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Transparent Inkjet Sticker Clear Self Adhesive Label For Epson, Canon, HP Buy @

Transparent Inkjet Sticker Clear Self Adhesive Label For Epson Canon HP Buy @

Transparent Inkjet Sticker Clear Self Adhesive Label For Epson, Canon, HP Buy @

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Make Clear Transparent Stickers Using Transparent Sticker Sheet, It Is A Waterproof, Non Tearable, Self Adhesive A4 Sheet For Making Clear Transparent Stickers Using Any Inkjet Printer. Best Or Making Product Stickers, Branding Sticker, Labels, Gifting Stickers, Trophies, Medal Sticker, LED Displays & Photo Frames.
This Is Transparent Sticker Sheet High Glossy Inkjet Printable Self Adhesive Sheet, Compatible With All Inkjet, Ink Tank, Eco Tank Printers For Id Card Sticker.


00:00 – Transparent Sticker Sheet
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00:50 – Close-up View of Transparent Sticker Sheet
01:03 – Printing Side and Release Paper
01:35 – Sticker Quality
02:45 – What is Inkjet Transparent Sticker Sheet
03:14 – Waterproof Sheet
03:26 – Non-Tearable
03:32 – Limitation of this Sheet
04:05 – How to Print on the Inkjet Transparent Sticker
04:19 – Inkjet Printer Models
05:40 – Where can we use this Transparent Inkjet Sheets
07:30 – Used for Trophy
07:41 – Metal Badges
08:42 – How to Purchase Transparent Inkjet Sticker Sheet
09:35 – What are the Limitation of this Transparent Sticker sheet
09:49 – Laminating the Sheet
13:05 – Printing Setting for Transparent Sticker Sheet
13:37 – Conclusion


Hello! and welcome everyone,

Welcome to Abhishek Products
By S.K.Graphics in one more video

Today in this special video, we talk about the

Transparent inkjet sticker sheet

We will talk about what this sheet is.

how to print in this sheet,
  and how to use this sheet

We also see, what are the limitation of these sheets

how do you overcome this limitation

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So, let’s start the video

Before watching this video, I show you
  the close up of this sheet

and tell you about the quality of this sheet

We have printed this sheet in the inkjet printer

At the back side is the release paper
which is a little white in colour, you can’t print this side

This is a little product

Sometimes, when you receive this product through parcel,
  it may receive with a little bend

Don’t worry about that, roll slightly this sheet
On the opposite side like this

keep it for 2 minutes, the paper retains
  to its position, keep it with another sheet for printing

Now we will show you the sticker quality

the sticker will release like this, this has
a little blue coating in it

It is not deep in colour, It is light blue
  it will not affect that much

now I am pasting this sheet in the
  foam sheet to see the quality of this sheet

like this, I am pasting this sheet

That’s it

here is the print and at the release
  the paper has come out from the back

after pasting in the foam sheet, it looks like
  this, it’s clear transparent quality

All right, so that you have seen the quality
  now we see the details of this sheet.

What is a transparent sticker?

The transparent sticker now showing on this screen

This sheet is made with plastic material

and you can print with any inkjet printers

This sheet is printable and it has
  the adhesive at the back

the back side release paper is white

so, you know which side you can print

there is a slightly blue coating on this sheet

originally the printing is done on this part

it’s clear transparent, it’s plastic quality
you can print in the inkjet printer

and when you pour water in it

it is also waterproof

So, in one sheet there are many qualities

so, there are many applications it is used

before going to such an application, first we
see how to print in this transparent sticker sheet

printing in this transparent sticker sheet is very simple

you can print in any inkjet printers

I say inkjet printer, which means,
inkjet printers, eco tank printers, ink tank printer

like Epson’s, Canon’s, HP or Brother’s

which are the commercially available printers, you
  can use this printer without changing the ink

you can print this sheet easily

Epson’s models like 130, 3110, 4160, 805, 850

L1800 in these models or if any new
models available

in these normal printers, you can print
  this sheet easily

there is no tension,

when we say about HP, in HP there is
GT series and in Canon 2010, 3010, 4010

you can print in these series, there are also some
printers in Brother in the market

you can print in these printers also,
  there is no tension

You must note one thing, this sheet is waterproof

is the ink you use is waterproof

No, it’s not waterproof, the original ink
which comes with the printer is not waterproof

to overcome this limitation

we will give a solution for this at
the end of this video

the solution would be like this, that
printer warranty is not affected,

the sheet and the ink become waterproof

so, watch the video till the end

the sheet is printed, what’s next

you have brought the sheet, now how
to use this sheet

in which methods you can sell this sheet

what you can make and supply in the market

This transparent sticker sheet

We can make stickers

you can make different types of
  amazing sticker’s

especially you can make a sticker for branding,
you can make a sticker for marketing activities

through this sticker, you can do customization,
personalization, of your products and services

