How To, PVC Card Printer

Full Demo Of EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 PVC ID CARD PRINTER Best ID Card Printer Buy @

Full Demo Of EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 PVC ID CARD PRINTER Best ID Card Printer Buy @

Full Demo Of EVOLIS PRIMACY 2 PVC ID CARD PRINTER Best ID Card Printer Buy @

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Whatsapp Us Via Link – | Evolis Primacy 2 Dual Side Multicolour PVC ID CARD Printer, this desktop printer is the best solution for issuing personalized cards, Employee card, Student ID Card, Membership Card, Loyalty Card, Aadhar Card / Pan Card, Kisan Yojana Card, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana Card, Event Passes, Access control badges, Transit passes, Payment cards, Healthcare card ETC


00:00 – Intro
00:08 – Evolis Golden Partnership Award
00:15 – What is in this Evolis Primacy 2 video
00:29 – Evolis Primacy 2 Printer
00:36 – Cards that can be Printed with Evolis Primacy 2 Printer
01:34 – Printer’s Ribbon
01:49 – ATM Pouch for PVC Cards
02:20 – How to use this Evolis Primacy 2 printer
02:40 – Printer’s Head
03:14 – How to install the Ribbon
04:05 – How to load the PVC cards
04:51 – CardPresso XM Software
05:25 – Percentages of used Ribbon
05:50 – Quality of the card
06:06 – How to design the card in the CardPresso software
08:51 – Generating the bar-code
09:29 – Printing the card
10:07 – Printed card
10:44 – How to use the template in the software
13:47 – Input Hopper & Output hopper
14:05 – Card Printed with Cardpresso template
15:29 – How to Print the Double Side Card
17:14 – Front & Back Printed PVC card
18:02 – How to Print Thin Proximity card or RF cards
18:21 – What is Special about RF ID cards
18:34 – Uses of RF ID cards
19:14 – How to insert the RF ID cards
20:01 – How to Print the RF ID cards
20:28 – Printed RF ID card
21:25 – How to insert the card
22:04 – Rewritable PVC card
22:32 – Difference between the two cards
23:29 – Erasing the Rewriteable PVC card
24:26 – Only Blue Colour is Printed in Rewriteable card
24:40 – UV Watermark on the PVC cards
27:59 – Watermark on the PVC ID Cards
29:19 – Features of Evolis Primacy 2 printer
29:59 – Cards that can be printed


Hello Everyone, and welcome to Abhishek Products
by S.K.Graphics, I am Abhishek Jain

Today we are going to talk about
  Evolis Primacy 2 Printer

previous month only we got the Evolis Golden
  Partnership Award

That’s why to celebrate that we are making the
  detail video Evolis Primacy 2 model

In this video, we will tell you how to make
  PVC cards, ID cards,

Chip cards, thermal cards, attendance cards
  and other types of cards

Here is our Evolis Primacy 2 Printer

Which is the latest model

and here is the Evolis Primacy 2 printer
  special ribbon

In this printer, all these cards are, printed.

First is the thermal chip card

Which has a chip like the driving license

This card is, printed for any security purpose

Second is mifare 1K card

Which are used, in the attendance machine,
  security system, door unlock system

Here is the regular RF ID card

Which is the low-cost model for
  security systems

Inside it has a round chip

in that like this number is saved and, this is
  commonly used in door unlocking systems

These are the two varieties of PVC cards

Here is the special variety of PVC card

and here is the ordinary variety PVC card

Special variety PVC card comes in the
  individual packing

and the ordinary PVC card comes in the
  100 piece bundle pack

In the coming video, we are going to see what
  is the difference between these cards

and how to print on these cards

printer ribbon looks like this

the word EP-2, is written on top of it

and this is the printer cassette

in the coming video, you are going to see
  how to install this cassette into the printer

After printing, you can insert the PVC card in the
  ATM pouch like this and give it to the customers

In this ATM pouch, we have two varieties first one is
  matt finish and another one is a glossy finish

and after printing, the card looks like this
  with full background tint

and this type of card can be, used for many years

and this card is not damaged when you bend
  this card

and the printing is not removed when scratched

First, we will understand the basic thing

How to use this printer

Before using this printer, you have to know

How to install the ribbon into the printer

First, you have to press this knob with two hands
  not with one hand but with two hands

Here is the printer’s head, so do not touch it here.

