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AP Inkjet Sticker – Used For Id Cards, Product & Branding Labels Buy Online

AP Inkjet Sticker Used For Id Cards Product Branding Labels Buy Online

AP Inkjet Sticker – Used For Id Cards, Product & Branding Labels Buy Online

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Make Id Cards Using AP Sticker, It Is A Waterproof Non Tearable Self Adhesive A4 Sheet For Making Pasting Or Sticky Id Cards Using Any Inkjet Printer. Best Or Making Product Stickers, Branding Sticker, Labels, Gifting Stickers.
This Is AP Sticker Sheet Is A Waterproof Non Tearable High Glossy Inkjet Printable Adhesive Sheet.
It Is Compatible With All Inkjet, Ink Tank, Eco Tank Printers For Id Card Sticker.


00:00 – AP Sticker Sheet For ID Cards
01:00 – What is AP Sticker Sheet
02:06 – How To Print AP Sticker
03:14 – Application of AP Sticker
04:10 – Limitation of AP Sticker
04:48 – Solution Of AP Sticker
05:00 – Methods For Laminating AP Sticker
05:11 – Cold Lamination Method
05:40 – Thermal Lamination Method
06:15 – Low Investment Thermal Lamination
06:50 – Buy Online


Today we are going to talk
about the AP sticker sheet

Hello and welcome to Abhishek
Products by S.K.Graphics

I am Abhishek Jain

in today’s video we are going to discuss
about the new and latest AP sticker sheets

we discuss about what is this sheet

how to print in it and how to use it

and most importanly what
is the limitation of this sheet

and how to cover the limitation and use it

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So what is AP sticker sheets

this AP sticker sheet is a waterproof,
non-tearable, glossy sticker sheet

so that you can easily print in small printer easily

because this sheet is waterfproof

you can use this sheet in different form of works

this is a waterproof sheet this has some limitation

this is a fresh sheet in which no water is poured

this is a sheet in which
water is poured 2 or 3 times

this is a sheet in which water is poured 20 times

that why the inks in the
sheets starts leaking slightly

only the ink is leaked not the paper

at the end of the video we show to how to
protect this sheet and how to laminate this sheet

so that its ink doesn’t leaks

but before that we are going
to see how to print in this sheet

you can print this sheet very easily

you can print through any
inkjet, ink tank or eco tank printers

inkjet means which prints with ink

for example Epson’s L130, L3110, L805, L800

or Canon’s 2010, 3010, 4010

the whole HP’s GT series

or Brother’s any ink tank series
printers, you can easily print this

I know that you have this doubt already in the mind,
that is it nessary to change inks in the printers

no sir you don’t need to change any inks

you can print in the AP sticker sheet easily
with the original ink given by the company

so this sheet is widely compatible

with every printer with inkjet based technology

now we go to the next section

how to use this sheet

what are the application of this sheet

this sheet has many application

you can make ID cards with this badges, keychains,
belts, you can’t make belt sticker with this

with that marketing, gifting, branding, MRP label,

or to make name tags, this sheet is very useful

with that if you have radium
shop or if want to making vehicle’s pass

for that application you can use this sheet

because it has sticker at its back
so that you can paste to any vehicle

now we talk about some weakness of this sheet

this sheet is waterproof but the ink
printed in this sheet is not waterproof

so when you pour water
continuously the ink starts fading or leak

and its out put will be like this

here you can see that the colour is fading
because we have poured 1 liter of water in it

and the same time this is a fresh sheet
I have printed there is no problemin it

because I have not poured water in it

what is the soloution for this and
what is the answer for this problem

the answer is very simple lamintaion

after printing laminate it, then make your products

your problem will be solved

now the question arises

how to laminate the sheet

the answer is, this sheet
is laminated in two methods

second method is thremal lamination

the cold lamination method is commonly used
in ID card, badges, keychains, belt buckle stickers

if you are following my YouTube channel

you should knowI have already made
detail video about the cold lamiantion

and a demo about how to use
cold lamination with a machines

I will give that video link in the description

please check out that

the 2nd soloution is thermal lamination

  thermal lamination is widely used

for marketing, gifting and branding

while in industries there is
need of labels, name tags,

MRP stickers, or make
any type of gift articles

for that case you can use thermal lamination

the problem is that you have to
invest a large amount of investment

you have to invest 30 thousand to

this will only set for you when you
get the bulk works or regular work

but in case

if you don’t have that much volume
of investment don’t worry about it

we are going to upload video how to make
thermal lamination in small investment

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this was my short demo of AP
sticker sheet, how to use this sheet

and if you have any suggestion in YouTube
comment section please type and tell us

so that we can improve more

so that we can serve you

and in case you guys are not familiar with hindi

then you can watch the
same video in English language

I have put a link in the description

Thank you

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