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Golden Print For Thesis Binding, Gold Foil Paper Printing Buy @

Golden Print For Thesis Binding Gold Foil Paper Printing Buy @

Golden Print For Thesis Binding, Gold Foil Paper Printing Buy @

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Gold foil printing is a very simple method where we take printout from a laser jet printer and put gold foil roll on it into lamination machine all the printed toner converted into gold colour when it goes into the lamination machine


00:00 – How to Print in GOLD
00:27 – Using Lamination Machine For Gold Foil
00:43 – About Snnkenn Lamination Machine
01:17 – Releasing Foil
01:43 – Type Of Paper For Gold Foil
02:10 – Colors Of Foil For LaserJet
02:30 – Printing Gold On Black Paper
04:40 – Black Paper Gold Quality Print
06:02 – How to Turn Lamination Machine Off
06:57 – Showroom Tour


First, we place the paper upwards

Then we place the gold foil

The gold foil is also placed facing upwards

Then we place white paper over the gold foil

Just for protection

Then keep the three pieces of paper evenly like a sandwich

Then we insert this paper into the Lamination Machine

Keep the temperature of the Lamination machine to 180 degree

set the switch to hot

power switch to on and forward mode

This machine can deliver high temperature
as it a snnken lamination machine

It has four rollers inside so that good pressure is
given to the paper which gives good finishing

We recommend snnken machine for the customer

So that you will get a good gold foil finish

As the gold foil is stuck nicely in the paper
we are removing the gold foil slowly

It has the best quality output

we have printed a 1 mm line which is also shiny well in golden colour

You can print any type of designs

We have used 100 gsm paper on which kept the gold foil paper and
the temperature of the lamination was 180 degrees Celsius

The machine used was Snneken A3 size the quality is in front of you

the paper was not affected where there was black is converted into
  gold colour

When you are doing any projects gold colour is more popular
or light gold colour is more popular

  or when you are doing any another job we have
  pink silver red blue green colours

  we will give this on the order basis

gold foil lamination is common. gold foil paper is a separate paper

we can use black colour paper for printing print anything
  print with laserjet

use HP printer or Canon printer LDP2900 HP’s 1005 series printer or M series printer

use only a laserjet printer only don’t use an inkjet printer

  you can use a large photocopier machine instead of a laser printer please note only one
  thing the printer or photocopier must be a high-quality machine

and its drum, blade, and cartridge all must be new when
your print is of good quality the result will be good

this print was taken with the new machine the drum the blade
  was new you can see the print quality

now we are going to print on black paper to give you an idea how the result
  will be when printed in the black paper the black colour can be seen here and there

now we are going make the black colour in black paper to gold colour

we are keeping the black paper + gold foil paper + white paper like a sandwich

then insert into the lamination machine, temperature of the machine
is 180 degrees and the high pressure is done by the machine

we are keeping the white paper so that the lamination machine is not
  damaged or any print is left for this purpose we are using the 100gsm white paper

to protect the machine this process is the same
for all colours only the foil roll colours changes

if you want to order this foil roll go to

or you can contact with the WhatsApp number given below
  under description use that number for the bulk orders

  for fewer orders, you must order through
website only the

the complementary result coming on the black paper is fine but we
see some black colour dots on the left and right this is because we used an old machine for printing

so that we see no dots on the paper no black colour dots this small
  golden colour dots were black colour dots on the black paper

which was due to old machine when we use new
machine the quality is good and there are no black dots

this is the difference between the two
These are the major facts that affect the printing

gold foil are same but the machine differs and the quality differs we must use a laserjet printer

if it has a new cartridge it good better output and better result

Now we talk about the Snnken lamination machine as the temperature is set at high

now our job is finished and we are going to off the machine

don’t off the machine from the plug point or on/off switch on
  the machine first turns the temperature knob to zero

then put the hot switch to cold and keep this machine for 5 minutes at
this time it will consume some electricity

  but this process gives long life to your machine and the machine does not trouble

keeping like this maintains
the life of the machine and gives long life

this is a shot presentation on how to do gold foil printing or how
  to do golden colour in the paper you can use any paper you can use 300 gsm paper

you will get the same result when you use 300 gsm paper if you want to know
  the details for like this product please subscribe to our Youtube channel

where you can get details about lots of machines regularly and if
you want to visit our showroom you can visit our showroom

which is in Hyderabad the address is on the description and thank you for watching the video
and if you have any technical doubts still you can comment in the comment box below

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