How To, Spiral Binding, Wiro Binding

2 In 1 Spiral/Wiro Binding Machine Demo For Book, Hanging & Table Top Calendar and Boucher Binding

2 In 1 SpiralWiro Binding Machine Demo For Book Hanging Table Top Calendar and Boucher Binding

2 In 1 Spiral/Wiro Binding Machine Demo For Book, Hanging & Table Top Calendar and Boucher Binding

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Heavy Duty Spiral N Wiro Binding Machine That Does Spiral Binding, Wiro Binding, Calendar Binding,table Top Calendar Binding, Company Reports, Hotel Menu Cards, Kids Play Book, Toy Books, Premium New Year Diaries, New Year Book, New Year Diary, Personal Diary Etc


00:00 – How To Do Spiral And Wiro Binidng Machine
00:30 – Machine Features
02:55 – Demo 03:20 – 1) How To Do Spiral Binding
04:25 – Insert Spiral In Book
05:44 – 2) How To Do Wiro Binding 08:40 – 3) How To Make Table Top Calendar
15:06 – 4) How To Make Hanging Calendar
20:30 – Why Buy 2 In 1 Spiral/wiro Binding Machine


Hello! and welcome to Abhishek Products
  by S.K.Graphics

In this video, we are going to tell about
  2 in 1 spiral wiro binding Machine

and in this machine, we can do spiral and
  wiro binding in one machine

A special thing about this machine is it has
  round holes in it

we will show in this demo how to make
  calendar and wiro, brochures, reports and catalogue

You can also punch the cardboard (kappa Board) on desktop
  the very hard calendar can also be punched easily

Plastic sheets like OHP, PP, PVC etc.,

like this wiro from 6.4 mm to 14mm can be
  punched up to A4 size

apart from that legal size (FS size)
  spiral binding can also be done

A spiral is made up of successive semicircles

in this machine, we can punch 300gsm board or
  70 gsm paper punching and crimping

In this single-hand machine, at the bottom we
  punch the paper and at the top, we bind the paper

there is a handle at the top in which we can
  adjust the size of the paper to be pressed

here there are two handles, one at the top
  and another at the bottom

With one handle the paper is punched

and with another handle, the paper is pressed

if you are making, new year diary
or calendar’s works

we got plastic sheets like this

we have many thickness sheets
  up to .70 mm thickness sheet

Calendar’s main page, front and back, which is black
  in colour is made with this sheet

and you can also make index pages or middle pages
  with this sheets

if you are making a hanging calendar we have
  A d-Cutting machine like this

with this, we can make a hanging calendar with
  calendar rod

we supply calendar rods also in 9-inch and 12-inch,
  the special thing about the rods is, it is nylon coated

The calendar rod looks like this, this is used for hanging
  Calendar, and with this machine, we punch it

These are spiral rings, we have many types of spiral rings

Now we start the demo of the simple and powerful machine

We show 4 demos with this heavy duty 2 in 1
  spiral wiro binding machine

we are going to see how a spiral binding book is done

one wiro binding book

one table top calendar with hard cardboard

and hanging calendar with a calendar rod
  and with a D-cut machine

first, we have to adjust the paper

In this machine, there are round holes (circular holes)

set the paper evenly and punch the paper

In this machine, we can punch 20 to 25 paper
  of 70 gsm can be punched at a time

if you want to punch 100 pages you
  have to punch five times (20 pages each)

you can also punch plastic sheets

when punching the plastic sheet, the paper must
  also, be kept along with it

so that it cuts smoothly

As we have put the holes in the paper,
  now we are going to insert the spiral manually

according to the pages, the spiral ring size also changes

spiral ring size ranges from 8mm to 52mm

you have to use the spiral ring, according to
  the thickness of the book, spiral ring size also changes

we supply spiral rings also

we also supply the different colour plastic sheets

and of course this machine also

like this, we have to cut the spiral and lock it at the end

so that your book is permanent

as we have used the correct number of pages and
  correct number of spiral

we can open the book easily,
  now we can use this

now we move to the next demo,
  which is wiro binding book

process for this is also the same as the spiral
  binding for wiro binding

first, we arrange the papers

we are taking the paper to one edge of the machine

While you are setting the paper you see

see carefully, that any half round is
  formed at the end of the page

you have to pull this know, if any
  half round is formed at the edge of the paper

if you pull this know, there will be no holes,
  as the blade does not go inside the paper

now we show how wiro binding is done

here also we are keeping 20 to 25
  papers together of 70 gsm

now we are making a book average of 50 pages,
  wiro binding book

wiro binding is also done in the round holes

These are round holes, now we are going to
  do wiro binding over these holes

this is a unique method

while wiro binding, bring the end part of
  the paper to the top

first, the plastic sheet is kept inside and
  like this wiro ring is inserted into the paper

after inserting the wiro ring keep the
  book upside down

adjust this knob according to the size of the wiro

according to the size of the book, the size of
  the wiro also change

adjust the knob to wiro size and
  insert like this and fix it

now we are using the second handle

like this, we press or crimp

crimp or press two them are same,
  after pressing the end of two wires are joined together

two wires are circular now,
  and the wiro binding book is ready

now we are bringing the plastic sheet
  out side

while the customers are using this book,
  they can’t see the joints

because this is in one of the pages inside

Like this, the wiro book looks like

the book can be opened easily because we have used
  wiro size according to the page thickness

now we move on to the next demo which
  is making a tabletop calendar

using 2 in 1 spiral wiro binding machine

now we are going to show how to make tabletop
  calendar, using a heavy-duty machine

first, we adjust the paper

again we have checked the paper adjustment

check that any half round is formed at the
edge of the paper

if you pull this knob, the blade does not
  goes down and put holes on it

in this machine, you can adjust where the hole
must be punched and were not, this is decided with this knob

many types of tabletop calendars are made in
  the market like 4×6, 7×9, A5, A6,

you can make all these tabletop calendars in
  this machine is very easily, up to A4 size