Here is the Evolis Primacy 2 model printer

printhead protection to give it an even longer life.

which is the latest feature which
is not in the other printer

like this feature is only available
  in the Evolis Primacy 2

here when you do this, the head is unlocked
  and when you leave, this is locked

accidentally when you touch the head, nothing
  happens to the head

here is the most important feature
  about this printer

So do not touch the head while installing
  the ribbon, so that the heads life is maintained

open the ribbon like this

here is the casing, and that was the packing box.

take the ribbon

here is the RF ID chip in it

which is the radio frequency chip

which fits on the right-hand side of the printer

Just put the ribbon like this

let us say by mistake when you put
  the ribbon upside down

Sometimes by mistake ribbon is put in
  the reverse direction

Then the printer does not accept the ribbon

the printer rejects the ribbon, and you
  cannot put in the reverse direction

Insert the ribbon in the correct
  direction only

hold these clips with your fingers and send
  the ribbon inside

which is the only method to put the ribbon

here is the standard design

  you have to close the top cover of the printer
  with two hands like this

now the ribbon is installed

Now we will show you how to install the PVC cards

Here is the printers input hopper

here is the printers output hopper

output hopper means the output of the card

and input hopper means you
  are putting fresh empty cards

First, we will show you the demo printing of
  ordinary PVC card

we will put the ordinary PVC card here

and print one or two prints

and then we put the special PVC card in it
  and tell how the printing is

We have loaded an ordinary PVC card here

Ordinary PVC card comes in the
  100-piece bundle pack like this.

You can load 100 cards at-a-time

for demo purposes, we are putting one card

We provide Cardpresso XM
  software free of cost with the printer

With that, you can do a basic level of designing

or you can use the ready-made design
  in the software

you can modify your card according
  to your companies needs and print

Here I am giving the basic print option

After giving the print option, you have to do
  this setting and send for printing

Generally, when you print the card

The ribbon percentages are displayed

  the ribbon is in process

  Here you will get all information about the
  ribbon and the cards used

The printer has taken the card inside and now
  the card is coming out at the bottom

and like this, your card is printed

The card quality is perfect, now we have got
  the dark blue colour print here

and the details inside the card are also good

the card dries instantly, and when you
  scratch the card, no scratches are found

it is as it is

first, I will tell you the most important part

how to design through the software
  and print the card

First, we open the Cardpresso software

This free software that comes with the printer

When you open the Cardpresso software it
  look like this

here is the blank empty card space
  now we put ready-made design in it

First, we put the companies name


If you know Microsoft PowerPoint, Word you can
  do this easily

You have to set it like this

You can design anything, and you don’t need to
  design as I am designing

You can change whatever colour you want

insert photos, signatures

Whatever features you want
to change is on the right-hand side

features like item, position, shape, alignment

rotation, outline, fill, font,
source, background images

whatever design you want, you can make it

you have the creative freedom

If you want to insert a photo, you can
  insert like this

After putting the photo, you can type the name,
  roll number, emergency contact number

you can type manually here

In this software, you do not need more
  technical knowledge

If you know basic computers knowledge
  you can work with this software

If you want to change the font colour,
  bold, italic, or any other change

If you have basic computer knowledge you
  can work with this software

If you have photoshop, CorelDraw or
  any big designing software

You can print through that software also

or you can import the jog file in
to this software and make a printout

So, put the designation here like the front office
  back office, manager, salesperson

you can put it here

We will tell you how to put the barcode

barcode or QR code,
the librarian has a bar-code

or employee code, or if you have any
  numbers in the system, you can put

just do control c and control v to copy paste
  and you can change the alignment

If you want to insert the bar-code

here is the standard bar-code that is created
  automatically this is the free software for you

you don’t need to pay the additional amount for this

In the bar-code, we have typed the number 123456789

and whenever you scan this with barcode
the scanner you will get this number 123456789

