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3D, Flower, Satin Matt, Khadhi, Canvas Cold Lamination Film Roll Buy @

3D Flower Satin Matt Khadhi Canvas Cold Lamination Film Roll Buy @

3D, Flower, Satin Matt, Khadhi, Canvas Cold Lamination Film Roll Buy @

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Special Cold lamination Film that are one of a kind and widely used in photo studios and photo frames. Use cold lamination to create amazing photo frame, photo studios Prints and portrait photographs with long lasting and durable finish such as flower, Sparkle, canvas, 3D and matte finish along with the new and latest khadi finish of cold lamination films.


00:00 – Types of Cold Lamination Films
01:26 – Flower Cold Lamination 02:16 – Glitter/Sparkle Cold Lamination 02:50 – Canvas Cold Lamination Film 03:42 – 3d Cold Lamination Film 04:38 – Matt Cold Lamination Film
05:41 – Khadhi Cold Lamination Film


Hello everyone and welcome to
  Abhishek products, by S.K.Graphics

in today’s video, we are going
  to discuss about the special product

which name is a cold lamination film

we have told in the first
  video about the cold lamination

how it is used in ID cards

Today we are going to see

how this cold lamination film

which is 13 inches and length 50 meters

How to give unique look using this small roll

for photo album and how
  to use this as the mobile sticker

this cold lamination is a form of a sticker

which is laminated through
  the cold lamination machine

plastic sticker is laminated over
  the printed paper

This is the definition of cold lamination

If you want more information
  about the cold lamination machine

or if you want more information about
  cold lamination

in the description, there is a video link

in which you can understand about the
  cold lamination machine and process

and in this video, we talk about
  the different types of cold lamination films

and our first variety is

we have 6 varieties of cold lamination film
  and the first variety is a flower

flower cold lamination

when you see carefully

I will zoom and show you

you can see every place everywhere

flower and leaves pattern is there

which will give a unique look

for photo albums or for mobile sticker lamination

for that, you will get a unique and different look

your customer will get will this only from you
  and nowhere else

The pattern you see is on the top of
  the cold lamination film

you will take this print out in any digital printer

and you laminate this with this film
  will give this flower pattern

so this was the latest and new flower pattern

Second is the famous pattern called SPARKLE
  or GLITTER cold lamination

from the name, you may know this clearly

very shinning and glitter effect

it looks like stars shinning feel and
  gives rich look for photos

and when you are making a photo album

if any lady is wearing gold or
  receiving any gifts

gold gets the shinning look with this

  which is very common

In photo frame industries and in photo studios

and has become very common in mobile sticker

I will tell after zooming

the specialty of this canvas is that

after laminating with this canvas
  the print looks like a painting

and this theme runs with us and the print
  has to be taken accordingly

and on the top, it has a dot, dot line, checks and
  mesh pattern over it which look over the photo

So this gives an interesting look for
  the photos and designs

Next is our

  regularly through our website

this is called 3D cold lamination

the main feature of this is this gives the
  holographic or 3D look for your print out

and it reflects the light in a different direction

I will show you after zooming

like this, this reflects the light in a different direction
  different designs in a different direction

reflects light in different types

so it gives an interesting look for the
  photos and designs

we call this 3D cold lamination

as your printout and design is

you will purchase cold lamination film
  accordingly and the result will be fine

Our next design is MATT cold lamination
  the film which is very common and very popular

matt means rough

it is also called satin lamination many times

so this gives a rough finishing or a
  dull finish and the light is not reflected

which gives a dull look and rich finish

I am telling you after zooming

like this, a dull finish outcome will
  get with this

and there is small random dots all over the film

and the light is not reflected

you can also make a photo frame

you can’t see tube light or any light
  on this surface

the reflection will be smooth

if you want low reflection you must
  use matt lamination

Last but not least is our latest and newest cold
  lamination film KHADI COLD LAMINATION

khadi means fabric, it is made with that concept

this is a lamination sticker film look
  like khadi fabric

it gives a feel of the cloth to the print

there is a small pattern inside

the long line in the fabric khadi is also found
  in this lamination film also

so this is called khadi cold lamination

So now you must have known our 6 types
  of special cold lamination film

and if you find any interesting cold
  lamination film in this

and if you want to resale or if you want to
  use it for your products

log on to our website

if you have any technical doubts

then make full use of our YouTube comment section

then give full suggestion or idea and
also, ask if you have any technical doubts

we reply as soon as possible

and if you do mobile sticker business

for that also we can supply cold lamination film

if you are doing mobile sticker retail work

for that, we have this in roll form and also in
  cut piece sheet A4

and if you are doing photo studio business
  or photo frame business

so we have this in roll form and you will
  get in bulk wholesale rate

and if you want to buy physically in our stores

so you will get our address in the
  description below

and if you have not to joint our Telegram channel yet

and there is a link for that also in the description

please join that also and you will
  get updates all the time

and thank you very much for watching till the end

and thank you

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