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Epson M15140 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer For Photo Copier and Offices Part 2

Epson M15140 A3 Wi Fi Duplex All in One Ink Tank Printer For Photo Copier and Offices Part 2

Epson M15140 A3 Wi-Fi Duplex All-in-One Ink Tank Printer For Photo Copier and Offices Part 2

Short Description​

EPSON M15140 PRINTER Monochrome EcoTank for small office and business users makes light of A3+ tasks, while offering a low cost per page. A3+ jobs can be accomplished quickly thanks to fast print and scan speeds, two 250-sheet A3 front trays, a 50-sheet A3 rear feed, and a 50-sheet A3 ADF. Print how you like with mobile printing, Ethernet and a 6.8cm LCD touchscreen.
– Top Features –
  Low Cost Per Print (CPP) of 12 paise*
  Fast print speed of up to 25.0 ipm(A4,Simplex)
  Prints up to A3+ (for simplex)
  Automatic duplex printing
  Ultra-high page yield of 7000 pages (black)
  Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet
  Epson Connect (Epson iPrint, Epson Email Print and Remote Print Driver, Scan to Cloud


00:00 – Part-2 Epson M15140
00:23 – About ADF
00:37 – Print out speed
02:05 – Over all detail seen in Part-1 Video
03:43 – Scanning Size
04:11 – Conclusion


Hello every one

today’s video is part 2 of Epson M15140

which is black & white


Duplex, double ADF, a mono colour which
  means black & white

ink tank printer

which has more than 500 paper loading capacity

In this video, we are going to see this printer
  ADF capacity

here I have loaded the paper

I have opened the ADF like this

and in the back tray, I have loaded the paper

and here I am pressing a single button of copy

and the printer started its work

The tray is coming automatically,
  I’m not pulling this tray

you can see how the printing is coming

It’s coming in real-time

I have not edited this video nor fast forwarded
  this video

and this printer scans at this speed
  and prints at this speed

At the top, you can see the colour
  paper is scanning

in this printer has intelligence, which gives
  grey colour background to dark colour papers

it will not give a jet black colour

like this, it has been done in this printer

you can see that some paper has holes,
  which can also be scanned easily

the paper is going inside safely

and coming safely, without extra creasing for folding
  and no tension of breaking

There is a lid on the back side,
  if any paper jams it can be taken easily

If you don’t know this, you can watch My part-1 video
in which I have given an overall idea about this printer

and this is part 2 of Epson M15140

you can see that this
the printer has printed 7 copies at a time,

you can calculate how much time it takes
  to do your work from this


I hope that you had got the basic idea,
  that is how it prints the paper

like this

your xerox copy has been printed

and this was the short video

if you are in Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka

Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Odisha

if you are nearby states you can buy
  this printer

now it’s printing the 10th copy

The scanning is done faster at a separate speed

and the printing will be coming like this

you can take the scanned paper, this
  will not stop anything

now the printing going on is at 11

Now it started print number 12

and there is no paper in it,
  all the papers are finished

at this time paper is loaded from the backside
  and the printed paper is coming in front

and in the middle, the paper was scanned,
  you can scan up to A3 size

A5 which means 6×4 (4R) you can
  also, scan this size also

you can also scan A3 size also

Legal size, most of the government document is of
  this size (FS) you can also scan this size also

with adjusting one slide

with double ADF

all the print out has come now,
  about 14 copies have been taken

This was the overall short demo, if you have
  any doubt or queries are given below the comment box

If you want to purchase this printer, contact
  through WhatsApp

you can get this detail in the comment section
  Thank you

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