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Spare Parts For Lamination Machine & Die Cutter Gears, Switches, Heater Lamps & Rod, Motor, Roller

Spare Parts For Lamination Machine Die Cutter Gears Switches Heater Lamps Rod Motor Roller

Spare Parts For Lamination Machine & Die Cutter Gears, Switches, Heater Lamps & Rod, Motor, Roller

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Complete List Of Spare Parts Available For Lamination Machine Such As Heater Rod Heating Lamps Lamination Machine Motors Machine Pcb Circuit Board And Motherboards Along With Lamination Machine Gear Switches And Transistors We Also Provide Feeding Rollers For Lamination Machine And Extra Spare Played For Id Card Die Cutters.


00:00 – Spare Parts For Lamination Machine & Die Cutter
00:15 – why Use Spare Parts
01:00 – List Of Spare Parts
02:45 – Difference Between Heavy & Mini Machine
03:41 – DCE Heater Rods
04:10 – Lamination Machine Heater Lamps
05:11 – Lamination Machine Motors
05:55 – Lamination Machine PCB/Circuit Board
06:28 – Lamination Machine Gears
06:52 – Lamination Machine Switches
07:17 – Lamination Machine Theristor
07:35 – Lamination Machine Rollers
08:34 – Terms & Condition For Taking Spare Parts
09:36 – ID Card Die Cutter Blade


Hello everyone and welcome to
Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

and in today’s video, we are going to
talk about some of the key spare parts

that I use in a different kind
of lamination machines

and die cutters and their
compatibility with these products

use of spare parts can improve
your existing quality of the machine

or extend their life by replacing the old parts

there are many spare parts in the machine that

are some of the key parts
  for its maintenance and its life

and these are some of the
  parts that we have shown today

and let’s talk about each of
  the spare parts individually

and let’s talk about how you can
  purchase these products from us

before we do all of the stuff

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so today we talk about the heater rod

lamps for smaller A3 mini machines

  and lamps for heavy-duty A3 machines

lamination motors for

bigger A3 size machines and
smaller A3 size lamination machines

or you can say mini machines

similarly, we have motherboards for
regular duty or mini A3 lamination machines

and heavy-duty motherboards for

heavy duty lamination machines

we have 30 teeth gear, 29
  teeth gear and 25 teeth gear

in case you don’t know what teeth are

This is called teeth one, two, three, and four like
  this 25 teeth and hence we have written the number 25

to make you understand
that this is 25 teeth gear

then we have two different types of switches

which is three pins and two pin

and we have a thermistor

which is quite often used as a temperature
modulator or temperature controller

then we have a feeding roller

for lamination machines

this is for mini lamination machines

and this is for heavy-duty lamination machines

apart from these parts of products we also have

die cutter, die cutter blade

this is a die cutter blade

and it looks something like this

and it is used to replace your old blade
to get a new sharp cut for PVC ATM ID cards

so let’s talk about these products in detail now

When I say A3 heavy lamination machine

I mean Excelam Lamination machine XL 12

A3 professional Snnkenn lamination machine

this is the brand of Snnkenn which is
the heaviest quality lamination machine

This is JMD lamination XL12, Neha Lamination 550

Neha Laminator In 440

These set of machines we
call it A3 heavy machines

and there are many models compatible

with heavy quality or heavy grade
but these are the some popular model

Similarly when I say mini lamination machines

I mean Excelam Eco 12,

Snnkenn lamination 220,

and Neha lamination eco

and Similarly, many other models exist but
these are some of the popular models

Now let us talk with that context to this products

This heating rod is for DC lamination machines

DC lamination machines are the old manual
machines that require a carrier to print

this is based on the very old method of lamination

but still due to cost-cutting
  a lot of our north Indian markets

these rods are still been used

these machines are also been used

so we still provide these kinds of rods

Then we have for mini A3
machines we have heater lamps

So in our south Indian market which is
Andhara, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu

