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Understanding Barcode & How To Use Barcode Scanner In Business Buy Online

Understanding Barcode How To Use Barcode Scanner In Business Buy Online

Understanding Barcode & How To Use Barcode Scanner In Business Buy Online

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Barcode Scanner Is A Very Simple Device That Works As A Keyboard And It Converts Printed Barcodes Into Text That Can Be Used By Your Computer To Analyze Your Product, Manage Inventory Or Track Your Ecommerce Packages. We Present A Detailed Demo Of How To Use The Barcode Scanner, It’s Various Applications In Terms Of A E-commerce Seller, Retail, Grocery, Appeal Shop.


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00:00 Intro
00:16 Understanding Barcode & How To Use Barcode Scanner In Business
00:24 In which OS does it work
01:00 what are the uses
01:41 examples of barcode
01:50 What is barcode
02:20 barcode scanner
02:36 how barcode scanner types automatically in the excel sheet
02:59 in the excel sheet
04:42 uses of barcode
06:03 What to do if no barcode in the product
06:30 Barcode label printer
07:57 this barcode scanner has a 1.5-meter drop resistance
08:50 different modes in barcode scanner
09:15 conclusion


Barcode scanner and Barcode – From Abhishek Products
I am Abhishek and welcome to one more video
By Abhishek Products
In today’s video, we are going to discuss the barcode scanner
Very interesting, very simple and easy to use
This is a small product which needs no CD and drivers
and doesn’t need any Wi-Fi computers
and works well in any windows operating system
In this full video, we going to see this product in detail
so see this video carefully
In this video, we will see what does this barcode scanner can do
What are the advantages and disadvantages
and using this small device
you can manage your shops
You can manage your online sales
You can manage your inventory
How to bring your brand and shop to a different level
In case you guys are not comfortable with Hindi don’t worry I have made this entire video in the English language to
you can get the link at the end of this video
If you are thinking about what I have said in English
I was saying that, watch this video till the end
so only you know whether the barcode the scanner works after falling down
Thank you!
This is the barcode
The black and white lines you see are the barcode
The Black and white line is the barcode
understand that the barcode is a language
you and both don’t understand this language and also the computer
There is a special key in the world
which can see and understand the barcode
and it can convert the barcode to English language in one millisecond
So the barcode is a language
So this is that keyboard and this is also the scanner you can also call as keyboard
This is a scanner and keyboard
with the help of this scanner or the keyboard I will scan all these barcodes
and see how it types automatically in the excel sheet
how it types automatically in the excel sheet for us
13 barcodes in less than 13 seconds
for example, this is a physical world where there is a supermarket setup
from there if you want to buy a product there would be a barcode sticker on every product
there would be the product details, manufacturing date, expiry date etc.,
and also the barcode
The computer identifies the code of every product
If a number is 5 that would be a represented by a product in the excel sheet
or if the number is 6 then this will be the product
and the computer manages all the details of that particular product
Like this inventory is scanned in Flipkart, Amazon courier or in your office with a barcode scanner
That’s it
the product is scanned and doesn’t worry about what is the product and what is written in the product
you have to note only the barcode on the product
I have the scanner. yes. I have scanned and linked the product to the computer
as you scan the product it will be entered in the excel sheet
when you are dealing with courier jobs
This can be used for your business, tally
you can use other softer also for entry
or if you are doing any manufacturing jobs or checking jobs
this links with the application and works like a keyboard
it has a long wire with it, and we have the Bluetooth model also
we will make a separate video about it, I am telling just for information
This is the basis of this scanner
The barcode will be scanned and data will be typed automatically into the PC, laptop etc.,
This is the detail about the barcode scanner
by using this product you can sell the product fast and easily
you can buy the product fastly and manage the stock
scanning will be perfect all the time
don’t need to double check the scanning
There is no human error in this
like some salesman, staff or courier person has typed wrongly
Data entry will be very fast with this barcode scanner
you will have confidence in all the product in the shop are in the excel sheet also
Using this method you can manage your warehouse
you will give the barcode scanner to one of the staff, to scan all the product
then you will get the stock in hand immediately
So this is the concept used all over the world
in all e-commerce world and shopping market
if you think the barcode scanner is ok
but I import things from China
and there would be no barcode sticker on it
and how to use a barcode scanner if you are in a small village making masala powder
and you may think that if you are making cloths how can I use this barcode scanner
and we don’t have the barcode scanner
we have a solution for all this
The interesting answer to this An interesting question is a barcode label printer
barcode label printer
This is the barcode label printer
we have made a video of the barcode label printer earlier
you can get the link in the description
so this is a printer which can print the barcodes, MRP etc.,
like government food licence details or GST details
you can print the manufacturing date, expiry date with this barcode printer
if you want to purchase the barcode printer log on to
if you have any doubt about this barcode printer or scanner
use the comment section below if have any doubts
we will reply as soon as possible
if you have any bulk requirement
and if you want to purchase this product go to the link in the description below
you can open the link and purchase the product
and you will also get the home delivery
at the starting, I said that this printer does not get repair easily
why I have said this is
because I have dropped this scanner many times in the video
reason for this is
this product has a 1.5-meter drop resistance
that means when you drop accidentally
dropped from 1 meter or 1.5 meters
this product does not get damaged 99%
This is a rough and tough roughed product
we don’t say to drop it, but it is added benefit
This is a rough and tough products which runs for years without any problem
before finishing this video
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because I am going to tell in the coming video about
the user manual that comes with this printer
in that, there is a method to activate different modes
how to activate the hidden features of the barcode scanner
you can know in the coming video
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Thank you for being with us
spending valuable time with us to understand and see our product
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Thank you. signing off

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