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Biggest Whole Sales Market Of Id Card, Lamination, Binding, Cutting, Printing, Sublimation Machines

Biggest Whole Sales Market Of Id Card Lamination Binding Cutting Printing Sublimation Machines

Biggest Whole Sales Market Of Id Card, Lamination, Binding, Cutting, Printing, Sublimation Machines

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Biggest Whole Sales Market Of Id Card, Lamination, Binding, Cutting, Printing, Sublimation Machines | Complete set of machines for id card, lamination, binding material.


00:00 – Intro
00:10 – About the Previous video
00:21 – About today’s topic
00:34 – Our Address
01:02 – New display in Our Showroom
01:57 – Upcoming Video details
02:57 – Order Placing
03:36 – By Courier, Transport
03:51 – Materials we supply
04:16 – Raw Materials
04:34 – ID card Materials
04:53 – Thermal printers
05:19 – Spiral Binding Machines
05:55 – Heavy duty Spiral Binding machines
06:31 – Upload Spiral Binding machines
07:02 – 2-in-1 Spiral /wiro Binding machine
08:02 – Wiro Binding Machine
08:21 – Office Wiro Binding – small
08:47 – All types of cutters
10:12 – Ordinary cutters
11:45 – Trophy market products
12:36 – New Square Cutters
13:05 – New Custom Cutters
13:31 – Thermal Lamination Machines
14:15 – Hot Lamination Machines
15:26 – Button Badge Machine
16:10 – Heat Press Multicolour Machine
16:59 – Cold Lamination Machines
18:00 – Paper Cutters
18:14 – Contact through WhatsApp
19:46 – Paper Cutters
20:56 – Rotary Cutters
21:26 – Creasing & Perforation Machine
23:08 – Manual Creasing Machine
23:12 – Calendar D-cut Machine
23:19 – Corner Cutting Machine
23:31 – Inkjet Printers
23:52 – Heavy Duty Stapler
24:11 – Hole Punch
24:18 – Catalog Binding Machine
24:34 – Rim Cutter
25:37 – 3D Mobile Machine
25:45 – Mug Press Machine
25:52 – 5-in-1 Machine
26:07 – Fusing Machine
26:29 – Electric Spiral Binding Machine
27:06 – Conclusion


Hello everyone, I am from Abhishek
Products by S.K.Graphics Hyderabad

Recently we have made a
video of display showroom

Most of them asked to make another video
after the showroom is completed and send them

Our showroom is almost ready
and some more machines have to come

To give an overall basic Idea,
I am making this video again

Our shop name S.K.Graphics, Abhishek Products

Our main head office is in Secunderabad

Our Secunderabad address is

Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

Shop No.37

Minerva Complex

Ground floor


Secunderabad, pin code – 500003

for customers, we have made a new display here

you can say it is a display room or showroom

Machinery display or machinery
office or office for our account office

All-in-one experience center or hub
center of all products for the customers

we want to display in the best way of our
machinery, expertise, and technical knowledge

So that they visit here

So that we can give a good technical
knowledge to the customer in a good environment

I will slowly tell you technically about
what are machines we have and what parts

what type, what capacity, what quality,
what level of machines, what type of machines

one-by-one I will give
you the brief introduction

In the coming video, I will give you
individual machines full demo

Each machine will have a demo video

In which we will give full
technical details of the machines

In that video, we will tell you what to
do and what not to do with that machine

where to use this machine which industries to
use and which industries you must not use this

We like you to see all the videos we make

understand the video

After seeing this video you may know whether
this machine fits your work or your business

call us to place an order for that machine

If you are in Hyderabad you
can come directly to our office

If you are in other
district like Belgaum

Gulbarga, Beed or

in Telangana, Rajmantri, Visakhapatnam,

or in Tamilnadu of south India

Coonoor, Chennai

or if you are in Kerala, Trivandrum,
or anywhere in north India

Nagpur, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere

you can order it from anywhere

we receive your order

and send through by transport, by
  , DTDC, Professional courier

according to the machine size,
the weight we can send courier across India

Basically what is our job

today we are going to see overall products
only not the full details of the products

We deal with ID cards,
lamination, binding

post press machines, we deal with all these products

We supply raw materials, spare parts, accessories,

paper, lamination film and
the roller of all the machines we deal with

toner, ink, wiro, button badge material, ID
card material, we deal with all these things