If you want to change the barcode design

or alignment, you just drag and drop to
  make changes easily

you can customize fully, and you don’t need
  more technical knowledge

We have made a basic card

Now we will show you how to print this card

Now we have taken a PVC card and inserted
  in to the printer

Now we will show you how to print it

Now you see both the printer and the laptop
  I have clicked ctrl+P on the laptop

I clicked next, and the laptop gave the
  instruction to the printer

and the card was pulled by the printer and
  within a few seconds, the PVC card will be ready

The special thing about this printer is that,
  it prints on both sides of the card

and your PVC card is ready

You can see the person’s face, eyes, hairs
  clearly and you can see the bar-code also

Shop name and brand name are also clearly printed
  The printing is sharp, and there is no complaint at all.

There are no scratches and lines if you bend the card
  the card is not damaged

  you can use this card for more than one year or
  for two years, nothing happens to the card

I am making scratches on it, but the print is
  not damaged

Because the cards is made with the thermal

Now I will tell you how to access the
  free template in the cardPresso software

first, you have to go to the File menu and click
  the open template

You will get 62 free templates in that

in this, some of the templates are very good,
  I will print and show you that

Here we have selected a fruit basket template

As we select a template, a new file is opened, in
the software

and in the new file, you have the option to
  change the logo, text, and other options

Whenever you want to print, keep a PVC card
  ready in the printer

Here we will change 10% to 15%

that is just an example to tell you

Double click the text you want to change
  and come to the item

You can change whatever you want

On the right side, you will get full options
  to change font, size, and others

When you click the template file
  it opens like this

Then you can change the logo, shop name or
  discount percentage

you can change left side fruit image to your
  mobile photo

or Hospitals patient’s photo

To give you an idea, we have changed this
  10% discount to 15% discount

Just double-click on it and change the value

now we close this and give the print command

When you give the print command, the PVC card must be
  loaded in the printer

there is no use if you have not loaded the PVC card

then the laptop says the card tray is empty

When we removed the card, the computer says
  please feed the card

and it has written card feed problem

when you insert the card again

after inserting the card, the computer
  displays ready to print

and this is ready, on the screen, one more
  the thing you can find is the ribbon percentage

The ribbon that we installed here

That ribbon percentage is 35

We are, using this ribbon for some time and
  35% of the ribbon is remaining

it is showing the remaining
card, you can print with the ribbon

here it has written the ribbon model
  colour YMCKO

After seeing this screen, you will get
  more information

like which ribbon is loaded, how much ribbon is remaining

it shows what is the next thing, needed for the
  printer, a card is loaded or not

Now I will give the print command

In the software, we have given the print command

within one second, the card goes into the printer

here is the input hopper and
  here is the output hopper

for the demo purpose, we have opened the cover

when you are using the printer, you must close the
covers of the two hoppers

So that no dust enters the printer

And the card is ready after printing

and you can see the full card

you can see the 15% off and fruit images well

  Like this, our card is ready

Within a few seconds, the card is printed

Nice print, is got on the card

here is written the 15% off discount and
  fruit and vegetable colour are good

here is the full tint colour single-side card
  and we have printed one side only

We will tell you how to print double sides also

and here, we have given two examples

one is off white background, and another is off
  full colours

You have to maintain the printer well so that you
  will get good printouts

Here we have got the perfect print out

Text is visible, and black is black

Reflection is good on this card

you can see the card quality,
  and the card is flexible


when you scratch it, nothing happens to
  the print

when you dip this in the water, nothing happens
  to the card

AT the end of the video, we will show you
  after dipping all the cards in the water

How is the life of the cards

you can see the close up view of the card

Now we will show you how to print the double side

Here is the detailed demo of how to print the
  front and back of the card

When you click this option in
  the cardPresso software

A drop down comes View Card Front

when you click this, that is the front
  side of the card

and the next button is on the back side
  view of the card

Two sides are printed, with different designs

we say this as front and back card

You can toggle with these two buttons to view
  the front and back of the card

You can drag and drop in both card
  to make designing

You can do the same
  designing in photoshop also,

It is not necessary to do the design in this
software only, we can also use any software

