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Black Mamba Sheet For Gold Foiling With LaserJet Printer Buy @

Black Mamba Sheet For Gold Foiling With LaserJet Printer Buy @

Black Mamba Sheet For Gold Foiling With LaserJet Printer Buy @

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Gold foil printing is a very simple method where we take printout from a laser jet printer and put gold foil roll on it into lamination machine all the printed toner converted into gold colour when it goes into the lamination machine. Using the black mamba brand sheet you can get a great finish and quality.


00:00 – Black Mamba Sheet For Gold Foiling
01:20 – Specialty of Mamba Sheet
02:45 – Printing in Black Sheet 03:25 – Gold Foiling Process
03:45 – Colour Options in Gold Foiling
04:40 – Process of Foiling Transparent Sheet
05:25 – Application of Gold Foil Transparent Sheet
06:30 – Other Business Options


Hello Everyone, and welcome to
Abhishek products by S.K.Graphics

I am Abhishek Jain

and in today’s special video we discuss
about what is mamba sheet

This is black colour A4 colour sheet

we say it as mamba sheet

In this full video, I am going to discuss, about
how this sheet is better than any other sheet

In the previous video, I have
told how to make transparent

wedding card, invitation card
or book cover with gold foil roll

or to make gold foil for your
the letterhead on the white base

For thesis binding how
the cover page is, printed

These all are discussed in the earlier videos

We have seen all videos and problems of the customers

and at the end, we got this sheet called Mamba sheet

This comes in the pack of 100s

We can courier this anywhere easily

I don’t say this is lightweight
product, it has some weight

Here is the 100 gsm’s Mamba sheet

This sheet’s name is mamba
because this sheet colour is jet black

I will tell you what is jet black

Here is our 400 micron visiting card

You can see light coming from the back

This visiting card of ours is printed, on
the powder sheet with an inkjet printer

and see how the light is
passing through this visiting card

Here is the black colour ordinary sheet which
you can get it from any stationary shop nearby you

When you pass light through this sheet,
the light passes through this sheet

  take the white colout paper

when you bring this over the light,
the light can pass through the paper

Obviously, you can see the light
through the transparent sheet

But when you bring this single Mamba sheet
over the light, the light does not pass through the paper

The light is still on

This sheet does not allow the light
to pass through, it absorbs the light

Now you may think, what is the secret behind
this and what is special about this sheet

This sheet does not allow the light,
the special thing about this sheet is

This sheet absorbs all the light

This sheet is also absorbing the
light coming from the tube light above

When you do gold foil in this sheet the
the result will be better than the other sheets

This sheets are heat-resistant sheet

When you laminate at 180 degrees or

or when you print this laser printer
like Konica, Workcenter, 6000 series,

with only laser printers

This is not compatible
with the inkjet printers

first, you have to print this
with colour or black & printer

If you print this in b&w only, your cost will be cheaper.

after printing in a b&w laser printer
you have to put the gold foil roll over it

you have to laminate this. We have modified
Sunkken brand heavy-duty lamination machine

I will show to that also

first, you have to take the
mamba sheet after that, take the gold foil

you have to print in the sheet with a laser
printer the put the gold foil over the sheet

put the gold foil over this sheet, then you have
to laminate with Snnken lamination machine

We have many colours of gold foil rolls

Gold, pink, green, rainbow silver,
light gold, red, blue, and our matt gold

a good finish is got with this matt gold roll

in the next video demo, I will show you
the output of matt gold + mamba sheet

and dark gold with mamba sheet

I will show you side-by-side so that
you will know the quality difference between the two

a dull gold finish and dull black
sheet the finishing will be very nice

in case if you want more glittering

then use bright gold over the dull
black sheet for more glitter effect

you have a chance to develop your creativity

and you can give the customers a unique choice

if you are not intersted in printing in black sheet

if you are intersted in transparent print

for printing on the transparent sheet, there are some
options and you can do a good innovation with this

On the back side, give a
b&w or colour print like this

when you turn this sheet, you can see the gold colour

or blue colour, a green colour or any gold colour you want

you can make many innovative products
with this gold foil roll and with mamba sheet

I will give you a small idea for you

imagine this is a glass door

we have taken a print-out in multi-colour
  over the transparent sheet

and stick over the glass like this

when the customer comes through
the glass door they will see the colours

and when they return they will see gold colour in
the transparent sheet or any colour you have used

so you can give more option for the customers

to creat a new thing

now you have got the mamba sheet also

by using this sheet, you can make an invitation
card or coupon card for the club or parties

you can make different things with this sheet

now we have made this sheet in only 100 gsm only

and in 100 gms itself we are getting a good result

In the future, we will try to make
bigger size and new variant in this sheet

This is available in

you can order it on online

There are many more products here. I
have no time to make a full video of each product.

To use Instagram is very easy
for me, and I am active on Instagram

if you are not joint with our Instagram
you can join us on the Instagram

In that, you can get minor updates on the products usually.

for making video takes time
but we are active in Instagram

we post some ideas daily

so you can joint that

if you are in Hyderabad, you can visit our showroom

where you can get A-Z machines
for starting a printing business

We are from Abhishek Products. Our
main job is to develop your side business.

this is our main business

if you have a small shop or a big shop

or an old shop, if you want to expand it

or if you want to escape from lock down

of if you want to develop
new business in your shop

if you want to work in small shops,
big shops or want to work at home

So I am sure to give some suggestions,
some ideas, or some products for you

to complete your target

That it for today

we will meet in the next video. Thank you.

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