When I talk about ID, in that come tag,

ID card paper, ID card products,
PVC sheets, PVC core, PVC overlay,

and in ID card comes the voter card, aadhaar
card, pan card, chip card, Canon card, Epson card

Thin access card, thick RF ID card

and also the printer to print
all this is a thermal printer

We can supply Datacard, Evolis and
recently we have tied up with Zebra company also

We can provide IN series and
IS series printer in Zebra company

Slowly we start the displayed machines

This is our brand Abhishek spiral binding
machine, which we provide in 3 sizes



and A3

In A4 machines there are 39 holes

In FS machines there are 45 holes

and 52 holes in the A3 machine

and this is Abhishek brand
down load model machine

This is a small range machine

which is used in small xerox shops

If you are working especially in binding works

If you have bulk work of

or 500 books or bulk work
of government or schools

This is our heavy-duty spiral binding machine

This is a very heavy machine its
weight is about 15 kg or above

you can put holes nicely, I think
you can put 15 to 20 papers at a time

I will make a separate video of this machine

at that time I will tell you technically how
much paper that can be punched at a time

This is Abhishek brands up load model spiral
binding machine because the paper is loaded upside

or you can say it as a top spiral binding machine

In this also we have two types one is 4-mm
machine and another one is a 5-mm machine

the small book means 100 pages or 150 pages

and in 5-mm, 400 pages or 350
pages or bigger books can be made

This is our latest innovative product

This is a 2-in-1 spiral/wiro binding
machine with hole adjustment

This is a unique machine in which you
can do the spiral binding and also wiro binding

you can do the hole adjustment

and also pressing for the paper and wiro at
the top, so you can say it as a 3-in-1 machine

This is a very good machine and a fast-moving item

You can punch 25 papers at-a-time

you can make or press up to

you can make up to 400 pages of spiral binding

and the cost of this machine is around Rs.10,000

For Rs.10,000 you will get heavy
duty spiral binding, heavy-duty wiro

and you can punch 25 pages at-a-time

This is the best deal on our new showroom

or special deal for YouTube viewers

This is a normal machine and this is heavy
duty machine two of them looks similar

In this machine, you can do only wiro

In this also we have two types

If you do wiro binding you may
know what is 2:1 and what is 3:1

we give two types of machines in the same model

This machine is used in the small offices

where they need to bind their reports of their own

the hole is punched at the bottom and pressing is done at the top

This ends the binding section

In binding, there are more machines,
which we tell you in the future

closing this section, we see the cutters

In cutter, we have 54×86 cutters

This is ID card size cutter, this is an access card size cutter,

You may be seen many times which is used in many companies

It is used after pasting a sticker over it

for that card, this cutter is used

for that card, this cutter is used

In Maharashtra people say
this a nano card or mini card

In Hyderabad south India we say it as 86 number

it is said to be 86 number size cutter

Some say this as Parthu cutter

so you can get this cutter also from us

This is a belt cutter, you can see the belt their

The sticker over the belt is cut with this cutter

We manufacture the Abhishek brand key chain also

This is the keychain cutter which
size is 25×55, single-side keychain

This is the badge cutter one is small
and another is big which is used in schools

this is 22×71 and this is a 29×84 size cutter

These all are heavy-duty cutters which are made from heavy iron

the weight of each machine is 5-kg

Heavy duty, long life, and strong

These machines are made with low grade
aluminum, the machine is not low grade

these aluminum cutter have lightweight body

Those who want low-cost machines

or those who have small-term business

or new to the business

initially, they don’t want
to invest in this big cutters

they want low investment cutters

for that customers, we have a range of cutter

We have many cutters rather than this and also more sizes than this

Because we want to give a quick idea
about what are the product we are having

What are products you can get from
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

We are working hard and supplying materials for 25 years

We have made this video to give an idea for you

This video is to show what are the product capacity

that Abhishek Products By S.K.Graphics can supply

Here is the 27×40.5 before that
I have told you about the belt cutter

again here is a 25×55 key chain cutter

here are 22×71 and 29×84 these two are separate cutters, small and big

You may know the yo-yo or retractor

clip near the belt to hang ID card

this cutter is to cut the round sticker of the yoyo

From here starts the trophy market products

you can get a 25×25 round cutter

are the round size cutters

These round cutters are
mostly used in the trophy market

when you are making the trophies or badges

You may face difficulties when
cutting in a round shape with scissors

When you are doing political projects
you need a round cutter for ribbon badges

so that your production is easy, your
work is fast, lower labor charges,

your production time is fast, your delivery time is fast

and your finishing and quality
is constant at the economic price

Here we have started an
experiment size of square cutters

If you want to make a sticker or label

We have started an experiment
of different sizes of square cutters

and one of them was 70×100 which is the hit model cutter

and these two models are also becoming
more popular in events and exhibitions slowly

this size is 40×80 and this size is 50×90

and we have three more cutters here, one is 32×32
this is made especially for the customer’s demand

