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Start New Business Ep2 – PhotoCopier Shop [Earn Profits in Different Markets] Buy

Start New Business Ep2 PhotoCopier Shop Earn Profits in Different Markets Buy

Start New Business Ep2 – PhotoCopier Shop [Earn Profits in Different Markets] Buy

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Complete guide for xerox shop business plan and photocopy or photocopier business. we are trying to give you for setting up of photocopy shop business plan insights on printing business.


12:25 – SETUP FOR government AGENCIES 15:27 – MATURE SET UP


This video is about how to start
  new photocopier business

There are so many varieties in photocopier

there is so much machinery and
  services in the photocopier business

Which you can provide to the customer

In this video, we are going to see all the aspects
  and touch all the points and going to understand

In which product you get more profit

some products must be kept, not for profit
  but attract new customers

In this video, we are going to see in detail
  about the different types of products and services

and different types of machines which can be used
  in photocopier shops

which type of machines you have to keep and

which type of expertise do you have to develop

According to the market demands

School and College itself is also a market

companies are also a market

Government’s R.T.O office

Agencies, courts, and marriage bureaus are
  all the types of market

In the different types of markets, how to
  develop a different type of business within photocopier shop

first, we talk about the machines

Machines with comparison to different
  types of Industries and sizes of business

First, we see, what is a photocopier.

Photocopier means xerox shops

It’s a simple small xerox shop.

Xerox shops look like small shops with little

  but photocopier business is well-developed business,
  this industry has given self-employment to many of them

Photocopier business is a stepping stone to
  everyone who starts the business

Everyone starts the photocopier business,
  later they enter other fields

First, we need a Photocopier machine.

We sell Canon companies photocopier machines.

We will give the machine which has WiFi.

So that you can print directly from the mobile,
  laptop etc.,

Similarly, we suggest an inkjet printer with this
  basic setup.

In this basic setup, we suggest four machines

first, we buy a photocopier machine,
  second, you buy an Inkjet colour printer,

third paper cum Lamination Cutter

fourth Lamination machine

This is the basic setup

the second setup is a Basic + Expand setup

Expand setup means that in the starting
  you opened a photocopier shop

and that shop develops after some time, and
  you want to grow the business

At that time you can purchase the Expand setup

In this category first is ID Card Cutter, Second is
  Heavy Duty Stapler, Third is Spiral Binding Machine

This is for the small xerox shops

If you want to open a new shop and you
  are new to this business

If you are a young or retired person and you
  wanted a basic source of income

Photocopier business or option is the best

The two options are given below, companies, for
  the government offices

for specific contracts, for RTO, other agencies,
  for engineering colleges

These are for the people whose
  business is well set

and want to get more profit or to expand
  their business

or to develop or encourage new technology

there are many high-end machines from 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs

there are some machines ranging from
  60 thousand or 50 thousand

each machine has its own purpose,
  and market

For example, if your shop is near a big
  company. They need different types of binding

or if your office is near a government office or
  a BSNL office, thermal binding demand is more

and comb binding is needed most

when your office is near DRDO, then comb
  binding is needed every week or daily

or when your shop is near a company’s hub,

if you have a print shop or photocopier shop their

demand for wiro binding will be more there

similarly, if you have any contract with the school
  or colleges

where you have to give the xerox
  of the answer sheets

or xerox of the question papers or xerox
  of the internal document

where rim cutter will be needed the most

Imagine if your shop is near an RTO office

  or near the GHMC office

or near the ID card issuing authority office,
  like Aadhaar Kendra

or near the Incom Tax department office
  where pan cards are issued

There when you keep a PVC card printer, you will
  get more business there

similarly, if your shop is near
  Engineering colleges

  plotters and for other documents

this machine gives more profit in this case

There are many machines for photocopier shops
  and print shops

I will tell in the following video

This is our basic setup

This slide is of Basic set up

Under this basic setup, we suggest Canon’s first hand
  in the market, most of the machines are second hand

the second hand is banned after the GST,

So, we suggest Canon’s IR-2006N which has WiFi

and we also suggest an inkjet colour printer

note that the photocopier is a black & white machine

and the inkjet printer is colour

and this cutter cuts paper and also
  cuts the lamination

and this is a heavy-duty lamination machine, where
  you can laminate the document of A4, A3 and ID cards

