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IDP 510d ID Card Printer FULL DEMO PVC Card Thermal Printer


IDP 510d ID Card Printer FULL DEMO PVC Card Thermal Printer

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Contact Us Via Whatapp – | IDP printers are highly efficient and easy-to-order. Designed to be flexible, you can easily add a dual-side flipper, laminator or encoder at any time to make your IDP printer fit your long-term ID card printing needs. IDP has developed and manufactured ID badge printers since 2005. IDP printers have been designed and tested for real world conditions. They are flexible, highly efficient and easy-to-order.


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00:00 Intro
00:04 IDP 510D Digital Thermal Printer
00:46 What is Thermal Printer
01:35 What is the meaning of Thermal
02:14 Why do you need Thermal printer
02:55 Does the customer buy this expensive card
03:10 About IDP 510D printer
03:31 How to print in IDP 510D printer
04:04 Inside the printer
04:39 Ribbon cassette
05:33 Ports
05:43 for extra module
06:05 LED display
06:33 What are the cards you can print
07:15 How to print Thermal Chip Card
07:25 Software for printing
08:36 Thermal Access card printing
09:26 Plain PVC Thermal card
09:42 Special vs Ordinary PVC plain cards
11:13 ATM pouch for PVC cards and their uses & advantages
13:47 One more advantages of IDP 510D Thermal printer
15:07 How to set the printer
16:01 Putting the Plain card for printing
16:32 Card printing software options
18:25 Single side Printed card
19:12 Double side card printing
20:20 What is single and double side card?
21:51 How to print chip card?
22:25 designing the card
24:16 What are the cards you can print
24:35 Printed chip card
24:55 Special vs Ordinary PVC card
25:05 Printing Special PVC card
25:50 Choosing the desing for Special PVC card
27:04 Differenc between the Special and Ordinary card
29:50 What is full tint card
30:33 Pouch for PVC card
30:50 Full tint card
31:18 RF ID card printing
32:50 printed RF ID card
33:18 cards printed today
33:50 Who can buy this printer
34:08 Details in YouTube and Whatsapp
34:50 Other machines you can purchase at Abhishek Products
35:55 Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K

Graphics. I am Abhishek Jain
and today I have brought for

you another new product named
IDP 510d Thermal Printer.

I also have told about how the
thermal printer works, what is

their specialty, what is their
weekness, which customer should

buy and which one is right for
your business and following this,

we discuss about the IDP
printer today for you.

So IDP is the name of the
company and solid 510 is the

name of its model and it is a
thermal printer, so let’s start

from the beginning what is this
thermal printer and what will

be the differences between a
normal thermal printer, inkjet

printer or laser jet printer.

If you do photoshop or any
other designing work in your

shop, then you usually design
paper, do leaflets do brouchers,

catalog, you can do all that in
laser printers or digital

printers, then if there is a
small work, you will do it in


But if you want to make an ID
card, then you have to make an

RFID, thin access card, PVC
card, Plain card or if want to

make any kind of Aadhaar card,
voter card, then you will need

a thermal printer.

What is word meaning Thermal,
Thermal printer means to print

with heat, so here it is the
head of the printer, like the

inkjet printer, where ink is
injected, inside the laser, its

drum, cartridge and fusing unit,
similarly inside the thermal


The head of the thermal printer
is and the head that it is ,

heated and heat transfers to
them, after heating it is

transfered to the plain PVC
card, I will also tell you a

demo in this video

So that you understand

So here it is basically heats
and this is the exhaust of the

thing whose heat can be easily
disconnected, so what is the

thermal printer of the concept?

Now let’s ask ourselves another
question, what is the need for

a thermal printer?

See if you use laser jet, a jet
or any other method whether you

use AP film, which is very low
cost of making a third ID card

in a cheap and very low cost,
but you still have a high cost


Why take a thermal printer?

You will take it because you
will get quality, you get thick

card, you will get good
sharpness, and you will get

instant result that’s why you
will buy a thermal printer.

But the next question is that
let’s understand whether the

thermal printer is of use to us
or not, but now you will have

the question whether your
customer will buy the cards

that cost it or not?