This was the customer’s demand to make visiting card
size cutter, because they had an electricity problem in their village

they asked to make a die cutter, so we
made this 55×90 size visiting card die cutter

Now we are going to see short
display of lamination machines

we have many varieties of lamination machine

Because we have no time today
we are showing some of them

This is a roll-to-roll thermal lamination machine

some people call this hot lamination
machine technically is a wrong term

I would say guys please use
the term thermal lamination

Thermal lamination and hot lamination
two of them are different products

This is basically a roll-to-roll machine, at the top
one roll is loaded and at the bottom, one roll is loaded

and the cutting option is given here

from here paper is fed with lamination film

the paper goes from here and it is laminated
from top and bottom comes outside

and our xerox shop owners, photo studios, e-Seva, Meseva,

we supply these machines to the small xerox shops

Here is the JMD’s 12-inch machine

XL-12 which is imported
from Pingda company China

Here is XL-18 which is an 18-inch machine

This is a GMP machine which is
imported from Korea, its cost is Rs.15,000

very heavy duty, very responsible, and long life

Here below is the Excelam XL-12 machine,
and at the top is the Pingda companies Excelam eco-12

This is the lowest range in lamination
machine and fast-moving products

Here is the Snnken brand lamination machine
which is our product, imported from china

we have seen other average machines,
but this is best heavy-duty machine

because we have used heavy rolls and
the motherboard inside so that it has a long life

this is a button badge machine

you say it as button badge machine or pin
badge machine or metal badge machine

and also pocket badge

We have two sizes in this

We will make a separate video, and
tell all the technical detail about it

Actually, we have made a video about this, visit our
Abhishek Products YouTube channel for more details

In that, you will get a video of this button
badge and we are slowly improving our brands

we will make better videos for the customers

one more video will be made
with audio & video of the machine

Now we talk about this machine, this is

In this machine, you have temperature control,
duration control and it has a big power switch

In this, you can make multicolour tag or muticolour lanyard,

In Utter Pradesh, it is said as “Petee”

and in the Mumbai side, it said “Dori”

and in south India, it is called a tag or lanyard

We have supplied this machine
in many parts of India like,

Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, in Kerala
we have supplied 3 machines in Trivandrum

Those who want to start multicolor tag
industries they must buy this machine first

You can see the elaborate display
of our cold lamination machines

we have many sizes because we have no
time today, we are showing some of them today

This is our manufactured product

Which is a 14-inch cold lamination machine

it’s very heavy duty, very red, just like our logo

Moving forward this is a 25-inch cold
lamination machine imported from china

here is the 30-inch cold lamination machine

and here is the 40-inch cold lamination machine

if you have a vinyl business or flex market

if you run a photo studio,
please contact us, call us

comment on the YouTube channel

You can place an order there, it is hot
moving products in photo studio industries

Now we see these cutters, we
have more variety cutter than this

In the future, we will make a
overall better video for the cutters

Watch all the machines and
videos, on YouTube, and call us

Before calling message through the WhatsApp first

Communicate first through WhatsApp

If you want any technical detail, item or any
photos first message through Whatsapp

from that, we can give a better response
or better idea about the product

Through phone some time we
will be busy or you will be busy

sometime we could take the call
due to the volume of the customers

My request is, first message through WhatsApp

Send your visiting cards
photo and product photo

We also send the machine photos, price,
catalog, demo video, etc., as soon as possible

watch the demo video and get satisfied

If you want heavy duty machine, confirm the order and call us

Discuss about the product we will give the
clear and transparent detail about the rate

