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ATM Card Cover, Pouch, PVC Card Cover for CSC, DTP, Xerox Shops Only Buy @

ATM Card Cover Pouch PVC Card Cover for CSC DTP Xerox Shops Only Buy @

ATM Card Cover, Pouch, PVC Card Cover for CSC, DTP, Xerox Shops Only Buy @

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ATM card cover for pvc card pouch of Aadhar card, voter card, pan card, id card to be used in xerox shop , CSC Centre , DTP centers, and other graphics Shops. pouch for your business Branding and giving clients a better service.


00:00 – ATM Card Ready Made Pouch
00:20 – Types of ATM Card PVC Cover Pouch
00:35 – How to Use Card Cover
00:55 – Why Use ATM Card Cover
01:13 – Why & How to Brand ATM Card Cover


Today I am going to show a simple
a product called a ready-made pouch

This pouch comes in 100 pieces packing

It has two varieties

One is the glossy finish
and another one is texture finish

The texture finish looks like this

This is texture finish

and this is glossy finish

and this is called ready-made pouch

This pouch is used in xerox shops, DTP
center, CSC supply, or E-seve, meseva,

you can make any of cards like this

you don’t give only the card

After printing the card, insert the card
in to the pouch and give it to the customer

you can give in the texture
finish or glossy finish

give voter card or aadhaar
card after inserting into this pouch

so that your shops value and
work value grows a little bit

To improve your work performance

at the back of this pouch
put the sticker of your shop

so that the customer always
remember your shop name

so in the future, when the
customers want to make another card

they will be satisfied with
the work, and they get the

reference at the back and
comes to your shop again

make stickers using the inkjet printer
and stick at the back of the pouch

and give it to the customer

the customer uses the card and
puts back the card in the pouch

and it fits in this pouch easily

so this is the simple and small product

which comes in the pack of 100s

it fits aadhaar card, voter card, credit
card, ATM card, chip card, driving license

amusement park card, membership card,

all the card are of same size

and we have Matt finish and glossy finish

sorry, texture finish and glossy finish

you can supply the product like this

if you want to order this product

go to the description below,
I have given the website link

from there, you can order the product
online and, we will home deliver the product

if you want more products updates
like this, join the telegram channel

its link is also given below

so that you will get small ideas day-to-day basis

if you think how these cards are made

I can buy this pouch easily, but how to make these cards.

for that is a product called AP film

I have also put that link in the
description and in the eye button also

so, view that you will get
full detail about the product

and thank you for watching the video

if you have any technical doubts, tell
in the YouTube comment section below

or suggestion, demand or
for new products requirement

inform in the Youtube comment section. Thank you!

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