That is a long question that we
will discuss at the end of the

video, so if you stay for it,
then first of all, let’s talk

about this printer, so it is
our standard metal chassis

plastic APC body rental,
completely inside it.

A metal aunty framework has
been created, on which this

entire structure is standing,
there are no moving parts

inside the builder, there is an
input hopper on the top of the

printer i.e. the PVC card which
is called PVC card.

You must have seen that card
like Aadhar card, etc., they

are similar PVC cards, first
then you have to put them

inside this filter in this way,
then close the input hopper,

then you have to command from
the system, it will print and

from here.

If the card from the bottom
side will make you and give it

to you, then the card will fall
in this way from the bottom and

then you will remove it in this
way, then it has happened, the

input is out and then it is
done inside it.

What happens inside?

So inside the printer

It is inside its head and here
you do not have to touch this

head by mistake, do not have to
touch it even by mistake, if

you touch it, then you can
suffer a lot of damage, so here

the company has done plastic to
stop it.

I have given two molds so that
if people ever get their hands

by mistake, then they stop a
little, if they are not fully

touched, then now here.

This is the calculation of
keeping the ribbon here, the

ribbon of the inter, the
cassette comes inside some such

box box.


You have to fit the ribbon
inside this tray and put it

inside, here we have fitted the
ribbon inside, suppose if we

try to put the ribbon upside
down by mistake, something like


So it will not go inside, it
will not sit inside, you have

to put it in a straight way,
only then it fits equally and

once it fits equally, then it
will come down your upper lid,

otherwise it will not come,
then the company has done a lot

in this way.

Hi smartly and intelligently,
we have given you a method, now


see the back side of the printer

We get a lot of ports at the
back side, our on-off switch

has become this, this is the
power port, this is the USB

cable port and here.

Here you have given an exhaust,
is there any work, isn’t it?

If in the future we have to put
a large security model of

lamination with this printer,
then if we have to put a module,

then all this will work for you.

So there is a very great
printer, an easy printer and

the company has also given you
a small LED inside which you

will see the display of what is
the status of the printer and

when you purchase the printer,
you will only get more inside

the printer box.

Only these printers that are
available do not come with

ribbon printers, do not come
with any kind of cards you have

to purchase all them separately.

Now I’ll take you forward.

Now we have understood what a
printer is, what is printer’s


Now we know what is actually
print inside the printer, all

these items are printed inside
the printer, when you purchase

the printer, nothing is got
with this printer, you just get

the printer, you have to buy
all the cards and ribbons

And if you want this kind of
ATM pouch, then you have to

purchase separately, so first
of all, know that our thermal

check card which has a very
good demand in the market today

and which is not available
everywhere today, then this is

our one.

Thermal Chip Cut This plane is
PVC thermal card with a coating

on top and a golden color chip
on the front so stick this

golden color chip. You have to
put something inside the

printer in this way and after
inserting it, you have to print

command from your system.

Have to give and the card will
be printed

Here is the software that we
will give you when you purchase

filters from us, then we are
connected to it which is a

software that can do any kind of

You can operate private ID
cards or upgrade your own

design card, this kind of
software we give you and you

can inspire it and if we do not
charge you separately for any

software, then this is what

The card is there, it will
first take this card inside,

multi-color printing will be
done on it, CMYK then turn this

card and print it back to CMYK
and bring it down and without

any manual method intervention
or physical work, you will do it.

Easily from this movie of any

Chip card can print chip card,
chip card is an exam, driving

license is given by the
government itself, but if there

is a private company in your
customer case, from whom you

want such a chip card, then you
can use it.

Keep in mind that here you are
painting encoding or

programming the ship, we are
just giving you the solution of

printing, how to use this chip?

How to program it?

We do not have its facility,
the next card we can print here

is our thermal

access card or thermal RFID
card or our thermal smart card

also has a 54×86 size thermal
card whose thickness is 760

micron inside which is a gold
chip that you will not see with

your normal eyes when you

Take it to an attendance
machine or take it over the

attendance door only then it is
controlled by that access

control system and it opens the
door or childrens attendence

and you can also use such an
RFID attendance card.

