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PVC ID Cards Printing [How To Print ID Cards With AP Film] Part 1 Buy Online

PVC ID Cards Printing How To Print ID Cards With AP Film Part 1 Buy Online

PVC ID Cards Printing [How To Print ID Cards With AP Film] Part 1 Buy Online

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AP Film Is Used To Make Id Cards At No Cost Using Just An Injured Printer Using The Original Ink And Without Damaging The Printer Or Its Warranty. It Is The Best Method To Make Quality Pvc Id Cards At Low Investment And Little Technical Knowledge.




Hello! everyone, I am Abhishek Jain from
  Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics.

This is my Whatsapp Number

In this video, I am going to show
  how to use AP film

for the making of ID cards and
  to copy the Aadhaar card

Many times customers ask that,
  they wanted waterproof cards

the customer wanted waterproof, non-tearable,
  good colours cards with dark print

Many of them who are making cards,

many of them asked for a solution, which
  would be easy, simple with less investment

which can be done in small rooms, or in our shops,
do it yourself without giving the work to others

for all these demands and request
  the only solution is the AP sheet

I am sorry, it’s AP film

First, we start the printing process so,
  that you will get an idea, of how to use this sheet

first, we used CorelDraw software,
  and set 10 ID cards in it

and I have given ctrl+P,
  which is the printing option

Here I have selected the current page,

Now I have selected my printer, which is
  Epson’s L3150

I have gone to the preferences,

here instead of the paper, I have selected,
  premium photo paper glossy

quality used is standard, you can
  also, use high quality

Now I am going to print my first page

I have given the print command

This is my printer Epson’s L3150, which
  is an inkjet printer

It’s not compulsory to use my
  model printer

you can use any printer’s

while the printing is going on,
  we talk about this product

This AP film comes in two sizes A4 and 6×4 in

the front side is completed now we
  print the back side

print out has come in this direction

look carefully at the print out the direction in the

see, how the printout has come,
  after that just turn and insert it into the printer

now we are going to the printing page

Again we give the print option

In the print option, we have selected,
  premium photo paper glossy

if you want you can also select,
  photo paper glossy also

there is no problem with this,
  you can also select standard mode also

there would be no difference,
  the quality will be the same

we have set photo paper glossy, standard,
  and ok is given, click apply changes

The current paper has been selected

and we have given the print command

already we have printed the front page,
  now we are printing the back side

this sheet has to be printed in inkjet printers only

we supply this inkjet printer also

if you have any requirements or demand
  you can call us

we give a basic idea, of what to do after
  printing this sheet

we will tell what are the types of machinery required
  or used in this process

First, we need a computer, where we
  design the cards etc.,

second, we need a printer

we recommend Epson’s 3110 or Epson’s 3150 printer

If you want to purchase this printer you can
  contact us

If you have any other Epson printers like
  L805 or 210 or 130 you can print with that printer also

If you have HP’s, Canon’s, Brother’s or any other
  inkjet printers you can use that also

we will supply Canon, HP, Brother printers,
  also and it’s a compatible ink

The next this we need is the lamination machine

This is our heavy-duty Snnken brand A3
  lamination machine

which can laminate up to 350 microns.

Most of lamination machines, easily
  laminates up to 250 microns only

when 350 microns are inserted into that
  machines it could not complete the lamination

So, we supply this heavy-duty Snnken brand
  lamination machine

we need the lamination pouch

After printing the sheet, we insert the sheet
  in the pouch and laminate using this machine

After that, we have to cut it straight,
  for this purpose, we are using a 24-inch rotary cutter

for our convenience, we are using
  the 24-inch rotary cutter

we also supply the same rotary cutter in 14 inch also

you can also purchase that and use

if you already have a 14-inch rotary cutter
  you can use that

you have seen many cutters, where it has a handle
  and a knife comes down

I think it won’t work well for this purpose

What happened was, that this sheet get more
  thickness after lamination

so, the rotary cutter is the best option

the last machine we need is the ID card die cutter

This die cutter size is 54mm x 86mm, which
  is exactly the same as the Aadhaar card

Aadhaar card, pan card, voter card, ID card
  and all other 75 types of cards are of this size

this cutter is exactly the same size,
  with round corner

If you have a normal xerox shop we
  recommend this cutter

If you have a dedicated ID card business

work of the schools and companies

for that, we suggest this ID card cutter

this cutter size is also 54mm x 86mm

This cuts a 350-micron card easily

this cuts 250-micron cards easily

this rotary cutter cuts up to 800 microns easily

Up to 350-micron laminations
  are done in this machine

and the printout has come

and this is part one of the video

and in the coming video, I will show how
  to use this lamination machine

and this rotary cutter

and the ID card die cutter for
  making ID cards

one thing we have to know is

see the screen in the CorelDraw, the
  printing sheet direction Which it has placed

and the printout has come like this

because of this setting the front
  back is perfectly aligned

As I have kept the card in the light

you can see some images of the back

you can see that the alignment was done correctly

you can see the black line in the front
  and grey line in the back

we have aligned somewhat perfectly

so like this we can print
  front and back like this

and in the coming video, part 2 I will
  show how to use this rotary cutter

and die cutter for making ID cards

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