The front and back design is ready now

We will give a single command to print
  front and back of the card to the printer

a single card is accepted at a time by the printer

front and back will be printed and is
collected in the hopper at the bottom

Giving print commands is easy click the
  print icon

and, here you have to give the print command

When you give the print command, the card is
  automatically pulled by the printer within a second

and printing is started, and you will get the card
  in the bottom hopper

The bottom hopper cover can be closed, but for the
  demo purpose we have opened it

when you are using this printer, close the door
  so that no dust enters the printer

Front and back will be printed soon
  you can hear the printing sound

The front and back card is, printed

here is the front side of the ID card

and here is the back side of the ID card

If you put a transparent image in the background
  it will be in white colour

If you put an outer line for the image
  the outer line will be, printed.

so you must take care of that thing

Here front & back has been printed with
  your name on the front side

This card is fully flexible

It has a good thickness like an ATM card

When you scratch over it, nothing happens
  to the card, and it is a waterproof card

We have printed all types of cards like vertical
  card, horizontal card, and full colour card

Now we are going to show how to print thin
  proximity card or thin RF card

with this same method, you can print a Mifare card,
  4K card or other types of NFC cards also

The method is the same

only the card changes, but the process are
  the same as we have done before

Here the question arises, What is special about
  RF ID card

In RF ID, there is a chip inside with that
  you open any doors

Or you can use it for attendance or open locker

This RF ID card is widely used, in
  international school

  Many international schools in Hyderabad,
  Delhi, Mumbai

Whichever district it may be, the international
  schools maintain student attendance with RF ID cards

It accesses the door

The benefit of the RF ID is when you bring
  it is near RF-connected doors, and the door opens.

RF cards are, authenticated perfectly

The electronic system identifies the student
  and opens the door

Inserting the card into the printer is very easy
  you can insert it in any direction like this

but if you want to print above this number, you have to
  keep this card like this

If you want to print in the empty side
  you can insert the card like this

I want to print on the empty side, so I am
  inserting the card like this

printing is decided by how you are
  inserting the card into the printer

I will tell you that in a moment

All the types of RF ID cards like RF ID cards, Mifare cards
  1K cards, chip cards,

NFC cards all these cards are compatible with this
Evolis primacy-2 printers.

Printing the card is very simple just
  Click the print option

Here you have to set the printing
  to a single side or double side

Here we are going to print single side

and, here we have given the print option

as you click the print option, the printer
  pull the card inside and start printing

If you want to print the vertical card you
  have to insert the card straight into the printer

for landscape card printing is done from the
  the right-hand side

so you have to insert the card like this

so the first print of the Mifare card is ready

You can type your parent’s name and add
  signature in this card

and the card will be, printed like this

these are purely an RF ID cards,

if you integrate with the attendance system,
  this card starts working

Today it is a common trend in big, big schools

If you have Evolis Primacy 2 printer, you can
  contact the international schools for ID card works

You can also approach big IT companies

  To add new side business

So this was the basic example of print
all ID cards and all the processes are the same

Only the card changes

The only thing you have to notice is that you
  have to put the card in a clockwise direction

to print the card

Imagine if you want to print the landscape card

If you print the landscape card

so you insert the empty card like this

so landscape printing is started
  from the right-hand side of the card

printing is done from right side to left side

if you want to print the vertical card

the printing starts from the top side to
  bottom side

So this is technical knowledge, which will be
  useful in the future for printing any cards

One more new feature is that you can use
  the rewritable card in this Evolis Primacy 2

Rewritable card means,

the card you see on the screen will be made full white
and a new design will be printed

Instead of this design, we are going
  to print a new design on this card

This card is not an ordinary PVC card. It is a
rewritable PVC card.

What is the difference between the two cards?

Here is the ordinary PVC card,

you can print colour print on this. Once you have
printed on this card, you cannot erase the card

But this is a rewritable card

After printing the card

you can erase all the content in the
card and reprint with a new design

The new design means only text

This card is optimized to print only text

at this time, we have printed this design

now we load the same card into the printer

The first thing you have to do is to
  remove the ribbon from the printer

because for rewritable card
there is no need to insert a ribbon into it

The card is, printed without the ribbon

This technology is available only
  in the Evolis Primacy 2 model only.