Photocopier shop is also called xerox shop

with multiple services

When you choose this setup, your cost
  will be around 90 thousand to 1 lakhs

In it, you get a black & white photocopier machine,
  up to A3 size front & back automatic

with a mobile app, we will provide an Epson
  WiFi printer which can be connected to mobile

and a lamination machine and a paper cutter

this set cost around 1 lakh rupees

We suggested a black & white machine because
  it’s an economic machine and its demand is more

second, we suggest the colour printer

colour printer’s demand is low,
  but you will get more profit

colour printing cost is 75 paisa

and these colour prints cost Rs.10 on the market

So, you can calculate how much
  the profit margin is

similarly, we have suggested lamination

the colour xerox costs Rs.10 and were
  when it’s laminated it costs Rs.20

So you will get 2 or 3 rupees

you can imagine what is your profit,
  but it depends upon where you are in that market

Where is your area, in which
  locality you are starting the business

When you are near school or colleges

you will get non-stop customers,
  and your business will run well

and when your shop is near a residential area or
  a social movement of the customer will be less

This is the expanded setup for the photocopier shop

as you have done better in the basic set you can
  expand with this expanded setup

In this setup, you have to buy these three
  machines, as in the basic setup it’s 4 machines

What are the three machines?

This is the heavy-duty spiral machine

This is the ID card die cutter

and this is a stapler

because people bring books for taking

someone brings the book, textbooks,
  notebooks, if someone brings all the school notes

or property documents which have 40 or 50 pages

When someone buys a property, they keep
  three or four copies at different places

similarly for school notes, in a school there
  would be a group of 40 or 50 students

people copy notes,

in this case, you need binding

if you don’t have binding, and if you say to the customer
  give the textbook I will do only the xerox work only

then this customer will never come again

first, you must have binding works in your shop

second, we have given stapler binding as well as
  spiral binding

we have given two options, for one
  work, why two options?

because give the customer two options

if the customer wants stapler binding
  it costs Rs.20

and if you want spiral binding it costs Rs.40

so give the customer two options low quality
  and high quality

if you give the customer two options you can ask the
  customer what you want low quality or high quality

as the document is important they will say
  give the high quality

then you will get more profit

similarly, if you are using this lamination machine
  to laminate ID cards, Aadhaar cards

you can give the option of high quality
  or low quality

if the customer wants a low-quality cut with this

  in which there would be no round corners
  and you will not get that much finishing

and if someone says that they want
  high-quality card with the best finishing and cutting

so, you say ok

for high quality Rs.10 extra

and using this ID card cutter you
  can cut and give with a good finishing

in case you don’t know how to
  make and cut ID cards

we have made individual detail videos for all the products

you can visit our web site

or you can visit our YouTube channel

where you can get a detailed video of all the topics

video for every product is there

How to use spiral binding?

How to use the ID card cutter?

How to use this stapler?

How to use this xerox machine?

How to use Epson’s printer?

How to use the lamination cutter?

How to use a lamination machine?

Video’s for all products in the pictures has
  been uploaded on the YouTube

This video is to give an idea of who is
  starting a new business

So, you know what are the machines
  you have to buy with us

We go to the next setup

This setup is for those who have shops already

this is for those who want more profit or
  if they want to develop more in their shop

So, this is the setup for the photocopier
  companies + Government

Luckily if your shop is near a Government office

or if your shop is near big company’s offices

In big companies every three months
  they have to generate reports or print reports

for that purpose they need binding

so you will get double business, one is you
  can print the reports and another is their binding works

For the companies taste will be at a high level
  they don’t see money, they want quality

First, they need quality, after that
  they bargain with you

understand that for students and the school’s market
  they need only low-cost products

The company need only quality

they need high quality, first, the quality is decided
  the rate is decided afterwards

quality is first

they bargain for rate afterwards

when you are going into the student marker

they want low rates only

after the rate, they talk about the quality

so, there is a difference between the two markets

if you want to get a profit, you will do
  jobs which get higher rates

this is the latest innovative machine

In this machine, you can do spiral binding
  as well as wiro binding also

In the companies they prefer wiro binding and
  in the school, students prefer spiral binding

So, with this machine, you can target
  two markets

This is for companies

Now imagine if your shop is near a government office
  like RTO, Aadhaar Kendra etc.,

Metro office, or near marriage bureau office

for the government, their taste is not the rate

they need quality

they need professional and official
  looking document

which can’t be tampered

and it must be sleek and good looking

so in this case, government offices like DRDO, or
  marriage bureau where comb binding is common

and thermal binding is also common

we have also uploaded a detailed video about
  These two machines are already on the YouTube

you can also visit our website

to know how to operate this machine

similarly, we have uploaded the detail
  video of 2 in 1 spiral binding machine

we have already uploaded the S.K.Graphics
  website, you can visit and see that video

