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Start New Business Ep 7 – Using Lamination Machines[Improve Business] Buy @

Start New Business Ep 7 Using Lamination MachinesImprove Business Buy @

Start New Business Ep 7 – Using Lamination Machines[Improve Business] Buy @

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Lamination Machines For Xerox Shop Dtp Centres Jumbo Xerox Centres Supplies Ap Online Ts Online Eseva And For Other Additional Business Opportunities

  There Are Many Type Of Lamination Machines Such As Speed Lamination, 12 Inch Lamination Machine, 18 Inch Hot Lamination Machine, Thermal Lamination Machine Roll, A0 Size Lamination Machine, Photo Frame Lamination Machine.

  – We Deal In Many Brands Of Lamination Machines –
  Excelam Eco12 Lamination Machine
  Excelam 12 Lamination Machine
  A3 Snnkenn Professional Lamination Machine
  Neha Lamination Machine
  Speed Lamination Machine
  Fast Lamination Machine
  14 Inch Cold Lamination Machine
  25 Inch Cold Lamination Machine
  30 Inch Cold Lamination Machine
  40 Inch Cold Lamination Machine
  44 Inch Cold Lamination Machine
  Thermal Lamination Machines
  Roll To Roll Thermal Lamination Machine
  A0 Size Lamination Machine
  Jumbo Lamination Machine


00:00 – Business With Lamination Machine
01:09 – Best ID Card Lamination Machine
01:38 – Low Budget Lamination Machine
01:58 – Gold Foil Lamination
02:27 – Poster Lamination 02:45 – Studio Poster Lamination Machine
04:05 – Coating Lamination
05:00 – Speed Bulk Lamination Machine
07:00 – ID Card Business 07:23 – Cold Lamination Machine
07:54 – Thermal Lamination Machine
08:12 – A0 Jumbo Lamination Machine


Hello! everyone and welcome to
  Abhishek Products By S.K.Graphis

In this short video, we discuss

with one lamination machine, you can start
  different types of business today itself

We have different types of lamination machines

Here you can see the mini A3 lamination machine

Here there is a heavy-duty Snnken
  A3 lamination machine

Here there is an excelam ordinary lamination machine

Here there’s a speed lamination machine

this machine has not only the temperature control
  by also speed controller

here is the 18-inch lamination machine which
  can be used in different types of business

The other machine you can see like Neha, Excelam,
Snnken, Eco12,

all these machines are 12 inch

But this machine is an 18-inch machine in which you
  can make many things

Let’s start this video

in this, I will tell you the different
  types of business

  which can be done with a lamination machines

This is the Snnken heavy-duty lamination machine

in this machine, you can make ID cards, driving
  licence, like these cards,

membership cards, LIC’s bulk membership cards

In this machine, you can make AP film,
  you can make a dragon sheet

You can make certificate works

If you have a retail shop, you can make ID cards
  easily up to 350 microns

This can also be done in the mini machine or Excelam machines or
  Neha machines

But we suggest the Snnken machine because

The next business that you can do with
  lamination machine is

For this we have to, go to the gold foil roll

Like this golden print

you can see the golden print

Golden print over the black paper

Dark gold, light gold

or you can print golden colour in
  the white paper is also like this

These all work can be done with the 12 inch
  lamination machines

you can see that we have many
  colours gold foil rolls

The next business that you can do is
  poster lamination

Posters are of A3 size

in this has 13×19 also

if it’s A3 size you can use any of these machines

like speed lamination machine, mini,
  excelam machine or Snnken machine

if it’s 13×19 size you must use this 18-inch machine

In which 18-inch lamination sheet goes in

if you want to do the hot lamination for 13×19 posters
  you can do with this machine

if you want to hot laminate any poster

so you can do all this work with this 18 inch
  lamination machine easily

in the digital press, they use this 18-inch machine
  up to 13×19 inch

if anyone who has Digi press or
  photo studio customers

those who do the photo framework works
  photo studio works

for those people,17×20, 15×20

different type of photo prints that comes

from which you make photo frames, or different types of
print, you will need this 18-inch lamination machine

for big size posters

we supply that size lamination pouch also

along with the 18-inch machine

These all are the basic work

now we go to the advanced work

Now a day there is sticker coating
  lamination going on

here we see the AP film which needs a coating
  lamination over it

over the AP sticker, it needs a coating lamination

you need a coating lamination over the
  transparent inkjet sheet to protect the sheet

This is the transparent sticker sheet which needs
  coating lamination over it

coating lamination works can also be
  done with these lamination machines

we supply coating lamination film also

this is the business you can do, lamination machine
starts from Rs.2500, Rs.4000, Rs.3000

there are three machines in which you can
  choose anyone and start the business

now we go to the series business, for that we goto
  the other side of our showroom

The bulk business which is the series business

  To Let posters, No Trespassing poster

or broadband airtel, a poster that is pasted
  in the streets, in different methods

A speed lamination machine is best for
  that type of works

in the speed lamination machine, on the left side

speed control

and on the right side, you can see the temperature control

in one day, if you want 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000

New years pocket calendar like, Tirupati, Shirdi,
  all devotional places pocket calendar, which is given free

this machine works fast for like that works

For the bulk lamination work, we suggest this machine

you can also do that in the Snnken machine, but
  you will not get that much speed on the Snnken machine

If it’s an A4 size poster or A3 size poster

Bulk ID cards or LIC premium membership card

Or your shop membership card

if you have bulk orders in 1000, 10000,
  20000 or 100000 use this speed machine

normal 5000 or 6000 orders use Snnken machine

or if have 500 or 1000 orders, use Excelam machine XL12

and if you have only 10 or 15 retail orders only
  you buy this machine

when you have multi works

if you have gold foil works or 350 micron
  lamination works, Some time ID card works

some time calendar, multi mix works

When you want to do every business
  and you don’t want to leave any business

if you don’t want to miss any customers buy
  this Snnken machine is, the overall best machine

There are many businesses you can do
  if you are in the print line

if you have a hot lamination machine you can
  do all this ID card work

you have to laminate and put in these holders

you can do all these businesses
  with a lamination machine

with this you also need some types of machinery also

I will tell this in the coming video

This time we are talking about hot
  lamination machine

You must have a question about cold lamination also

This is some cold lamination machines

in this also we have many sizes

so there are many types of machines

we will make a video of this also

if you subscribe to our channel you will get

if you join the telegram channel you will get
  update soon, in the first week itself

after that comes the thermal lamination machine or
  roll to roll lamination machine

in the lamination machines, this is
  the thermal lamination machine

this is its backside, this is a 13 inch
  roll to roll the thermal lamination machine

and this is a 40-inch roll to roll
  lamination machine

you can buy these large machines like A0, A1, A2, A3

big poster like properties, posters of God

Police notice,

you can do that type of work in this machine

This is 40 in roll to roll lamination machine
  we also supply this

if you have bulk work, and if the shop is old, we
  suggest this machine, you can do big works

if you have a digital press, or photo studio, if you
  want thermal lamination or photo album works

So this 13-inch roll-to-roll lamination is the best

we have many products, but today in this video
  we see about lamination machine with a low budget,

we have seen the machine under Rs.4000,

These little machine like Snnken, Eco12
  if you want to buy this machine online

so go to our website

or contact through the WhatsApp number
  given below

when you open the description, or when you go
  to the first comment, you will get a Whatsapp number

if you don’t know how to book online or on E-commerce

contact with WhatsApp number and we
  will send you the slip

through that, you can order the product

Thank you for watching the video

there are many products video pending

soon I will upload that video also
  and give more information

and thank you for watching My video

This is Abhishek from Abhishek Products by

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