Cold Lamination, How To

14” Cold Lamination Machine Demo [How To Do Cold Lamination] Buy Online

14 Cold Lamination Machine Demo How To Do Cold Lamination Buy Online

14” Cold Lamination Machine Demo [How To Do Cold Lamination] Buy Online

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How to do the cold lamination with 14″ cold lamination machine.
Cold lamination machine demo. One side cold lamination. Two side cold lamination
to make sticker




Hello everyone, I am Abhishek Jain,
Welcome to another video

In this video, we talk about 14 inch
  cold lamination machine.

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Our office is at Secunderabad,

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want more details about this machine

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We can start this basic machines demo

This is the 14″ cold lamination machine

The rubber roller you see is of 14″

Now we will zoom and show you
  the closeup of the machine

This is the 14″ rubber roller

This is the metal roller

Here they’re two hinges

Hinge No.1 and Hinge No.2

Through the hinges, you can adjust the
height of the rubber roller

By adjusting the two hinges you can adjust
the height of the rubber roller

Now we can see that gap is formed
between two rollers

Now you have more gap so that you can put photo
frame or photo articles

you can put a big MDF board into it for lamination

thick acrylic board lamination can also be done

If you have a photo studio you can laminate paper,
sticker sheet, PVC sheet, normal addon sticker, ID card

rotate the hinge so that the rubber roller goes down

when hinges go down the gap between two roller
  also reduced so that only paper can be inserted

now bigger articles like 6mm or 10mm cannot
  be inserted

this configuration is used for ID card lamination,
  and use another configuration for photo frame lamination

On the right side is its handle

When the handle is rotated the metal roller also rotates

As the metal roller rotates, it also rotates the
rubber roller

I show you how to laminate paper

I will give an idea of how to laminate

you can use for top layer finishing like glossy, matt,
velvet, different types of lamination and finishing

I will show you how to convert normal paper
  into a sticker with this machine in this video

Now I will give the basic idea or demo, how to use
this machine

First, we use foam board

you can buy this foam board in common stationary shops

We have tightened the foam board like this

you can adjust the tightness as you need, We have tightened
the foam board is too much, the board is not moving

so you have to lose the hinges

Now the foam board is moving

so that you can easily manage it

when I rotate it, it rotates

The foam board is now set,
  now we will tight little more

If you set the correct tightness, the finishing
and the quality of the lamination will be very good

This is the glossy lamination film

This is the glossy lamination film, it’s
one side is shining and at the back is its sticker

How to use this?

first, bend the sticker

Peel the transparent sheet like this

If you want to order this glossy film, you can
contact the WhatsApp number given below

I have folded the transparent sheet like this

Paste the transparent sheet like this

First, fold the back side paper like this,
  so that you can manage the film well

Paste the film like this on the foam board

tight the roller like this

and put the remaining paper under the rod,
like this, it’s very simple

This is our black & white poster

This is Abhishek’s ID card’s simple b&w poster,
  which I’ll laminate and show you

Like this, we’ve inserted the paper.

moved the roller a little bit, removed the back
  side paper a little bit

we have kept the poster like this, and the
  the back side release paper is pulled a little bit

Now rotate the roller with the handle,

while rolling pull the back side paper upwards, and
  the transparent film sticks to the poster, making a good finish

and the lamination is done

The poster has been laminated, here it’s laminated

foam board has reached its end,
  and the back side paper has come here

The lamination layer has pasted well here

now roll the roller in the reverse direction,
  so that good pressing is given to the poster

now pressing is done well

Now we remove the sticker from
  the foam board

The extra film which was left in the foam
  the board stuck in the foam board is released

and we have done the cold lamination successfully

As I have said in the
starting of this video,

with this machine, you can laminate
Glossy, matt, velvet, 3D lamination

But with this machine, you can do mounting,
mounting means double-side gumming

So I’ll tell you how to do that in this video

I have cut the double-side sticker to the size of
  the poster is already for mounting

and in this sheet, there’s double-side gumming

Like this, we release this sticker

like this, we have released this sticker and this
  the release paper and this is the gumming paper


What you have to do is, bend this paper like this

so you find three-layer, back sides
release paper, front sides release paper,

  and in the centre transparent sheet,
  in which the gumming is present

You have to do the simple work like this

first, fold the release paper like this

turn the sheet and
paste it on the foam board

As it’s pasted on the foam board, it’s easy to
  manage the sheet

Now we place the poster on the foam board

Pull the release paper a little bit like this,
  roll the machine’s roller slowly

slowly the double-side sticker starts sticking

On the one hand, the release paper is pulled up

and with another hand, we roll the roller

It’s a simple operation, like this, we can do this

After the rolling is finished,
  take the poster slowly

Now the sticker has come in the backside

This is double side gumming sheet, when we
  release the back side paper, it becomes a sticker

and the front side is already laminated

How will you do the finishing
  work for this sheet?

First, we’ll cut with scissors.

cut the remaining sheet

On the back side, there is creasing, which shows
  the end of the paper

you can cut by seeing that or see the front
  side and cut

This time I’m using the scissors, it’s more
  convenient to use a rotary cutter instead of scissors

we sell rotary cutters also.

If you cut it with a rotary cutter, the work
  will finish faster and finishing will be good

It’s ready to use, it’s ready to deliver to the client

customer will take the back side paper
  like this when you give it to the customer

the customer has taken the back side paper,
  and at the back, there is gumming

at the back side there’s gumming, it
  sticks when I touch it

It’s strong gumming

now we can paste it anywhere like on a wall or
poster or pillar or anywhere you want

at an event or any photo frame or photo
  studio so you can paste this anywhere

The same machine and the same method
  A to Z is also used for making the ID cards

This time we have used ID card posters

instead of printing the poster on 13×19 paper
  put the ID cards in it

In 13×19 size paper, I believe there’d 25 cards

after that, you have to cut it with a die cutter

so the same machine can be used for the
  photo studio, ID cards, photo frames

this is the most versatile machine,
  it’s a 14-inch machine

we can supply a 25-inch machine also

we can supply 30 inches and up to 40 inches also,
  the model is the same

we will tell you about the bigger machine
  in the future videos

but if you want to order this machine

so you give a message to the Whatsapp number
  given below

send your visiting card from their well will find
your requirement, we will give machine’s suggestions

we will give the full billing details, parcel delivery
  or home delivery or any method, we will tell you that

Thank you

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