This is mostly used in LED backlight

electric photo frames and displays

This is very good for product branding
  and marketing

imagine if you want to sell this sipper bottle

or when Microsoft, Amazon or like that
  some small IT companies come to you

so if you want to stick the branding sticker, of Microsoft
log or any other log you want, print and past it

what happens after this is that companies branding,
marketing, and its advertisement is also done with this

so you can give a gift to employees or
  bigger customers

This is only a small example, there are many
products you can do market and branding

That depends upon your creativity and imagination

this is mostly used in trophies

this is mostly used in glass stickers,
this is also mostly used in reverse glass stickers also

it’s is also used in vehicle past stickers

If you are making the metal badges, there is
no sheet is better than this

you all know that when making metal
badges you have to do laser engraving

which is a large investment

Don’t go to such an investment, just
buy this transparent sticker sheet

print employees’ name, designation etc., in this
sticker and cut and past it in the metal badge

then the products will look even better

These are all the overviews of these stickers

Before going forward, if you want to purchase
this product

or if you want to order it sampling

so you can go to our website

or if you want bulk enquiry

go to below YouTube comment section

and write
  “Please contact Me for a transparent Sticker “

there we will give our Whatsapp number,
from there you can contact us with Whatsapp number

Please don’t give your personal number or Whatsapp
  number publically in the YouTube comment section

because many fraud and scams occur, where they
  get your number, that would not be safe for you

so we have given our dedicated number,
which is given publically to peoples

This was the short information I wanted to give

Now we talk about the most important topic,
  what is the limitation of this sheet?

The limitation is the sheet itself is a waterproof

But, the ink which prints over this sheet in Epson,
  Canon, HP, or Brother is not a waterproof ink

I poured water over the sheet, there
  was no problem with it

but I have tested this sheet well

I have poured one litre of water many times

what happened was that the print starts to fade
and there is leakage of ink on the side

if you use this for branding, the first solution
is the cold lamination

Don’t worry if you don’t know about
  the cold lamination

I have already made a separate video about
cold lamination subject and machines

I will give that link below the description

cold lamination is a process in
which you can do sticker lamination in any sheets

if you are making any stickers, cold lamination
is the best thing to maintain the finishing

This is the transparent sticker we laminate
  over this, we make a plastic sticker lamination

so that the print in this sheet becomes permanent

it will get a plastic coating over it

in sunlight, rain or in any condition

in a hot or cold climate

the sheet’s colour doesn’t fade

the plastic sheet protects it

cold lamination is a cost-effective method,
which is used in many applications

and it will be useful in sticker
  making application also

The second method is Thermal lamination

thermal lamination is of better quality

If you are doing large-scale thermal
lamination is the best

The problem is that thermal lamination
  is a costly solution

And the machinery of the thermal lamination
  would be around forty thousand rupees

and to use a such machine you need technical
knowledge about it

you will learn we do this

I can understand that for many customers
  and for you

It is not possible to invest a large amount
  for a small business

for that purpose, we are researching for
new product and developing that new product

so that thermal lamination can also be
done in less investment under 4 or 5 thousand

we are going to develop such a product soon

It should be there

As you see in this screenshot about
the printing setting

here we have given the option
paper setting as plain paper

and quality as normal

this is given over the Epson printer

if you have any printers HP or Brother
  you can set it in the equivalent setting

so that you can print easily

So, friends thank you very much
  for watching my video

I get more motivation when you give your comments

for making new products, the transparent sticker was
also your product demands

for this reason, we had made more research
and video for this product

and it’s upon your demand’s only

which we get on a regular basis

when we launch the product

Thank you very much and supporting us
and following us

Being business with us Thank you!

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