Type Of Binding Machines and Material For Growing Ur Business Buy @

Type Of Binding Machines and Material For Growing Ur Business Buy @

Type Of Binding Machines and Material For Growing Ur Business Buy @

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Brief on Different types of binding machines and material for growing your side business and earning more income. Information on Spiral Binding, Wiro Binding, Comb Binding and Thermal Binding.


00:00 – Intro on Type Of Binding Machines 00:30 – Spiral Binding Machine
00:50 – Type of Spiral Binding
02:30 – Spiral Binding Machines
03:14 – Electric Spiral Binding Machine
03:40 – A3 Size Spiral Binding Machine
04:17 – Spiral Binding Machine For Binders
04:45 – Wiro Binding 05:00 – Wiro Binding Types
05:30 – Products With Wiro Binding
07:35 – Wiro Binding Machines
07:56 – Heavy Wiro Binding Machine
08:40 – 2 in 1 Spiral & Wiro Binding Machines
09:55 – Electric Wiro Binding Machine
10:40 – Thermal Binding
10:55 – What is Thermal Binding
11:51 – Thermal Binding Machine
13:02 – Comb Binding 13:21 – Product With Comb Binding
14:36 – Comb Binding Machines
15:15 – Other Product to Build Your Business


Hello everyone, and welcome to
Abhishek products by S.K.Graphics

In todays video, we are going to
see different types of binding methods

and their machines

and also we discuss about the business model machines

What is the product you have to make,
for a different type of customers and market

so let’s start the video

first we see the famous binding
method called spiral binding

you might seen this binding from your
childhood days everywhere and every shops

We call this as spiral binding.

There are two types of spiral binding

one is 4-mm and another one is 5-mm

The 4-mm book is thinner like this

and the 5-mm book is fatter like this

The hole size is different in two of them

  5-mm the hole is bigger
and 4-mm the hole is smaller

The spiral binding book is so strong

when you put this down the binding does not open

The binding is strong

This type of binding is the most
common, cheaper, and stronger

you can get this spiral binding
in student oriented xerox shops

If you want to make a bigger binding book
like this, which is not used by the students

This is some time used by the college managements

annual reports of the big company

or for bank statement taken for the bigger accounts

for them this big book is made

and the graduate student of the
college also makes this big bookbinding

If you have a college nearby your
shop, you should buy a 5-mm machine

If you have a normal xerox shop
you can buy the 4-mm machine

The spiral binding machines look something like this.

If you don’t know our showroom, this
is our showroom situated, in Hyderabad

Here we have about 200 and above
machine display in our showroom

We give technical details about
all the products on a day-to-day basis

to all customers through Telegram
  channel and Instagram channel

You can get the link in the description and
you can join, and utilize all the services for free

This is the 4-mm spiral binding machine

like the same is the 5-mm spiral binding machine

only the hole size is different
in 5-mm spiral binding machine

These are the different types of 4-mm machines

A4, legal and in A3 size

to the customers who want
budget spiral binding machine

or who works at home

who works at home and do
some small side business at home

for those customers we have
the ordinary spiral binding machine

instead of this, if the customers had a very well
established, good running spiral binding business for years

and if they had no time to deal
with all the customers they had

and if they don’t want to do the
work manually by hands like this

for those customers we have
this electric spiral binding machine

In this also we have two models

and 5-mm electric spiral binding machine

you have to buy this machine
when you have the bulk work

you have to buy one of these three
machines when you have retail work

or if you have xerox shops

When you buy A3 spiral binding machines

The benefit of buying the A3 machine is

you can do the A4, legal, A3 and
little bigger than A3, which is 13×19 size

you can start all that size spiral
binding business with this machine

When you buy this A3 size machine

But when you buy A4 size spiral binding
machine, the maximum book size would the A4 size

You can’t make bigger than A4 size book

And when you have especially binding works only.

When your main
business is bookbinding

then you can buy this top loading machines

In this, we have 4-mm and

You may buy these machines only
when you have only binding business

and when you have bulk spiral binding
works and you have to do the work manually

then these machines are useful for you

Next, we move on to the next product,
which is called wiro binding machines

In wiro binding machine, their
are many types and colours

In wiro binding, this type
of metal wire would be there

Hence it is called wiro binding

As we saw in the spiral binding, 4-mm and

This square hole that you
see is the small wiro holes

and if you want to make a bigger book of 150 pages and above

for that, you must use the big wiro holes

Then you can make a big book like this

So this is the simple wiro binding

So this is the simple wiro binding output

here is the heavy-duty wiro binding
machine, in which you can do a design like this

Imagine if you are making menu cards for any of the hotels.

or if you are making any catalog of any company

or if you are making brochure of big IT company or corporate company

or when you are making fun books for kids

There you use wiro binding
and not the spiral binding

where you want the quality, or where
you want a fancy outlook for the customer

where customer wants a different type of binding

Then you give them wiro binding

and using the heavy-duty wiro binding
the machine you can make a design like this

and the book opens like this

I think you should have
understood what I have told

When you are making calendars for the new year

So you can make wiro type calendar like this

and you can a make special book designs like this

you may make new year diary or a calendar

you can make a hanging calendar
like this with the wiro binding machine

you can make folding calendar or fancy calendar

and you can make tabletop calendar like this

we have punched 800 gsm + cardboard in the
heavyduty wiro machine and opened like this

you can make a simple 12-page hanging
calendar with this wiro binding machine

A hanging rod is also available like this, which fits inside the wiro

and hanging calendar is made like this

so you can make many products
with the wiro binding machine

now we are going to see the wiro binding machines

now we are going to see more technical details
about the wiro binding machine in our showroom

here is the basic or ordinary wiro binding machine

This is the basic wiro binding machine

you can get this machine in Rs.5000

The punching holes are done at the bottom,
and crimping is done at the top of the machine.

