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Transparent Inkjet Sheet For Trophy, Medals & Badges Demo Buy @

Transparent Inkjet Sheet For Trophy Medals Badges Demo Buy @

Transparent Inkjet Sheet For Trophy, Medals & Badges Demo Buy @

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Clear Transparent Inkjet Sheet Direct Printable In Any Inkjet Printer Without Any Special In Available In A4 Size 100 Micron. Best For Making Trophies, Mementos, Photo Frames Gift Articles.


00:00 – Clear inkjet transparent sheet
00:54 – Gold/Silver sticker sheet
03:38 – Printing On The Correct Side
04:53 – Printing The Clear Transparent Sheet in Inkjet Printer


Hello! everyone in today’s video we talk about
  the inkjet transparent sheet

This is our inkjet transparent sheet.

Inkjet means inkjet printer,
  as you know what is transparent means

This is the transparent A4 size sheet

we supply this transparent sheet which
  is printable with inkjet printers

This sheet is completely transparent and you
  can see some spots, but after printing, it disappears

With this transparent sheet, there is another
  sheet, what I say is allied product

which is brought with the transparent sheet

Which is a golden sliver sticker

This sheet also comes in A4 size

In this sheet no printing is possible

In this sticker, one side has a silver colour sticker on it

you can see the glowing silver colour
  like aluminium

and on the other side, it has a golden colour sticker

You can see the golden colour which is a sticker,
  and a yellow colour paper which is release paper

similarly, on the other side, the silver colour is a sticker,
  and yellow colour paper is a release paper

When you are making trophies or name badges

this is the best sheet, which has silver and gold
  colour in the same sheet

if a customer comes and asks, I want
full silver colour badges

If anyone wants silver colour use silver colour side,
  and if anyone wants golden colour use golden side colour

If you want to print any descriptions on the trophy,
  you use this transparent inkjet sheet

How to use this sheet, how to print this sheet,
  I will tell you in this video

This sheet has two sides, side “A” and side “B”

only one side is printable, and
  on the other side, you can’t print

How to find the printable side?

The method is very simple.

First slightly wet your hand.

Rub the wet hand in the corner of the sheet, if it
  sticks in your hand it’s the printable side

on the other side, the hand will not stick to the sheet,
  the water will be left on the sheet, so this side is not printable

So this is the method to find which printable area
  and which is not

if you don’t understand this water method

make a text file “Asd” or “ABCD”

When you print it, this is an inkjet printer
  when you print in this printer

you can see the letters “Asd” which will be printed,
  in the sheet, if the correct side is selected

if you print on the wrong side, the ink
  will disappear when you rub it

so that you can know, this is the wrong side,
  and you have to turn the sheet

Today we will show you how to do trophies work

How to purchase this sheet for us.

we are going to print a sample print in
  the printable transparent inkjet sheet

This is to show the idea that the badges are made in
  the shapes like this

Besides the shapes the size of the shapes

here I have given the multicolour background
  this is to give you an idea about this sheet

this transparent sheet that we supply from
  S.K.Graphics, Abhishek Products is a multicolour printable sheet

I have made this sample file to give
  you an idea

So, we will print it

we have taken the sheet

just like the normal paper inserted into the printer,
  we are using the Epson printer

which is based on the inkjet technology

we have used Epson’s original ink,
  we have not changed the original ink

The printer is in the normal configuration, we have
  not modify or alter anything

Now we are going to give the command ctrl+p
  which is the printing option

here we have given the command ctrl+p,
  and selected the printer

now we are giving the print command

now we have given the print option

The printer started pulling the sheet

this sheet is a 100-micron thickness sheet

Because it’s a 100-micron sheet it’s compatible with this

in general, I say it’s compatible with every
  inkjet printers

because its thickness is only 100 micron

and the printer in Epson “L” series
can print up to 270 microns or 270 gsm

Now we have printed the sheet

I keep this sheet over the white background

So that you can find which side you can use

Printing is done, how to know if you have
  printed on the correct side or wrong side

Just rub the printed area with the fingers

you can see the print doesn’t disappear

This means we have printed on the correct side

the print out we made in the multicolour and the
text clarity all are sharp, you can see that

we can see the multi-colour gradient of yellow, green, pink
  and the transition is smooth

and the print is very sharp, and the text is very clear

Now you have an idea that how to print this sheet
  and what side is printable

Now the question arises that how to use
this golden/silver with this transparent sheet

and how to apply a golden/silver sheet to the
  trophy or badges

I will answer this question, in the next video

I will launch the next video in the coming week

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as we launch the video on how to joint these two sheets

Thank you, we are from Abhishek Products, and
  S.K.Graphics is our parent company

this is our complete address and phone numbers

if you want to purchase our products or want
  to know technical details about the products

message through the WhatsApp number given below

before calling message through WhatsApp
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if you want any business quotation, or if you want
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then contact us, so that
  the communication will be clear

So, wait for the next video. how to make
  trophy and badged with this sheet

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