So that we can give parcel easily

if you are near Hyderabad,
Secunderabad please visit our office

See our full physical store, see
our full physical display so that you

if you understand the machine, it
will be easy for you to run the business

How it will be easy to run the business is
that when you see and understand the machines

then only you can get orders from
customers, or if you have your own work

when you see the machine you can decide
what work can be done with this machine

These are the cutter imported from
china A4 size, legal size, and A3 size

In between, we have kept the black FS size cutter

Here is the Abhishek brand cutter,
many time people have copied this cutter

Many of them had copied this cutter

some of the painted this light
weight white cutter to black

Our original black colour cutter
can cut laminated paper also

It can cut PVC card, cardboard,
kappa board and also the magnet

We have many friends who work in the
magnet industries, they had to cut magnets

or aluminum sheets, so for that
purpose we have designed this product

and also it is a good product in xerox market

some of them painted the white colour
cutter to black and said it as heavy duty cutter

so please understand which is heavy-duty cutter

In heavy-duty cutter it is written Abhishek Product in it

If you lift this you can know that,
being heavy duty machine, it is also so heavy

These are our rotary cutters

In this also we have many sizes

The fast-moving cutter is this 14 inch
cutter, some of them say it as A3 cutter

and this is a 40-inch rotary cutter

These are used in colleges,
schools, xerox centers,

If you are entering into ID card industry,

the first machine after multicolour machine is
this is because you have to cut ID card PVC card

Going forward here is the post-press machine

if you have offset work, we have
some machines connect to offset

This is the mini version of creasing
perforation and half-cutting machine

Here you can do creasing,
perforation, half cutting, adjust the paper

This is a small machine you can get big hydraulic
machine or electronic motorized machine also in the market

This is also a small electric machine

The benefit of this machine is

If big work of yours is going on, and
you want to give a sample to the customer

If a regular customer comes
for 5 or 10-piece perforation

You can’t disturb the big machine

If you keep a small machine,
you can do the small work also

Before investing Rs.1 lakhs or 1.5
lakhs of rupees in perforation business

with low investment buy this small machine
and test how your business is going on

Once I will buy a small machine with Abhishek
Products before buying the big machine

test with the small machine, so that you
can buy big machine according to your business

buying this small machine first you see how
much order is coming, is it 10,000 or 5,000 orders

see how is your business in your city or
village is it 100 papers order or 1000 paper order

so that you will get an idea

Before taking a big risk in the business
you can test with a small machine

Similarly the manual creasing machine

If you make a calendar, this is
the calendar D-cut machine

Here is the corner cutting machine

This is the visiting card corner cutting machine

keep the visiting card and press this
Handel down and round corner is cut

If you are doing the photo studio work
we have an Epson L805 printer, L850 printer

you can get 3110, 3150, L5190, 6170, 6190
and many more printers at a competitive rate

you can get a Kangaro stapler

you can get Kangaro hole punch

Here is a stapler that can
staple 250 pages at a time

here is the Kangaro’s center pining stapler

in the center, you can staple 250 pages

here is the Kangaro’s hole punch machine

At a time it can punch 300,200 or 50 holes of 6-mm

Here is the catalog binding or
stapler binding or center pining machine

with this small machine, you can test
your business and buy the big machines

Nowadays every post-press and p-press has the rim cutter

This is a small rim cutter that is manual

If you want to buy a big hydraulic rim cutter
you will get Germany’s second-hand machine

nowadays first hand rim cutter is manufactured in Punjab and Haryana

before investing 10 lakhs or 15 lakhs in
the big machine first invest in this small machine

invest and test your market

if you brought a big machine of Rs.10 lakhs or

before doing that invest Rs.10,000 or Rs.15,000 in
this small machine and see how your business is going on

This is the rim cutter, the company says it cuts 450 pages

you can cut 450 pages of 70 gsm paper easily

we have many customers of photo studios,
sublimation printers, mobile printers, and online shop work

we have many sublimation machines for them

Here is a 3D mobile printing machine

In this 360 degree of mobile printing is done

You may see this machine, which is common now

This is a mug press machine

here is the 5-in-one machine

Why do you say 5-in-one machine because it can
print T-shirt, mug or cup, cap, plate, saucer, towel also

In a heavy-duty machine you can get a fusing machine

Here are the 20 cards fusing machine

and here is the 100 cards fusing machine

What is a fusing machine, fusing
the machine is used in the ID card industry

fusing machine is used to make PVC card

Here is the 1 hp electric spiral binding machine or 4-mm and 5-mm

it has pedal control and 1 hp motor from Kerala

It has hardened metal, so that
it gets a long life and heavy duty

So friends this was the video made for you
about the products and machines we have

About our machines, showroom, expertise, technical ideas

Tell how was this video in the YouTube
comment section, and please like share this video

Tell what are the other products
that we can supply for you

If we don’t have particular products we
will make it in stock that products quickly

Thank you!

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