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Epson L14150 A3+ Wi-Fi Duplex Wide-Format All-in-One Ink Tank Printer FOR XEROX SHOPS & OFFICES

Epson L14150 A3 Wi Fi Duplex Wide Format All in One Ink Tank Printer FOR XEROX SHOPS OFFICES

Epson L14150 A3+ Wi-Fi Duplex Wide-Format All-in-One Ink Tank Printer FOR XEROX SHOPS & OFFICES

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Epson EcoTank L14150 gives you greater variety when it comes to paper sizes. With a flatbed designed to scan and copy paper sizes that include Legal and Folio, it can also print documents up to A3+, demonstrating its versatility as a compact multifunction printer. Its auto-duplex function ensures lower printing cost while increasing productivity at fast print speeds with Epson Heat-Free Technology. It’s time to focus on the details for your business.
Print speed of up to 17.0 ipm
Prints up to A3+ (for simplex)
Automatic duplex printing
Ultra-high page yield of 7,500 pages (black) and 6,000 pages (colour)
Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct
Epson Connect (Epson iPrint, Epson Email Print and Remote Print Driver, Scan to Cloud)


00:00 – Intro TO EPSON L14150
00:07 – Features OF EPSON L14150
00:29 – Dual ADF
01:11 – Back Tray
01:36 – Printing Speed
01:57 – Print Quality
03:06 – Ink Tank
03:55 – Other Models
04:05 – Why buy this L14150 printer
04:53 – Warranty ON PRINTER
04:53 – Panel
05:35 – Heat-Free Technology
07:11 – Parcel Services 07:29 – Our Showroom Products
07:58 – INKJET B&W A3 Printers
08:26 – Print Quality
09:06 – Compatible Papers
10:50 – other Features OF L14150
12:04 – Conclusion


This is Epson’s latest and greatest
  printer, the model number is Epson L14150

This is the L series printer, which has
  a multicolour print-out capacity

it has four ink tanks in it

this printer is special because this is suited
  for photocopier works or any corporate companies

for printing, inside this printer
  there are many features

The first feature is dual ADF with multicolour
  double side scanning

from here the paper is scanned, and double
  side printing is done, and from here scanned paper comes out

and at the bottom, the printing comes out

here they have given, the option to scan up to legal size

now we can see inside of scanner,
  were we can scan up to legal size

which is found in very less printers

On the back side, there is a versatile tray

we call this rear tray (rear paper feed)

it can hold up to 50 papers of A3 size

the scanner is of legal size,
  but printing size up to A3 size

You can see that there is a cassette,
  in the left and right side

if you adjust the cassette left and right
  you can put A3 size paper

for the demo, I have given 50 to 100 prints

which is printing all my price list

As you see we are printing a dark multi-colour price list

This is the speed of this printer

I can say it is coming in 10 seconds

and we are getting very good quality

I will show one printout for the sample

This printout has a full background

now we can see the back side, as it’s an
  inkjet printer and I have used 70 gsm paper

the print out is like this and the print is very sharp

it is very dark and black small letters
  are visible, images are seen well

and everything is very good in this print

This a printer which has A3 colour printing

and it has legal size ADF and legal scanning

and we see this tray which is a manual tray

and at the bottom, there is a manual tray
  which can hold up to 250 paper

you can open the tray,
  if you open the tray you can see the paper

at the back, we can load up to 50 pages, a total of
  300 pages can be loaded at a time

this machine is not big, for comparison we
  have kept an Epson’s famous printer Epson L3150

I have kept two printers side by side so that
  you can see the size difference

the speed of the printer is very good

Due to Epson’s printer, it has an ink tank,
  or some say’s Eco tank

It is in the grade of C M Y and
  you can fill the tank here

you can get up to 1000 or 1500 printouts
  of full colour, when ink is filled

and if you are printing in the draft mode you
  can get up to 7000 printouts depending on the darkness of the print

another feature of this printer is

There is a lock inside, which is used
  when your printer is transported

the head and the ink are locked, so that ink doesn’t spill
  when moving the printer

this is a good heavy-duty printer

Many models have come after this like
  L15150, L6150,

in that model contains an A3 paper tray, we suggest all
  our customer this machine for photocopier works

  done in A4 size

scanning is mostly done in up to legal sizes,
  A3 scanning work is less than 5 or 10 times in a month

so that you don’t want to focus on that machine

It’s the low range and it’s working well like
  big xerox (photocopier) machine

there is no need to invest in a big photocopier machine

If you buy on the market Canon, Kyocera, Taskalfa,
  whichever machine in laser

that machines would be second-hand machines,
  or the first-rate for that machines would be high

that would be in black & white, and if it is the colour
  to have to spend lakhs of rupees for that

every month you have to give money,
  to your service engineer’s

if you buy Epson’s machine from us, we will provide
  one-year option as well as a two-year option also for warranty

the benefit of this machine is that it’s a first-hand machine,
  and you will get service for this machine all so

  you will get an idea, you will also get on-site support

in this printer also, last time we have shown the
  demo video of Epson M1540

It has precision core printhead technology,
  This means it gives good quality at dramatic speed

