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A3 Manual Rim Cutter [Cut 500 Pages at Once] Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

A3 Manual Rim Cutter Cut 500 Pages at Once Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

A3 Manual Rim Cutter [Cut 500 Pages at Once] Abhishek Products S.K. Graphics

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RIM Cutter, A3+ size rim cutter, it can cut upto 500 Sheets at a time. Robust & sturdy SS blade. Imported high-quality product. Our A3 paper cutter will easily cut through 400 to 500 sheets of 80g paper. The precision of our A3 paper cutter is second to none. With a computer generated grid in inches, The paper cutter will give you a perfect cut every time


00:00 – Intro A3 Manual Rim Cutter
00:08 – About Rim Cutter
00:15 – What is Rim means
00:09 – Capacity of this Rim Cutter
00:43 – About the blade of the Rim Cutter
01:24 – Paper Receiving Tray
01:40 – Safety Cover
01:53 – Handle
02:14 – Pressing Mechanism
02:56 – Adjusting Knob
03:20 – How to cut with the Rim Cutter
04:25 – Uses of Rim Cutter
06:04 – Visit our Showroom
06:27 – Conclusion


Hello! every one

I’m Abhishek Jain, and this is Abhishek Products
  by S.K.Graphics

In this video, we will talk about the
  Rim Cutter

This cutter cuts the whole rim at a time

Rim means 500 papers

  of this cutter

Normally we use 70 gsm paper

Today we will show you how to cut with this cutter

Before telling that, I will give the basic idea
  about this cutter

I will tell you that if you want to
purchase this product from us

how to buy this

Let’s talk about this cutter

at the back, there’s a blade in this cutter

I will take this cover

you can see that

back side there’s a blade which is fitted
  with so many screws

At the top, there’s a handle by which the
  blade is moving

at this time I have moved the handle upwards

when I bring the handle down

the blade comes down and
ready to cuts the paper

This is one blade

This entire thing is the blade

Here at the bottom, there’s a tray to receive
  the cut papers

If you are not using this tray you
  can bring this tray upward

and if you want to use this tray bring it down

so that the paper coming out will rest here

this small plastic cover is for the safety of the
  users, so that hand or anything touches the blade

At the top, there’s a handle on it

there is a safety lock so that the blade doesn’t
  fall accidentally

If you want to cut the paper first you have
  to press this safety handle

As you are cutting 500 papers, keep the paper
  On one side there is a pressing mechanism in it

Now I’m turning the pressing mechanism

we are seeing that a shutter is coming down
  which will press the papers

  when we turn this on the opposite side

so that this shutter goes upwards to the size of
  500 papers

there is an adjusting knob

If you have bulk work, and if you want to
  cut same size paper again and again

for that, you have to adjust this knob and
  change the location

and tight like this

so that paper cuts in a fixed width and
  fixed method

so the machine is so basic and simple

I’ll cut some papers to give you an idea

if you want to cut the papers first you have to
  arrange the papers

arrange and mix the paper well

here we are using the old papers to show how
  to cut in this machine

But when you print in one size all the paper
  will be even and the alignment will be perfect

like this, we have put the papers
  in the cutter to cut

this is the top view

first we off the safety lock

now we cut the paper

we have cut the paper manually with our hands

you can see that all the papers

as it’s at once it has cutted


and we see that on the opposite side, the remaining
  papers are also perfectly cutted

so this is a manual cutter

which you can use in different application

this is a manual machine and it needs
  no electricity

and this machine doesn’t cost too much

It fits in the small space

when you have small sampling works frequently

and if you don’t want to use a hydraulic machine
  or electric machine

So this machine satisfies that need

imagine if you have a new xerox shop or new
  digital printing shop

or you have a baby offset printing

when you have more cutting and trimming work

for that, this is the best cutter with low
  the investment you can buy this cutter

you don’t need to go to others’ shops or
  give job works to cut the papers

You can do it yourself, in your shop

this is the basic idea of the rim cutter

If you want to order this cutter, contact or
  message through the given below WhatsApp number

We will understand your requirements

  we understand the product demand
  and give correct product suggestions

you can contact me through WhatsApp, from
  there we process your order and deliver it

so please contact us

visit our all product display, showroom

we have set a permanent exhibition,
  retrofit at Secunderabad office facility

this facility is specially dedicated to the customers

for potential new clients who want to know
  about all the types of machinery we have

This full facility is done for our customers

there you can come and learn about the details
  of the new products

this is a learning centre

for our customers or close clients

many times customers come
from far away from districts

from villages, cities

many of the customers come from Bangalore
  to visit our facility to see all the products

to expand their business

I also invite you to visit our showroom

visit us to see our machines

see the quality, if you understand
  what is the use of the products

so please purchase with us

Thank you

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