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Photo Sticker Printing With Epson Inkjet Printer @ Buy Online

Photo Sticker Printing With Epson Inkjet Printer @ Buy Online

Photo Sticker Printing With Epson Inkjet Printer @ Buy Online

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Photo Sticker Printing or sticker print paper is our new product, also known as pasting sticker sheet used for making id cards, badges, batches decoration paper, branding labels, marketing sticker, product labels and marketing labels.




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In this video, we talk about the photo sticker

so we know about sticker paper, photo paper

now we have combined both paper and
the new product name is Photo Sticker

on the top layer of the printing part of this
photo sticker is a glossy finish paper

A photo sticker is a glossy finish in which
we can print it with a normal inkjet printer

like Epson, Canon, Hp, and Even in Brother printers.

On the back side of the paper, there is a sticker with release paper.

As you print the paper it will be ready to stick or paste anywhere

just release or peel the paper
at the back and use it on any products.

So this is a basic idea for the photo sticker paper and detail.

This is mostly used in ID cards, for
product branding, to show M.R.P price

There are many things you can do with this photo sticker

So we start this video with how to print with a photo sticker

watch this video till the end, you can get the website details
and WhatsApp number in the description

If you want to order this product message through Whatsapp

What we see here are the two quality photo sticker sheets.
This is an A4 photo sticker

we got two quality or two varieties

The first variety is – PHOTO STICKER 20 sheets, Rs.110, 130 gsm

Today is 12th August 2020, the price for this product is this

and when you are watching this video after two or three
years or after a few months, the price will be different

This is to show the price of the product is
like this and this paper is 130 gsm

which has less thickness where the Aadhaar card is printed

and this is an A4 Photo sticker, Hi-Quality-170 gsm, 50 Pcs Packing cost Rs.500

and this price is on 12th August 2020,

when you are watching this video after
some years the price will be changed

price of this will be less or high this is
today’s rate on 12th August 2020,

This paper has a thickness of 170 gsm,
which is used for certificates

some Passport size photos will also be in 170 gsm or 180 gsm.

So this is about the packing. This has two
qualities one is 130 gsm which is low quality

and another is 170 gsm
which is high quality.

In this video, I will show you the print quality
for these two papers with an Epson inkjet printer

Don’t worry if you don’t have an Epson printer,
If you have a Canon, Brother, HP or Canon’s 2010

Canon’s 3010, HP’s GT series printer or
Brother’s TW series printer

this is compatible with all printers.
The only thing is it should be an inkjet printer

which means the print is done with the ink

So this is a sample sheet for 130 gsm and
this is a sample sheet of 170 gsm

These two paper are in A4 size with fine cutting

On the back side of the 130 gsm paper there
will be release paper, printed letters “PHOTO PAPER”

These printed letters show the release paper.

the release paper is the paper found on the back side of the photo sticker
were we release the paper and throw it away

this is the release paper and this is the photo paper

as you see the sticking and gumming,
I will say this is an average gumming

The gumming is good. It is useful
M.R.P pricing labels for branding stickers

Many times it is used for product display, for gift articles, now-a-day
gifting is more popular in the market

If you have gift shops this photo sticker paper will be more useful

now I have released the high-quality papers
release paper, It’s done very easily

release paper thickness is lesser and the photo paper has more thickness

as the release paper thickness is less the work will be
fast and cutting and printing will be easy

and the paper jamming in the printer will be less,
gumming of this paper is better,

when it is stuck to the skin it is a little difficult to remove, it is well attached
with the skin, it has better quality, best gumming,

best printing, better finishing and print is also very good.

How will be the print quality of this paper?

The printing is going on the printer, one paper is finished printing.

I have written in the pen ” high” this is high-quality print.

this print out is made from 170gsm paper,
you can see the quality of this paper.

this printout is made from 170gsm paper, you can see the quality of this paper.

This is our high-quality photo sticker print.
We can print on this paper like this.

now we can cut this round and paste it on any product,
like a laptop, the back side of the mobile,

his is our high-quality photo sticker print.
We can print on this paper like this.

first laminate this paper then you can supply it to the customer

If you are making decoration items, or a gift item, memory box,

or photo album where you need a photo sticker, use this product when you
are doing a decorative business, this sheet will be very useful

If you are doing ID card works, dome labels, liquid crystal holder.
This sheet is better than any other products

This sheet has a little water resistance, you can use it in dome chemicals, or crystal liquid.
You can put this in the what we say “Meena” finished also can be done.

Other than this some are using this on the back side of the mobile.

This is not recommended for sticking in the back of the mobile phone, for sticking in
the back of the mobile phone another quality is required.

So the print is going on, in the inkjet printer,

This printer model is Epson 3150 which is a WiFi model.

I use this printer (Epson 3150) for my all demo videos.

We can see the print quality, we are getting from this photo sticker

I will give a detailed view of the two quality paper prints in just a moment.

Like this, we have set it in a PDF file.

This is a high-quality photo sticker print, and this is a low-quality photo sticker print

If you want to test this file, I will give the two download links in
the YouTube description,

or message through the Whatsapp number given below,
we will share this file.

There are many applications, that can be done by the photo Sticker –

you can also use it in the key chains

This photo sticker can be used in many applications.

you can contact us with WhatsApp or join our Telegram Group,
at this time there are 649 subscribers.

We will send many updates in the Telegram Group,
if you are doing the printing work.

You can understand all these products. You can get
knowledge about every product

you will get an overall idea about the products we supply

The low-quality print is also ready

which is 130 gsm paper in which I have
written on the paper with a pen “LOW”

This is a low-quality photo sticker print and
this is a high-quality photo sticker print.

You can see the quality of the two paper prints now

As the video is taken on a mobile phone, and the
The video is on YouTube, but you can’t see the difference

But over all the high-quality photo sticker print has good
colour in it. The sheet has a good thickness,

the gumming is also better in the high-quality photo sticker print.

If your business is ID card making, badges making,
or to stick over the key chain,

I will recommend this sheet

If your target is making the fancy item, a low-cost sheet is required,
if you want to make political parties key chain

or only a thousand or five hundred is needed to use
this low-quality photo sticker sheet.

Where the life of the product is less, where this is used for
limited periods only use these low-quality sheets.

When we want to use it for years or more use
high-quality photo sticker sheets.

ID card, Key chain, Badges, School, Decorative Items,

where there is a need for quality, use this high-quality paper

where there is bulk work you can use this low-quality paper,
which decreases your cost

If any customer asking low a budget ID card in
the villages use this low-quality photo sticker,

If you are working with dome labels, dome stickers,
or in the ID card when you are using Meena chemicals

or soft chemicals or hard chemicals
use this high-quality photo sticker sheet.

This is my basic overall idea, to show you what are
the photo sticker we have. where we can use this sheet

Other than this we have many products, like die cutter,
as you printed in the photo sticker,

we have the lamination machine also, 14-inch, 25-inch, 40-inch,

after laminating the sheet
you have to cut it in the round shape

for this, we are having the round shape die cutter in all sizes
starting from 120 mm to 18 mm.

This is to give a basic idea. you can use any products
Its raw material, its machinery, its technical knowledge,

We will provide all of this.
Our office number is given below,

I have also written above, the Whatsapp number
If you want any products, requirements, or demand

or if you want home delivery
or through transport service

please message through Whatsapp number

Thank you

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