If you are making the calendar in length
  A3 can also be done in this machine

now we are using our board

we say this board is the “Kappa board”

This board has more thickness

its thickness is about 1.5mm to 2mm

it’s not an easy job to punch this board

It can not be done with the ordinary machines

as this machine is a heavy-duty machine,
  it put round holes on the board very easily

turn the board and punch like this

when punching on the other side of the board
  care must be taken to align the two sides of the board

this is done when you practice this setting

now we have kept the board and paper on one side

and the alignment is perfect

we have got a good alignment

this will be got when you practice it

some wastages may occur when starting,
  but practice it properly

so that your binding of tabletop calendar or
any other item will be perfect

and on this side of the machine, there is another
the feature is given so that you can adjust the hole distance

at this configuration, 90% of the work is done

we also recommend to use in this position

if you want the holes little inside of the paper
  adjust this knob to different widths of mm

we will show one example of this

we have set the configuration to 6.5mm

you can see that the holes are punched
  little inside of the paper

at first, we kept the configuration to zero
  where the holes are punched at the edges of the paper

so, there are many configurations
  this machine can handle

There are three configurations 0,4.5 and 6.5

so, this is a simple example of how to
  adjust this knob

now I will show how to punch wiro in a tabletop calendar

first, we align the paper

then we take the wiro

and easily we insert the wiro into the paper

we rotate the wiro inside the paper and tilt it,
  and fix it at 90 degree

and cut this part with scissors

you can get a wire cutter from any hardware shop,
  so, that your wiro or spiral rings can be cut easily

so, like this wiro will be cutted

if you use scissors, hand pain occurs,
  and the scissors do not work for long

we adjust this knob according to the size of the wiro

This machine is very versatile, in this machine
  from 6.4mm to 14mm wiro is pressed easily

in this machine, there is a 16mm setting also, but in
  India 16mm is not used so I told 14mm in this machine

  is 3:1 ration

there are many ratios under wiro

  2:1 ratio means 2 holes in 1 inch, that is a separate machine

this machine I am telling about is 3:1
  wiro binding machine

in the Indian market 3:1 is manufactured
  only up to 14 mm

We talk about the 2:1 wiro binding machine later,
  as its application is different

Like this, you can make a tabletop calendar

the best presentation can be given to the customer,
  with the best finishing and No.1 quality

so, this is a simple explanation,
  how to use wiro binding

even though the cardboard was very hard,
  we have made a quality product

through a manual machine,
  which is difficult without a machine

we have got perfect aligned holes

these are adjustments through, and
  these are holes adjustment through

now we move on to the next demo, making
  a hanging calendar

using the wiro binding machine

first, make a little mark at the centre position of the
  paper with a pen, so that the centre position is identified

with this centre point, we can start
  the hole adjustment work

first, we have pulled two pins

and also a margin pin

so that holes are not punched at that point,
  and also for the half-round cut at the edge

adjust the paper, align the paper and press the paper
  towards the left side of the machine

then punch the paper

after punching you will get this output

we pulled two pins so that two holes are
  not formed at the centre

at the edge, we have pulled another pin
  so that half round also not formed

now we got holes in the paper

at the centre, there is no hole,
  we wanted to like this only

our next step is

this is our punching machine which is called as
  centre D-cut machine

we cut the top centre with this D-cutter

we have given an alignment at the side

so that you can centre align A4 or bigger size
  paper and punch it

put paper in it and press towards the right side

and press the punch

as you press you will get the D-cut in ti

this work also needs good practice, so that
  your alignment work will be perfect

like this, you have to put two wiro in it

first, we will take one wiro and cut it

here we are using the scissors

use cutting players or wire cutter,
  you can buy this at any hardware shop

so that your work is done easily,
  you don’t need too much force or power to cut

set the wiro to a 90-degree angle

the same process is done again

take the wiro and put it in the machine

as we have taken 8mm wiro,
  set the 8mm in the machine also

after selecting the 8mm,
pull down the short handle

wiro binding process is the same as done before

we will turn back the front page,
  so that the top part of the wiro goes inside

now we use the calendar rod

The calendar rod is available in two types 9 inches and 12 inch

we have given black colour nylon coating to it

so that it gets good looking

we put the rod into the wiro like this

like this, the rod hangs

when it gets to the centre it locks

like this hanging calendar is also ready

this is a short demo to show what are things
  we can make it with 2 in 1 spiral wiro binding machine

this machine is in the 3:1 ration

  of wiro binding

up to 400 pages can be done with this machine

the benefit of buying this machine is that,
  less investment is required for this machine

with the single machine, we can do 4 different
  types of work

if you buy a spiral binding machine,
  only spiral binding work is done

where you buy regular wiro binding machine,
you can do wiro binding or report works only

  when you are buying this single machine you can do
spiral binding, wiro binding, desktop calendar

and hanging calendar also

if you have a new business or growing business

this machine is perfectly suited

with less investment, we can do many works

if you want to purchase this machine go to the
  the description below, where you get the WhatsApp number

from that number, you can purchase this machine

as you have seen in this video about, calendar rods,
  D-cut machine and different types of PP sheets

plastic sheets, to purchase all these products
  contact the WhatsApp number below

Thank you for watching the video

if you have any doubts

type the doubts in the comment section

we will clear the doubts as soon as possible

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