where people are hungry for quality

so we supply these kinds
  of heating lamps for them

over a period of time, these lamps break

or get damaged or coating wears off

so you can change this rod
in order to maintain the quality

of your lamination machine

similarly to the mini machines
for the heavy machines we have

heating rods which are a bit
  thick, these are a bit fat and a bit strong

and much more durable

because these are thicker
  then the mini machines lamp

They can generate more heat

and these come in a set of two

they are connected with a wire you can also cut

the wire in between then
  re-attach to some other lamp

But we generally sell in sets of two

similarly, we have mini motors and heavy motors

these mini motors come with the capacity of

which runs on electricity of 60Hz

and have 5 radius per minute of speed

similarly, we have heavy
duty motors which can

rotate lot more load with high pressure,
high volume and for longer hours

these run on similar electricity

parameter as the mini machines

then we have something very important here

which is called PCB or the motherboard

or some people also call it the circuit board of the machine

This is obliviously for the
  mini lamination machine

it is a small board because
it consumes less electricity

and has various transistor and
  transmitters to control the speed, temperature

and duration and the direction of the machine

vice versa we have this 220watts motherboard or PCB

which is very commonly used in most
of the heavy-duty lamination machine

then we have these 30 teeth,
  29 teeth and 25 teeth gears

these gears are quiet
common in heavy-duty machines

and they are very much important to
deliver good pressure to your lamination

in order to get good quality
  output without any bubbles

then we have this small product which
are three-pin switches and two-pin switches

these switches control the reverse forward

heat, cold

on and off buttons of
  the lamination machines

they are also widely used
  in number of other products

which we talk about later

then we have the thermistor

a thermistor is very important in order to control
  the temperature and we provided a complete set

so when you rotate it, it releases
certain electric signals to machines

which is connected to the
  motherboard which controls the rollers

so let us talk about the rollers

in roller also we have two varieties

this is for the mini machines
and this is for the heavy machines

for the mini machines, the rollers are very thin

because the machine is mini
it has to be in a very small format

in a small compact format

so the rollers are very small this is the very reason

mini machines can only do
laminations perfectly for 125 micron

and they can also do for 250
microns but of not great quality

if you want to do 250 microns and 350
micron then you will have to purchase

a heavy-duty model of A3 lamination

and we supply this kind
  of spare parts of the roller

this is a thick orange colour heavy duty roller

and it can process
  lamination of 350 microns also

so these are the spare parts
  for the lamination machine

and we have this one
spare part for die cutter

and in case you are wondering
  these spare parts look a little old

they have a little bit of scratches
and well in that case you are right

and you are perfectly correct in thinking so

because when you going to purchase this
products they are going to be in similar condition

I would like to repeat myself

if you are going to order
these products from us

  they are going to be in a similar condition

because all of these products are
reconditioned products

and we purchase them, from a distributor who
supplies various machines and their spare parts

so before you order please keep
  this in mind and place order with us

I don’t want to demotivative from purchasing from us

or give you a negative taught but

since it’s my duty to inform you that
this is the way, and this is the process

is what you are going to get

I just want to reinform you the same

and last let us talk about the die cutter blade

this is the die cutter blade it comes
  in slightly burnished or brown colour finish

and this is the way you are going to receive it

probably not this piece but some other piece

but be in the similar condition

this is how it look from the front

and this is how it looks from behind

and there are two groves coming out of it

in case you are wondering
when it fits into the die cutter

this blade will move front and
  back in order to do the die cutting

and the size is 54×86 millimeter

so these are some of the spare parts that we
  have for lamination machines and die cutters

there are many more spare parts that we deal in with

but since we want to keep this video
  short we have only displayed these products

these products are some of the most
common spare parts we supply

as they are commonly used
  in order to upgrade the machine

make the machine in running condition again

in case you want to purchase any of these products

you can go to our website

if you are looking for some
other specific spare parts

you can contact us via WhatsApp I have written
  the WhatsApp number in the description below

and in case you still have certain
doubts if you have certain doubts feedback

you can leave us a YouTube comment
  and we will try to communicate

to you from there

and thank you for watching
the video to complete the end

and we are grateful to you give us your time

Thank you!

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