I have printed so many papers in a bundle

you can see that I have printed 32 pages

you can see this panel which has an ergonomic look

You can lift the panel for a better viewing angle

here is the home button and
  here is the help support button

and it’s touch screen when I press
  cancel all the jobs will be cancelled

This is the basic idea of this printer

and you have to know that it is an inkjet printer

so that no heat is produced in this printer (heat free)

What’s the meaning of heat free?

the problem with the printer like Canon, Konica, Kyocera,
  is that, it produces heat while printing

when you stand near such a printer you feel the heat,
  and irritation occurs in your eyes

in that printer’s toner is used

toner creates irritation to the eyes,
  for long-term use, it is not good for the health

but in the inkjet printers, it’s heat free, it has
  no exhaust, no fan, there is no heater section in it

it has no heater unit, only thing is the head,
  the head moves here and there to finish its work

so it does not damage anything, and there is
  no health issues and doesn’t produce heat

and you are safe with this, you can see in this room
  only the fan is running and no heat is produced

no need for Air Condition, as it is a heat-free
  technology, and it is based on precision core technology

like all other Epson models, there’s a top part,
  by lifting this part you can see the head inside, but the printing stops

This is a good printer, you can get
  service support all over India

on-site clean warranty all over India

We can supply this product all over India

especially if you are in Hyderabad, or if you are in
  Telangana, Andhra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu

so you are not far away from us, we can
  send through parcel service

or if you are in Hyderabad you can visit our store

where we have displayed all the machines

photocopier, branding, corporate gifting
  or any other machines you want

we have all types of machines for that

It’s in Hyderabad, so please visit our showroom
  at Hyderabad

And if you have any doubt about this printer
  please write in the comment box below

and in the future, if I had time I will upload
  another video of this printer

If you don’t want an A3 colour printer, please watch
  my old video of Epson M15140 which is a black & white A3 printer

which is an A3 black & white, heavy-duty printer

That printer is for black & White prints only,
  and the ink is also waterproof and smudge proof

I have connected to the laptop on the back side,
  and you can see the printing speed, the printing is coming on

I will show a close-up view of a printout now

so that you will get more confidence,
  when you see the print quality

there it is

This is the print quality of this printer

now we see the print quality, here
  we printed the log of Epson, Evolis

like this is the print quality

here we can see the QR codes, square boxes are
  clear, the company logo is here, which is also clear

Like this is the print quality, you must see here
  that we have used 70 gsm paper

if you use photo paper instead of 70 gsm,
  we are the distributor of Nova Photo paper’s

if you use this company’s photo paper
  Your print quality will be very good

That printer is made for normal xerox paper,
  but you can also print with this 270 gsm photo paper

now we see which are the paper
  compatible with this printer

in that printer, we can use 130 gsm photo paper

  you can print photo sticker

you can print a photo sticker of 170gsm

AP sticker which is waterproof can
  also, be used with that Epson printer

you can print with A4 inkjet transparent
  sheet also

there are many other sheets also

AP film is also there, I will
  show you

this is the AP film, you can also this sheet

This is the AP sticker which can also,
  can be printed

you can also print with a Transparent sheet and
  Transparent Sticker sheet,

all these compatible sheets are available here

This is the photo sticker, the front side is a glossy finish
  and at the back side, there is a release paper

so, this type of paper is also
  used in this printer

In the future, we are planning to make mobile
  sticker, research is going on

I will finish in 2 or 3 weeks,

Mobile stickers and silver stickers can also
  be printed with this printer, but still, R&T is going on

now all these papers are compatible with this printer

There are many more items you can print from
  this printer

we will see in the future videos

you can see that our print job is completed

here we are pressing the close button

and this is how the LCD screen looks like

here you can see that there is a WiFi option also

You can connect through WiFi direct or
  WiFi router

You can do any maintenance for the printer,
  like head cleaning, power cleaning

If you had not used the printer for 10 days,
  the ink does not come out from the head

It will be cleared by performing head
  cleaning function

and there are many other options, such as
  fax, scanning, copier

if you are connected to fax,
  direct fax can be received

There are two options, one is silent mode

let us select silent mode and mute option

this will reduce the sound of the printing

When we were printing there was little sound,
  if this option is selected, this noise would be reduced

so that the printer works silently

So these are the features of this printer,
  and there are so many features under copy function

when you go to the advanced setting, you will
  see, multi-page setting, standard setting

orientation, remove shadows, remove
  hole punches, or if you want to ID card xerox

if you want borderless printing, this is
  also given in this printer

you will get many advanced features in it

so this was the basic, outlook of this printer

if you have any orders

there is only one method, go to the comment section,
  and there would be the first comment

there would be a link in it, just press that
link, the Whatsapp opens, just sent that message to us

when you send that message, you will
  get the rate, quotation automatically

so please contact with this method only

when calling, a missed call comes, so we are not able
to complete the talk

so contact with Whatsapp number only,
  through the given link

you will get the response

and if you want any demo of another product,
  please message in the comment section

I will take the time and do it for you

so, thank you for watching the video

and this is Abhishek for Abhishek products
  by S.K.Graphics

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