You can easily print inside
this printer, there is no

problem, just you have to open
the head of the printer, put

the card in this way, the card
has to be printed from below.

Next is our plain PVC card, a
plain PVC card that is neither

a thermal chip inside it, nor
it has RFID inside it, just a

normal PVC plastic board, but
it will be a very small thing

to say that it is board with
two qualitys from such a card.

There is a special card, the
ordinary card which is a

special card has more
brightness inside it and the

ordinary card has brightness
inside it.

It happens in packing such
bundles a hundred, that now

both the cards are good in
their place, now the card that

is special is expensive, the
ordinary card that is cheaper,

that is its difference because
one is

Their glossy quality is good,
the second is every single card.

What happens if it comes in
such an individual packet?

This does not make your
fingerprints on it, nothing

seems to be done above it,
there is no chance of any

different kind of scratches on
it, because its cutting is done

by high-precision cooling and
die cut hydraulic automatic


And when it comes to ordinary
cards, they are packed in the

board in such a way that when
you pick up the card, keep it,

deposit it.

So the card that goes to your
fingerprint, sometimes it takes

ten, sometimes it takes some
other part or there is no

splash of water, the moisture

So all these problems come and
when you put the card inside

your printer, the long life of
the printer becomes a little


So all these varieties will be
credited in this printer, next

is another product that we are
recommending when you take this

printer, also purchase it
together, this is our ATM pouch

that comes under texture finish.

Now suppose you have printed
such a card to the customer,

now you are charging him
hundred rupees, suppose you

have cost, twenty-five rupees,
then you will not give him a

bind in this way, if you put in
the ATM pouch then it

looks good professional

Why do you have to put it in?

Brother, why do we have to
increase our expenses?

That region of one rupee two
rupees has to be increased so

that the customer will remember
that you have sold it, from

which shop you have taken it,
yes, it has been taken from

your shop, here you print the
screen on it, you can print

this text on gupta and jobs
company or

Then someone else is your
service, my service, domalguda

gachiboli, put some such
address, your small song line

so that he will remember yes,
next time if I have to get my

card xerox or I want to get
someone from my family number,

then here is a lot of that

All the numbers are written, I
will call him and get my card

ready in advance.

So in this way you can do your
branding and we can give you

only plain pouch, you can give
it to your branding and give it

to the customer for free so
that they remember you.

If you know the work of
refilling like 12A and 88A have

small HP or Canon cartridges,
there are printers, after

refilling them, people pack
them for free, so that they are

a little professional.

So that he can charge sixty
rupees eighty rupees instead of

fifty for that service, for
that cleanliness in that policy

and for that packaging, in the
same way if you give good

packaging to your customer in
this way.

If you make a good card and
package it in this way, then it

has two benefits, one will be
memorable to you, the customer

will remember that yes, the
card was taken from this shop,

if it is going to last for one
and a half years, then it will

be useful.

If the team answers it by
putting it in it, then it is

going to stay within this reach
for at least six months and one

year for one and a half years,
so if its life is one and a

half years, if it becomes two
years or three years, then the

customer will also be there.

Man, yes, the person who had
reached here, so the name of

the shop is written and its
card runs for a long time, then

gradually your customer will
follow you even if you take Rs.

in the market for Rs.100

The customer will come to you
because they have proofed their

own quality and have also given
a memorable one that you took

from me.

So this was just my business
agreement, there was an idea I

was trying to give you that
even if you have to spend a

small amount, but if you are
making a profit in the long

term, then you should
definitely do it.

another specialty of this
printer is that I forgot to

tell you that you can not put
cards on the top here, but when

you have to put 150 cards or

entire plastic cover and

Put it like this and here you
can take it to the top, these

are the slabs then it will not

You have to keep it open and
while maintaining this slab in

this way, you will keep it here
from the card to the top of the

card, suppose there is a school
order that you have

I have cracked it.

What happens when you do

The school will have 500 cards
that what you have to do in

that situation or which is the
output hopper below.

