
will jam here

when it is jammed, it can be taken from here

If you feed the paper from the top,
if any paper jam occurred, it can be taken at the backside

I am just giving an idea

when you are using a special media like,

or mobile sticker

photo sticker, AP sticker, AP film
all these are fed through the back side

and normal 70 gsm, 100 gsm paper
are inserted in the front tray

Double side is possible with this printer,
as it has duplex printing, it prints on both front and back

It’s A3 size, that’s what you want to conduct
for all your business

I will give thumbs up to this printer
because this is a good printer

If you want to purchase, you know the methods

on YouTube’s first comment section

and if you want to do any other business,
related to the photocopier, ID card, lamination

binding, corporate gifts, whatever you want

you can visit our showroom

where we have more than 200 machines
for display

Daily we put some small videos about
every product

if you want to join our Telegram channel
you can join that too.

I will give that link also in the description

from there you can get and see
  all technical details

you will get video links

or if you want any important documents
that will also be uploaded

If you want any enquiry about any product

we give our product all over India, Nepal, Myanmar

Malaysia, Sri Lanka

we can export to countries nearby India

But it takes a lot of time and paper works

we can do that service also if you are in the
in India’s subcontinent

If you are anywhere in Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir,
especially North-East, Nagaland, Mizoram

Sikkim, nearby Guwahati we can supply
all the products anywhere

for any order communicate through

all contact details, all web links

Thank you for watching the video

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