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How to Use BarCode Scanner Practically in Excel, Inventory, Billing, Coupons Buy @

How to Use BarCode Scanner Practically in Excel Inventory Billing Coupons Buy @

How to Use BarCode Scanner Practically in Excel, Inventory, Billing, Coupons Buy @

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Practically how to use a barcode scanner in Excel for inventory management, Billing systems, membership management. Barcode scanner convert 1D code into text instantaneously any special software it is compatible with Tally, Windows, Vyappar, Zoho and Billing Systems.


00:00 – Intro
00:15 – Selling Product Using BarCode Scanner
01:18 – MemberShip Cards Using BarCode Scanner
01:56 – Coupon Code Using BarCode Scanner
02:40 – What is BarCode Scanner – Simiplified!
03:20 – Buy @
03:40 – Sticker Printer & Bill Printer


Hello! Friends I am from Abhishek Products

Today I am going to tell you how to use this
  barcode scanner

to sell products and for giving membership
card for the customer’s

How to handle all these data and access this

Imagine if a customer is coming and asking this

Here I have opened the excel sheet

You can open Tally, Vyapar or any
other billing software

connect the barcode scanner like this

USB connection only, there is no software
for this barcode scanner

Take the barcode scanner, and
where you see the barcode scan it

When you have scanned the serial number
it is automatically typed into the computer

Once again I will show you

When you scan many times, it is also entered
  many times on the computer in an excel sheet

This barcode scanner needs no extra software

It works on its own, just connect to the USB

so, we have seen how to bring the serial number

how to convert a barcode to a serial number

and if the customer says this my membership card

and ask for a discount with a membership
card, which has a barcode on its back

First, you open excel, tally or any billing software

for example, if you want to enter this
detail here

just on the barcode scanner, and
scan the card

Automatically the membership number comes here

it’s so simple

You can join any membership card
  with any software

and if you have any product with a barcode
  you can send this information to the computer

or if it’s a reverse case, if a customer
bring the coupon code

As there is a Sodexo Coupons,
  which has lots of details

in which some coupons have
Rs10 or Rs.20 discount

how will you scan that, there would be

imagine this is a coupon code, and
how do you scan this

like this 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

as you scan the coupon codes these
are send to the computer and typed automatically

so, this is a simple method

to use this barcode scanner

no need for extra knowledge

No need of extra software

very simple, there is no complicated technology

just take it in your hand and scan the barcode you want,
  and it sends to the computer automatically

This is a special type of keyboard, in the real
life, it converts the barcode and sends it to the computer

you don’t need any extra brain

this is a type of keyboard, which
you hold on to the hand

it reads the barcode and types in the
computer automatically

it can work with many software like
Tally, Vyapar, Raintech

or with any AGS billing system’s

you can use any were

If you want to purchase this product, go to our

or you can give a message through Whatsapp

your next question would be

as we have brought the barcode scanner

and the software for billing also

but how to make barcode stickers

we have the solution for that also

we have TSC companies label printer

and it’s billing printer also

I have made detailed videos about
These two printers already

you can check the YouTube description

and Thank You for watching the video

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