Remove it

And when you have removed the
output offer, the card will

fall down when printed and if
it falls down you put a box

below the table below where the
card is comfortably


This means to be used when
there is a big works, like 500

or 1000 cards, then in that
case if there is a normal order

for your 10 cards or 20 cards ,
then use this out put hopper,

So let’s do enough theory, now
let me tell you a little by

doing a practical demo.

What do we have to do first?

We have to open our printer in
this way, we have to put it

inside the printer, we have to
put ours ribbonin a very

straight way and then close the

After doing this, we have to on
the printer

the switch is at the back

printer is turn on now

As soon as it happens, you will
get a small sound from there

and the initialising will come

As soon as there is
initialising, the system ready

system comes ready when there
is no error in your printer or

nothing is stuck inside it.

And here we put it with a palin
card to give you a simple


Ok, so we have cut a few plain
cards here and now we will try

to do something with this plain
card, so here we are going to

use smart designer, with which
we will give you a free

software and from that
designing software.

And here we design any basic
card and print it, then let’s


So here we have opened our
software for card designing,

which we will give you with the
printer, as soon as you open

this system of this software,
here you will see the option of

single side card printing,
double side card printing

option or

Then the option to print the
card in a single side card

portrait or double side
portrait card printing

we want to start with a very
simple example, so we will

print here the option to print
a single side card for you.

we have selected a single side
card, then what kind of card do

we have to make?

Do we have to print a magnetic

Do you have to print a chip

NFC card or any other kind

RFID card?

So here we select the plain
card after selecting the plain

card, we will select a design
here and after doing next, we

will name a file and share it
somewhere to save it.

After that we get the print
option here, as soon as the

print option comes, suppose we
want to print a copy or two

copies, then in this way we
will give it the option of

print and as soon as you send
the print option, the printer

is your job.

Starts and comes here, solid

here we had given just option
in the system, we have

connected all this to USB wires
and try, we always have our


Stay connected to the direct
system, it should not be from

any kind of USB hub so that our
work is a few seconds and first

is proper, here is the design
of a basic card, with which the

company has already designed
many types of cards.

You can create any kind and
different designs according to

you, even if you use the
Photoshop, CorelDraw you can

create any other type of card
according to your own, so as

soon as we printed it, the card
came out in this way.

Will see two things card is in
our screen, directly when this

print comes from here, it has
come 180 degree flipped, so it

will be useful to you when you
have to print the backside of

the card, you will always
remember it.

Go me and see if the card comes
in our system in this way and

our card is printed brilliantly
in this way, here we have used

ordinary quality PVC cards, I
will soon give you special or


I will also print and tell you
in the PVC card of higher


See this

So our card is printed in this
way, so it has become single

PVC Card Printing Options Now
we tell you by doing double

side PVC card printing which
here you have to go back to New.

Here’s a file name

After naming the file, they
will be shown the option back


So here we will select double
side card printing next and

double set card printing for
this time suppose we are

printing a card of a children’s
school ok and here?

After printing it

We should always do it from the
first file so that our work is

not wasted.

So here we have decided that
and now we give us the option

of rent, so here also we want
to print only one card and even

more than that we have
introduced it in an ordinary

quality card.

The input hopper is from there
the card is pulling this

printer, printing from the
inside of the ribbon and our

cards are coming from the
bottom, before that we had seen

how to print the single side
card, now we will see.

Those who don’t know what is
double side card print, those

who do not know where single
side is printed, double side is

called double side, which is
printed on both sides front and


Whether this cards is in
vertical or horizontal, it is

just a matter of front end back

On average, let’s assume that
our card is being printed

within 30 seconds

In this way, this is our card
printed, you have to see how

clean our child’s face is?

It has come clear here, we had
given the option of double side

card printing, but maybe I must
have missed any missed option

here, due to which we have got
a single side card printing here.

So here we write that what
option have we done wrong?

Sorry friends,this is a double
side card printer, but at this

time I am here because there is
a demo printer, we have come

from the company, this demo
printer and the software option

of double side printing inside
it at this time, we have not

yet installed it.