Talking about the next setup

If you have a photocopier shop, and
  you have more experience in it

Then you have to update your office and products

or if you are working for government contracts

or you are working for school contracts

imagine if your shop is near Engineering colleges

here A0 lamination machine is used most

or if you have any tie-up with engineering

they bring a big drawing of 40-inch or 30 inch
or maps

when you are near any construction field
companies or tie up with such companies

or when you are working as agencies, where they
  give the broad paper, just laminate and give it

for this line of business, the A0 lamination machine
  is a perfect fit

and for engineering markets, construction markets

for big plotter and a big map

or when you have tie up with big printing press

were big Sai Baba’s photo, god’s photo
  or calendar’s photo

were they laminate these photos

so this machine is also perfect for this also

similarly, if you have a CSC centre or

MeeSeva or AP online or TS online, CSC centre
  or Aadhaar card kendra

government affiliate, a private-public partnership

government contracts, for all these we have
  thermal printer also

thermal printer with ribbons and PVC cards

along with training and along with installation

in these cases, we also supply printed also

we supply PVC cards for the printers

What is a PVC card?

Aadhaar card, pan card, voter card, driving licence,
  company card, government card, membership card, loyalty card

I said 9 common cards which are average cards

there are also many cards other than this like
  Ayushman Bharat cards,

and other government cards, metro cards
  that is a different thing

if you have contact jobs with big companies

if you have a well-established shop

which is running for many years
  and if you had a good reputation

so go can get this type of contracts

If you want to purchase these products

if you want to set up a printing job
  like these PVC card business

you can watch it on the YouTube channel
  or go to the S.K.Graphics website

A complete detailed video has been already uploaded

you can also type in the comment box

you can also like, share and subscribe to our channel

because in the future, if a new video is uploaded
  or new product, or new business proposal

when new products come for the
  business, notification will come

This is for engineering colleges

this is for ID card business

this is the rim cutter

Rim means a 500-page bundle

A3 means A3 paper, Rim means 500 pages,
  cutter means cutter

imagine if your shop or office
  is a near engineering college

What happens there is you get
  bulk xerox orders bulk printouts

you can’t say that all the print out will be in A4,
  their print outs will be in different sizes

print in A4 or A3 according to your printer,
  after printing, you have to cut the paper

As their question paper size is A5 and
  your printer is A3

if you print A5 prints in A3 paper,
  it will cost too much

what will you do, print in the A3 paper
  and cut with this cutter

so that you save paper, you save printer ink,
  plus you also save on printer warranty

This is one example, there are many examples
  like, a photo studio with xerox shops

if you have a photo studio or printing press
  or baby offset

for all this, the rim cutter will be very useful

This is the other options category in which I have given
  4 options which I believe that it improves your business

This is a gift category item

Photocopier business is done by the xerox machine

the crowd is coming to your shop, what are
  the other things you can sell in the shop

you can sell gift items,
  like mugs, cups, plates

in these items put their faces, family photos,
  or happy birthday to you etc.,

you can print banners and supply them to them

imagine your shop is near school, or colleges,
  especially near engineering colleges

  if the friendship day comes, you can
  make a T-Shirt “Happy Friendship Day”

they will see the T-shirt and order for their
  friends or for all groups

Before Teachers day, make a mug, T-Shirt or
  cups for sample

people see and like and give their photos
  to print

Brother print my name in the cup or
  print this cup for my teacher

Like this, you can improve your business

similarly, we sell Epson’s modified printer
  by which we can print PVC cards

you can take this little setup to print PVC card

so that people come to your shop, and
  asks for making Aadhaar card duplication

make a duplicate of the voter card

like this, if you want to add
  small business to your shops

you can buy AP film

you can buy inkjet PVC card printer

Two of them are good products, and we have already
  made a detailed video on YouTube please watch that video

If you want to purchase all these products or details

Please message to the given WhatsApp, we
  will give the complete details

similarly, if you want to make aadhaar cards,
  voter cards, these cards will give satisfying results

And that is for today’s video, if you like this
  video please click like, share, and subscribe to the video

and if you want to purchase our products
  please message to the below WhatsApp number

Join the telegram channel so that you will receive
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there you get all resources, all details, and our address

our phone numbers, our contact details
  you get all this

Thank you

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