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Receipt/Bill Printer PART 2 [Thermal Printer For Billing] Buy Online

ReceiptBill Printer PART 2 Thermal Printer For Billing Buy Online

Receipt/Bill Printer PART 2 [Thermal Printer For Billing] Buy Online

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Retsol RTP-80 203 DPI Direct Thermal Printer for Billing, Barcode, Label, Receipt, Tag & Sticker Printing. DIRECT THERMAL TRANSFER PRINTER: Retsol RTP-80 Desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer that comes with USB, SERIAL + ETHERNET ports to offer high-speed printing of invoices, labels, tags, receipts, etc. at 9″ per second speed in 230 dpi in a single color.


00:00 Welcome
00:40 Intro Retsol RTP 80 Printer Basics
01:03 Loading Paper into RTP 80
01:40 2 inch & 3 Inch Paper Roll Loading
03:00 Testing Paper Loading in RTP 80
03:20 Printing in RTP 80 Thermal Printer 04:00 Speed Of Thermal Bill Printer
06:10 Label Printer For BarCodes


welcome to
Abhishek products

Here is part 2 of the Retsol – RTP printer.
Which can print receipts or bill

In this video, we show you how to use this Restol printer.

What is the speed of this printer?
What are the features of this printer?

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Today we are going to see
how to print bills, estimates,

tokens and other type of slips
with Retsol – RTP 80 printer

Here my PDF file is ready

and I am going to print this

Before printing, I will show you how to
load the paper, and how the printer works

Here we have on the printer

After the printer is on, there is no error
light, but there is a problem with the paper symbol

for that the beep sound is heard

The power light is green which
means the power supply is perfect

and here is the feed button

Now I will tell you how to load the paper

We have pressed the big button here

like this we have opened the top cover

When we opened the top cover
the error light also started blinking

You have opened the top cover
but have not put the paper

Their is two option to load this printer

this is the 3-inch printer

Here is a 3-inch paper roll, and this is a 2-inch paper roll,

Here is a special type of chroma paper
in which the thermal print is, printed

and it is also called as thermal roll

Now I will tell you how to load this paper

There is a partition inside

we have removed the partition

When we put the partition to the
the printer, then 2-inch roller, can be inserted

When you remove the partition

we have put the roll like this

one thing you have to note is that
you have to keep the paper upside down

the smooth side will be at the back

and the rough side at the top

take some paper out and close the top cover

press the top cover and close it

Now I switch on the printer once again

Here the printer is already loaded

there is no error light flashing,
and the paper error light is also off

only the power light is on

and here is the feed button

Now I will show you what happens
when you press the feed button on the printer

Paper comes little upside

the printer adjusts itself and reconfigures
whether the paper is loaded correctly

When you press the feed button, the paper comes out.

a little bit, this indicated the
paper is perfectly loaded

Now I will tell you how to print

I have clicked ctrl+P and selected RETSOL RTP-80

Installing the RTP-80 printer is very easy

The printer comes in this box
and the CD is available inside this box

with that CD, you can install
the driver of the printer

It will not take 30 seconds to install the driver

Now we are giving the print command

As we gave the print option,
the print came in one second

very simple. I will show you
once again the speed of this printer.

I have clicked the enter button

as the button is pressed the print is ready

very fast and very smooth

and the print is perfect clarity,
perfect black and perfect information

This is good versatile printer

It prints 2-inch and 3-inch paper rolls

It does not require any ink or ribbon

Inside there is a sensor that is
compatible with thermal paper

and it prints over the paper

You can load and unload to a 2-inch or 3-inch roll. It is a fast printer.

its blade is also fast

you can see the printer is very, very fast

It prints in the blink of an eye

center cut is done automatically while printing

you can easily remove the printed paper

a small part is leaved at the center

Uniform length printout is got from this printer

we can supply smooth and glossy
finish paper roll along with the printer

the printer does not need any ribbon to print

This printer is prefect for retail office,
super market, cloth shop, General Store,

online sales, xerox shop, Stationery shop, retail shop

if you have an office at the mall, this
the printer is perfect for retail billing

This is the basic idea for the
Restol RTP-80 bill/receipt printer

you have printed the bill, then you have
doubt about how to print stickers like this

to print stickers like this we
supply TSC companies printer

we have made video of that printer already

That video-specific description will
be given on the top of the eye button

and also in the below description

To purchase this printer from us

message to the WhatsApp number
given below between 11 am to 6 pm

Thank you!

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