This is the bigger machine of that

here is the heavy-duty wiro binding
machine in which you can design the binding

pull this pin where ever you want the designs

and the wiro will also be
punched according to the pins

you have to put the paper down for hole punching

to crimp the wiro put the paper
up and use this adjuster and crimp

At first, we showed you the spiral binding
and next, I showed you the wiro binding

and in this machine, I have mixed spiral and
wiro in one machine and made a 2-in-1 machine

It look like the wiro machine

here instead of square holes it is round hole

now you are thinking about what is the
different between square holes and round holes

the difference is that you can
do both works in one machine

if you are, thinking that I
am showing all the machines

and not the demo of the machine, how
to use the machine and technical details

Never worry about that. I have made a
separate video for each of the machines.

I have more than 200 machines. I have
made a technical video of each the machine

You can relax and watch
all the videos on the YouTube

You can understand each machines individually

and I will give you the link in the description

from that link you can watch
each videos one-by-one

In this 2-in-1 machine, you can
do the spiral and wiro binding

with one investment, you can
do two side businesses at a time

This is wiro binding machine

But some customers say we have
to make 10,000 books in one day

we want any machine so that we never need to
work with our hand, which can do the work automatically

for that customer we have
electric wiro binding machine

before that, I have shown you
the electric spiral binding machine

now I am showing you the
electric wiro binding machine

In this machine, it has the 1 hp motor

you have to put the paper inside at the bottom

there is a leg pedal given,
just press the leg pedal

the machine starts the punching

This is very simple machine

here is the very-good heavy-duty machine, and
we have provided a tabletop machine for you.

Now we have completed the
spiral binding and wiro binding

Now we go forward to the thermal binding

Thermal binding work is an interesting work

It is a seasonal work

Thermal binding is not found in many of the shops, and
thermal binding works does not work well in many of the shops

But when you keep this
thermal binding in your market

Then you are giving a unique
product for the customers

You are giving a product which
can’t be copied from anywhere

In Thermal binding, holes
and punching is not required

No strip is inserted

The thermal binding’s main policy is the heat

It is binded with the heat

For thermal binding we
will give a cover like this

You have to put papers in between

After that, you have to press
using the thermal binding machine

Then your book will be ready
without putting any holes in it

Now the question arises that

where do these thermal
binding products sell at

what are customer we have to target
to sell this thermal binding products

The answer is simple,

Which ever big companies are there,
their annual reports, quarterly reports,

these are done in the thermal binding

Thermal binding, is not found in many of the shops, and
thermal binding works does not work well in many of the shops

there is one-time report work done
with this thermal binding method

In any company, a one-time report
work is done in a thermal binding method

and in many corporate companies,

offices, Government offices their
would be very sensitive information

there would be secret information that can’t
be taken to the xerox shops to take a xerox copy

and binding is also like that

So you can sell thermal binding
machine for that customers

and also supply this thermal binding sheet also

so that they can do the binding
or you may do the service for them

and this is how the machine is. I have
made a detailed video about this machine also

you can find the link in the

or go directly to the YouTube channel
you will find a full demo of this machine

so this is thermal binding

and one more binding is there
which is more common and popular

which are found in every Government
office which is called comb binding

The machine look like this

first we see how the binding is

The comb binding is available in A4 size

Here we have cut the A4 size little
smaller so that it looks fancy artbook

The most selling item is this comb binding

because of its look and simplicity,
this is its unique selling point

after binding, the book look like this

you can see this in many international
companies or in any airports

and in airport companies, you can
find this type of comb binding their

when you go to big
government-corporate office

The regular records which they refer to daily
in their office is made with this comb binding

This comb binding is also
used in army DRDO centers

Because this is the formal method for
them, and you can find comb binding their

You can find this binding in Army, DRDO, Airports

and in government offices,
and in many big IT companies

uses this binding for good
look and to maintain their brand

If you have a normal xerox shop I
don’t suggest the comb binding

If you deal with corporate gifts and if you deal with corporate

if you provide supplies for then
comb binding would be the best for you

The comb binding machine is simple

you can punch normal

or 300 gsm papers easily
with this comb binding machine

This machine full technical details and the demo
videos link has been given below the description.

or you can watch it on the YouTube channel

This video, is made to give
you the complete

detail information about all the paper
binding business methods available

This video is to give an idea about other
businesses you can add with the

photocopier, ID card, photo studio,
or with photo framing business

we have about 200 machines and materials in our showroom

and we are from Abhishek Products

Our business is to develop your side
business and it’s also our main business

we have many products in our showroom

we have many unique products and
many more branding products are also their

you will get machines and materials and also an idea

we will give the technical
information and details for all

you can also visit our showroom

we are located in Hyderabad, if you are not in
Hyderabad and if you are in Jammu & Kashmir

if you are in Kanniyakumari or in ladakh
don’t worry about where you are

To know every technical detail,
watch our YouTube channel

If you want to order any
of our products or materials

Contact through WhatsApp number

we send all the products through courier,
transport, or cargo, or railway all over India

we can supply to each and every places

If you want to know more products
details subscribe to our YouTube channel

Thank you!

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