So we just have to install the
software of double site and

inside it you will get double
side printing, now I will tell

you how print the chip card

This is our chip card ok

Once we’ve put it this way, ok
and now we’ll give it the

option of printing from here.

So let’s say here we are
trending back to single side,

to do single side we have
selected our chip card here and

here we will give the name of
any successful card and after

confirming, we will start
printing here.


To start printing, suppose I
write some normal text here,

how will one of our company’s
logo be and from here we put a


” This is Sample Chip Card “

we have put it like this, then
our sample will look like this,

so as you see here, you will
have to give some time in

designing, only then your card
will become a little great and

here you will somehow make it

You can take, give background,
make it better and you can also

import any kind of image in
this way, you can enter any

kind of bar code.

Suppose you put that code in
the visit court in this way and

then suppose you have to enter
only one bar, then the QR code

has put the liberal in this way
as far as it is used in the Air

Force and one of your companies.

If you have a logo, then
suppose we are not fast in red

color, then what is red color,
put your red color, spot

company has any other meaning,
then you put it in that way and

you credited it.

As soon as the printer is
printed, it will immediately

take the cause of this tip
inside and start painting it,

it does not matter whether it
is card RFID, chip card,

thermal card or I say or
ordinary, PVC card or so.

If you have a specially packed
PVC card, it can have the

ability to print all the cards
and it has full programming to

print all the cards, so in this
way you got the card printed,

see the chip card has also been

If you do not understand
yourself, then I can now tell

you in a different orientation
and in a different design and

by accident.

How will the printing be done?


We already have prints of
ordinary PVC cards for our

reference, now we will print
special PVC cards and see how

they are, so here we all take
some samples ok?


Removed this way

Remember that you should never
allow finger prints in the

thermal PVC card because if you
put it once, then will get poor

quality, your customer will
again get the necessary

discounts of your rate.

If someone will do it, then let
me again print an example and

tell you.

So when we are going to print a
card of special quality card

here, we print the same design
once and see that our quality

is ahead in this way because if
the design of the car changes

then we can easily compare the

And if the design of the card
is different, then you may not

be able to match its quality as

We use another design for
school children here.

This card, ok.

I will give her the option
printing school children card

And here is the icon of print,
our print onion is left, we

just have to give the option to
print here.

So here’s all these options in
front of you

This is ours

This is our special card, we
have kept the same setting for

both of them, but inside the
card, its death inside the

scholar is high, you see which
card has more depth inside,

which card has more darkness,
which card has less scratches


You can also see it yourself.

Aren’t they?

If you do not understand this

So we look inside the design of
this card because there is a

lot inside it.

We have used a lot of bright
colors inside the dull colors,

so as soon as the card is
printed, we will pick it up in

this way.

But now you see the comparison
between the two.

This is the quality of the
special PVC card, there is a

little dark print inside it,
which is the quality of the

ordinary card, there is a
little dull print inside it,

there is a light color print,
here I have also put a ring

light like this, I will show you.

We have put a ring light from
here, we are getting light from

this ring light.

I see for myself, I am not
professional, all these videos

are in the work of recording,
but just to give you an idea

that the reflection of the
light, it is coming very great,

it is getting very good, it is
getting very good, it is not

getting up inside it.

I don’t know if you are getting
to know in this camera or not,

I am recording it with a normal
mobile phone camera, but here

you see here checks made in the
background, such lines are made

inside the line background or
if designed.

I will show you once in the

Even in the system here, a lot
of checks

All those checks are very light
here, but here you are seeing a

lot and here it is written plus
b, here too A plus b equal to c

is written but there is a lot
of fear here and here it is

very clear.

Look at the bar code, the bar
code is also very clear.

Look at the child’s face here,
look at his red glasses.

So you can clearly see here
what is the quality of this

online card?

What is the quality of the
special card?

So this is a very simple
Hawking to tell you and one

more I will card you that a
difficult design I have seen

here is enough.

It has a very good and green

So when you print card in a
heavy background, you also get

a little idea about the card,
the real quality or the real


here we print full tint card.
what is full tint card?

