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Electric Spiral Binding Machine Motorized Spiral Machine Buy @

Electric Spiral Binding Machine Motorized Spiral Machine Buy @

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Contact Us – | This Electric Spiral Binding Machine is a motorized machine that quickly and easily binds documents with spiral binding coils. It is perfect for offices, schools, and other organizations that need to bind large volumes of documents quickly and efficiently.


– Time Stamp –
00:00 Method to take paper for spiral binding
00:06 Insert into the machine
00:18 Electric Spiral binding machine of 5mm size
00:26 We have 4mm and 5mm machine
00:40 Two option for triggering – handle trigger and leg pressure
01:00 Fast and accurate working
01:28 Works in normal electricity with 1hp motor
01:38 After punching all the papers
02:00 Variety of plastic sheet available
02:13 Spiral ring after punching
02:38 Other spiral binding machines
03:04 Rim cutter for binding works
03:11 Gold foil rolls
03:16 Catalog folding machine
03:29 Roll-to-roll lamination machine
03:41 Corner cutter
03:55 Conclusion


So in the machine you have to take the paper in this way,
first you have to turn it over and then put it inside it, in
which way we are telling you by binding, you also have to do it
in the same way, if you do not keep the off station of the
paper correct, then your papers become wrong.
These are the electric spiral binding machine of 5mm size, so
similarly, within we have both the 4mm and 5mm two options,
you can easily create the book in this way, bonding in this
way as mentioned by us.
Whether there is an order or a page order, it will not be bad,
serial wise will be comfortable, here we give you two options to
use the machine, the first option is this handle trigger,
your hand you can trigger it and the second is a trigger.
That kind of
leg pressure remains
I will tell you that too.
So in this way you can see that no matter how thick the books
you have the quantity, you should have speed in hand and
you can punch it comfortably and the advantage of this is
that you do not get tired quickly.
The work will be done by machine and any of your staff,
whether gents or ladies, can easily bind you spiral inside
it. we have given 1 horse power motor inside it
You can also use it in the single phase voltage of the
electricity of the house, after the entire book is punched,
something will look like this, your spiral binding sheet has
also been punched inside it or we have used a special binding
sheet of grey color.
And here you can see that the alignment of the hole is perfect.
See, in this way you have to work systematically and
systematically your entire book will be ready, here we used the
cover of grey color spiral binding, in this way we will
get many more colors and many colors will be found in many
You will get self-respect and you can keep making your book
in this way and after making the book, you have to put a
spiral ring on it in this way.
after putting the spiral ring, it look like this
Here I am showing you thee empty book but for putting
spiral rings, we also made a separate video for that also.
You can also go to my YouTube channel and see it, I am not
making any separate video here to put ring because it is a
very simple task.
But still I have made a separate video of it, you can
go and watch it on my YouTube channel and we also have manual
and top loading and bottom loading machine from many such
spiral binding machines.
We have many types of 4mm and 5mm spiral binding machines and
this standard machine that comes, if you order it from
anywhere in All Over India, then we can pack it with a
wooden box and send it to you as well as binding.
We also have a rim cutter related to rim cutter something
looks like this.
And this is the kind of RIM order you can use it, this kind
of gold foil rolls, we also have such easy cut foils and
related to binding you will also get catalog folding
machine in this way with us.
Which folds this kind of pamphlet and gives it to you
In this way, the entire catalog folder will come to you with
stapler and we also have a roll to roll lamination machine, so
that the covers and wedding cards of your book can also be
laminated. we have made detail video of that also. we have
also made detail video of gold foil
we have corner cutter, which can cut any book or papers,
then you can use it and with this we have many more products,
lamination, machine, binding, material and anything else, so
we will give you Whatsapp.

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