How To, Thermal Label Printer

Printing Custom Label Using Bartender Software Buy Online

Printing Custom Label Using Bartender Software Buy Online

Printing Custom Label Using Bartender Software Buy Online

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A basic idea on how to setup TSC label printer and use bartender label design software to print label stickers of any size, any design, any up’s or any type.


00:00 – Introduction 01:00 – TSC Printer Introductions
02:07 – Bartender Software Intro
04:00 – Setting Up Print
06:05 – Printing With Basic Setting
07:42 – Enhancing Logo / Images in TSC Printer
11:25 – Purchase TSC Printer


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and in today’s video, we are going
to talk about DSP Label Printer

specifically to give a basic idea if
you are purchasing this printer with us

and if you buy sticker roll with us

how will you do printing with that
sticker roll, this is a basic demo

in this full video how to use that printer

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This is our TSC printer,
the outer side looks like this

when you open the side, this is the label

this is its ribbon

this is its push button

this is its pause and play button

the roll like this is inserted into this printer

this is a 2×2 inch label

this is a 2×1 inch label

this is a 3×4 inch label

there are many more labels available

which can be printed in one printer

the different types or a variety of label

this is controlled by a
software, known as Bartender software

now I will tell you how to use this software

first, you have to install the Bartender software

where to install the Bartender software

You install the Bartender software
from the CD that you got from the printer

with a TSC printer, you will get the CD
from that, you install the driver

you install the Bartender software also, Ok

after installing the
software, open the software

then you will get a window prompt like this

then you select the blank template option

Click the next button, then the
the printer you are using a list will come

from this select TSC TE 244
or other models we have sent

Click the next button

then go “use a Predefined stock”

from here you have to go to

in this video, I am going to tell
you about the 2×1 inch demo

now I am pressing button 2

when I press 2 all the
sizes in 2 inches are displayed

here I am selecting the 2×1 inch size

in 2×1 inches size, there are two
variants one is 2×1 and another is 2×1 2 up

this 2 up, two of them at one time

alright, then you have to click the next button

after clicking the next button
you have to leave all this field

because we are using the plain label white paper
we don’t have any complicated orders

then click the next button, and this is the summary

the printer is this

the size is this

up’s is this much

paper size is this, and
the template size is this

then we clicked the finish button

first work is completed

we have set the paper, now
we have to design the paper, right

how to design this paper

here comes the image button, if
you have used the Microsoft word

then you would not find difficult
to work in Bartender software

Press the image button, then
Click insert from the file

after that, I put the log on
my desktop, I have selected that

we have to paste that
logo, the logo is placed here

then you have to drag it

drag and arrange to the
center and increase the size, right

as I picked in the center it gives the grid line

so that you can see that
the logo is in the center of the page

I have given it here, now the logo is done,
the text has to be given next, our text logo is this

I have clicked here then here then pasted

not pasting alright! our matter is temporary,
just sample data matter, we just pasted here

the font is not good, let’s change the font

select all and come here and change the font

the font has changed, select
the cursor icon again, center the text

when centered the grid line has come again, so
that we can see the text and logo are in the center

leave it

now you can save it or you can
paste barcode or any other images

now I will tell you, you have
made the label design and size

now I will tell you how to send it to the printer

now I am going to tell you how to print it

now go to the print button

Click the print button or ctrl+P

for a sample, we print one quantity

I have sent the command and
the print is ready in one second

for one more experiment, we click ctrl+P

now we are printing 4 quantity

now we have given the print command,
now I will show you how the print is

the first print we printed is like this,
damaged somewhat, half side is not printed

it is because the paper was not aligned
properly, the first print doesn’t come correctly

when you make the
second print it will be like this

the main thing you have to know is that

when we put 1 in the printer

only the left side is printed
and the right-hand side sticker is wasted

but when we set 4 copies to print

made the up’s, up 1, and up 2

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