You guys might be thinking this?

Full tint is said when on top
of the card

If very dark colors are used,
then it is called full tint

card, the design here has used
a very dark print inside it,

the tint inside it i.e. the
background is completely

covering the card and

There is no white background
anywhere and because it is in

dark purple colored and the
right side is also used in dark

pink color, then due to this,
it is said as dark print card

and that too easily inside our
PVC special card.

Our responsibility does not end
by allowing the card to be

printed, now when we give our
card to the customer, someone

will put it in an ATM pouch in
this way and after putting the

ATM pouch

You can give it something like

feed in it and give it to
customers and see this as soon

as your card is there.

This is a full tint card of any
kind inside it.

The use of white base is very
low and negligible and

absolutely excellent quality
has been printed here.

Look at the dark purple, white
color has been printed on it,

it is the perfect print.

This is the same sim you can
make it front and back if you

want this quality, then you
will come in special quality

PVC card and will not come in
anyone, but another card that

you are missing here is our
RFID card which would have been

our RFID card.

How is the number written on it?

And here we print in an RFID
card and tell you how to print


Let’s print the RFID card that
is coming from

And end

this demo

So let’s say here we want to
print a vertical, the plain PVC

card and here in the vertical
card we take a good design of

golden background which is
always a bit challenging for

any printer to print a golden

Because the default designing
and focus inside it is now

clearly understood the quality
of GAIL.

You can give options inside as
much as you want, we are trying

to print a card for demo here,
but when you are in a real life

situation, you can also give
the option of 20 cards, 30

cards, 40 cards

You can do not have any problem
and the software that we will

give you, you can also connect
your Excel sheet and if there

is any data, then you can also
use daily data in this way,

there is no problem in this too.

It’s not a matter, suppose I
will give you the option to

print here.

will pick up from excel sheet

Easily prints what it is and
now our card has also been

printed, so let’s see how the
result has come.

This is our golden card printed,
inside out golden card vertical

RFID card and something is
printed on it, if you put it in

front of the attendance machine,
then it will also start the

attendance work, you just have
to integrate your software with


it happens

It is very simple and easy to
use, this printer, I have told

you all kinds of demo in this
video, RFID card, access cards

and what you say, please use it
as a PVC special card, ordinary

card or any ATM pouch

Of, his or her

What do you say or what?

Every kind of thermal chip card
has given you a demo , given a

rough idea about who can buy
this printer

The cost when using this printer

Expenses etc. keep changing
from this, so you have to wait

less on WhatsApp, but who
should buy this printer, who

should notbuy this printer, in
which market it will work and

how can you use it, can you use
it in it?

I have prepared the whole idea
for you, now you can easily

judge whether this order is of
your use or not, if it is not,

then you can watch our YouTube
channel to know what is useful

or inside the comments below.

You can add queries now or go
down to commerce, there you

will find our WhatsApp link,
link to our website or go to

the discussion below, there you
will get the address of our

office, you will get the
details of our products and


We have also created a WhatsApp
chat board, so please

communicate with us through
that link so that we try to

give you a little faster.

I hope you liked this video but
if you did not like it, then

you can also watch our other
videos for that, in which we

have told about many machines
and materials, which machines

and materials.

We will find all the products
of Spiral Binding Electric,

Spiral Binding Round Cutters,
Lamination Machines Bill,

Printers, Bar Code Printers,
Sublimation, Machines and Multi

Color ID Cards, Tag Machines
Gold foil, corner cutter,

creasing Machine Roll Roll,
Machines and ID Cards and if

you have not seen their videos.

So you can watch it on our
YouTube channel or you can

raise us any kind of queries on
WhatsApp and place the order,

with this you can find our
button batch machine, paper

cutter and round heavy duty,
cutters, ID card, you sing

machine and

You can also order it through
AP Film, you can make ID cards

at very cheap prices and if you
have not seen our inkjet

products,which is very useful
to run your side business

We have a lot of products about
which we have also made a

detailed video, so thank you
for watching, video and we will

see you Next Week.

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