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Thermal Lamination Full Demo Part 2 [How To Do Lamination] Buy @

Thermal Lamination Full Demo Part 2 How To Do Lamination Buy @ 1

Thermal Lamination Full Demo Part 2 [How To Do Lamination] Buy @

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Contact Whatappp Sales – | Roll To Roll Laminator is loaded with features. Digital Display, Lesser Warm-Up Time, Light signals when the machine is ready, special rollers for uniform and bubble free lamination, Hot and Cold lamination and reverse function, temperature control system, and Light Weight Plastic body with smart looks. You can do both side lamination at the same time by using two Thermal lamination rolls i.e. one above and one below. Used in Thermal Lamination.


00:00 – How to put Lamination Film Roll
00:16 – Taking the Top Rollout
00:54 – Taking the Bottom Roll out
01:07 – Important Thing while doing Lamination
01:22 – Joining the two films
01:42 – Pressure Adjustments
02:01 – Inserting waste paper to bond two films
03:13 – checking Lamination Quality
03:59 – Cutting the lamination Sheet
04:25 – Finish Quality
04:28 – Laminating the visiting card sheet
05:24 – Check at the back of the lamination machine
06:00 – Cutting the lamination Sheet
06:20 – Lamination Quality
07:08 – What are the Types of Lamination you can do 07:24 – Controls of the Machine
08:13 – About Part-3 Vide


A rod is at the back

we have put the rod at
the back and pulled it up

after putting the rod we
have taken the lamination film

so that pressure, temperature
and pulling is balanced

Now I will tell you how to
fit the upper lamination roll

The upper roll is released
in downwards direction

when it is released we take that film

and bring the film under the rod

at the bottom
and pull it like this

You must also do this work carefully why.

Because the steel rod you see is too hot.

If you place your hand
on this steel rod, you will

remember for one year,
that much hot this steel rod

we have put the bottom roll

upside and upside roll downwards

so that the two films bond with each other

now we put the cover over it

After putting the cover

here is the pressure
adjustment for two rollers

at the top, there
is a steel roller

and at the bottom
is a rubber roller

The two gaps in between, the two

rollers are controlled
by this handle

at this time, the two roller
is not touching each other

We have taken waste paper here

we insert this paper inside
the lamination machine

so that the upper
roll and the bottom roll

synchronize each
other and come in control

First we pressed the stop button

then we increased little
pressure over the rollers

This is pressure levels,
level 1, level 2, level 3 like that

We increased the pressure slowly

slowly, slowly

we have to push
the starting film

of both rollers in
a forward direction

Now we press the stop button

When you press the stop button

the two rollers
will stop rolling

When starting, we
have put waste paper in it

so that we can pull two film outside

now we allow moving
two roller little forward

so that we can see that two

the roller is pulling
film correctly

Here you take care of one thing

at the top, we have put
velvet, and at the bottom,

we have put the 3D film
and at the center paper

As you laminate it, it comes
out laminated at the backside

when you put paper only you
can see the lamination output

we are putting one more

waste paper to
check the final quality

if this quality is good,
we put the main paper

that is visiting the card
sheet next for lamination

You can keep a normal blade in your hand

when the lamination comes out

keep on cutting at the backside

So that the work is progressed

you can increase and

decrease the lamination speed

according to your need

Now we will cut this here

One thing to notice is that at

the top we have put velvet film

We feel smooth and soft

when we touch this velvet film

and at the back side we have put 3D film

you can see the 3D film at the back

and at the front velvet

You can put both side 3D film,

velvet, glossy or Matt anything you want

We have put two different
films to show a demo

You can also give your

customers different
finishing like this

so that no competition
will comes against you

Now we will show you by
laminating our visiting cards

Here we are going
to laminate 13×19

inches size 300 gms
visiting cardboard

Which is printed
in a laser printer,

that is digital printer paper

In that is 25 visiting card in one sheet

in one 13×19 – 25 visiting cards

so we have laminated that sheet

when the film stuck in the back

side, please clear
it immediately

take care when feeding the paper also

when the paper stuck you
will have to face difficulties

Here are our top side
velvet, bottom side 3D and

at the center is feeding,
which has come to end

and when the feeding ends,
I will press the stop button

Then I will show this sheet

When I pressed the stop
button, the machine stopped.

now we will cut this

You can also cut with the

the blade given with
the machine itself,

we recommend cutting with

separate blade
for better finishing

So this is velvet finish at the top

It does reflect light when
you bring it near any light

here at the top is tube light

when we bring this
near to tubelight, it

doesn’t show any
reflection, but it’s bright

This is one finishing

See here the 3D
finishing when brought

near the light,
it’s glittering more

You can also give
the customer mixing

two different films
patterns on each side

So that they get a different product

You can not copy this product easily

This side has no reflection and

another side has more reflection

so this is the thermal lamination

In this thermal
lamination, you can

do the single or
double-sided lamination

you can do 40 micron

lamination or 80
micron lamination

Here we have done 27 micron on both side

Here you get the temperature

control, forward
and reverse control

with that, you can increase
the speed and temperature

When you use thin paper of 70 gsm or 8gsm

Then increase the pressure little more

While doing the 300
gsm paper we have

kept the pressure
level in 4th position

If you are laminating

increase the pressure
level one step more

So that you can control over
the thickness of the paper

You can also adjust the pressure

according to the film thickness

You may find this is complicated work now,

but when you do 5 or 6 orders

you will automatically
understand that

In the next video,
we see about how

to do gold foil using
the same machine

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