You cannot find this technology in any
  company printer

This option comes only in the Evolis primacy 2
  printer only

Now we change the design of this card

the first card was printed with ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

Now we are changing the name to Jayaram

you can change the VISITOR and also

It is not necessary to print in the same template

You can change all the content on the card,
we are showing an example only.

Now print this card quickly

now we have to send the print command

Before printing, one setting is to be changed, in
the software

after changing that setting, the card
  is accepted for rewritable printing

this card is printed without a ribbon in the printer,
and you can see we have kept the ribbon here.

  JAYARAM print quality is good

  and this is a rewritable card

The limitation of this card is only blue colour
  can be printed on this card

without using any ink or ribbon

For printing, you do not need to put any ribbon
  in the printer

The only blue colour, can be printed on this card, and this is
  purely a thermal PVC card

  Now you may ask, where this rewritable
  cards are used

Rewritable cards are usually used in the pharma industry,

  hospitals, patient visitors, or in any government
  office, or DRDO offices

Securities are most important in the big companies
  like Google and Facebook

There this card is used

here is a single card which
  is printed without any ribbon

You can re-write and print this card for
  more than 500 times

The printing cost is zero

Only the card cost

The client will change according to security needs.

Whenever a new visitor comes, they can
  re-write and print the card

and the printing cost is almost zero

because this card can be erased and
  re-printed up to 500 times per card

and let us not forget, these features are, found
  only in Evolis Primacy 2 model only

There is one more feature in this Evolis
  Primacy 2 printer

That is watermark UV printing
  I will tell you about that now

Before that, I have told you how to print
  ordinary PVC card, RF ID card, or proximity card

Now we will tell you how to print a UV watermark
  printing in all these cards

For security purposes in government, DRDO,
  hospitals, or in any big organization

First, you have to use cardPresso software

Before giving the print command, you have to
  change a setting in the software

In that, you have to select UV light printing

Here we have given the UV light setting

Before giving the print command
  you have to load the card

when you load the card, the printer detects the
  card and start printing

We have printed the same card in the UV printing
  and see how the printing looks like

The two cards look like the same

How to find the UV card?

When we put UV light over the card

you can see the light red colour over it

Before that, we have told you how to
  print front & back ordinary PVC card

As you printed the RF ID, proximity, chip card,
  special PVC card

With the same method you
can print UV watermark print out

in Evolis Primacy 2
printer with some setting change

The method is simple, change some settings in the
  software and give the print command

Then the card will be, printed with a UV watermark.

I will show you, what is the difference between
  the ordinary and UV card with UV light

when you put UV light on the ordinary card
  you can not see anything special in it

  you can see the difference between the two cards

You can see a small watermark on the card

When you see it in real life, you can
  see the watermark well

you can also see through the camera also

you can see the round globe watermark on it

The same watermark is not visible in the
  ordinary PVC card

We have used a special PVC card in Evolis Primacy 2
  so that you can see the watermark on it

that is for security purposes which is
available in Evolis Primacy 2 printer

used in hospitals, DRDO, or in big
the organization, where IT and security strictly followed

and in banks, so that no one is
able to copy the organization ID card

for security, you can put the watermark
in the ID card

When you see this in the natural light

Watermarks are not visible easily

when you look carefully, you can see
a watermark

when you see this in the UV light you
  can see instantly

This unique feature is only in
  Evolis Primacy 2 printer

first is single-side multicolor

second is double-side multicolor
  printing fully automatic

Third is rewritable cards which are
available only in Evolis Primacy 2 printer

Fourth is the UV watermark,
by which your security will be better

These features are only available
in only in Evolis Primacy 2 printers

and you also get a cardPresso XM
  software with this

which is free for you

you can do basic designing and printing easily

In this single printer, you can print PVC
card, special PVC card, thermal cards,

Chip cards, RF ID cards,
attendance cards, and all Mifare cards

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