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Manage Stock using Excel Sheet & Barcode Scanner [Simple Method] Buy @

Manage Stock using Excel Sheet Barcode Scanner Simple Method Buy @

Manage Stock using Excel Sheet & Barcode Scanner [Simple Method] Buy @

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If you’re managing stock for a retail business or materials to be used in manufacturing, you know how critical inventory management can be for optimizing sales and productivity. This stock inventory control template can help you identify when it’s time to reorder stock, reduce excess inventory, access supplier information, and easily locate items in storage. It’s easy to view the entire lifecycle of your stock using barcode scanner.


00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Excel Sheet Layout
02:40 – Enter Your Product List and Stock
04:36 – Enter Product In Entry – Purchase Entry
06:35 – Entry Product Out Entry – Sales Entry
08:00 – Checking Inventory Stock Report


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products

I am Abhishek Jain

and in today’s video, we will tell you

how to use the barcode scanner

and manage the whole inventory

up to more then 1000 products

for this, we are using simple
Retsol barcode scanner

and we have made a special excel sheet for this job

and in that sheet, we enter these all products

we tell you how to manage all this
product in and out full stock management

and how to take a full report
  about how much stock left

and how much sales have been done

so let us start this video

so first we move on to the excel sheet

here we have made an excel sheet

we open this excel sheet

and after opening the excel sheet
an option comes “Enable Content” click that

and in this excel sheet, you can enter up to

with date, colour, and size

and at the bottom, we have made 4 tabs

first one is the item list

in this, you have to enter what
are the items you have one time

the second one is the inventory in which
shows the report how much stock you have

if you have 1000 products, it will show all the status

how much has come in and gone
  out and how much stock you have

and here is the “IN” which means how much
the product you have purchased from the market

and brought to the shop is entered here

and here is “OUT” how much product
  you have sold, this entry is done here

and I will show you a demo
of this whole excel sheet

and before starting if you want to
purchase this barcode scanner with us

go below the comment section where go to the first
comment section there you can get the website link

from there you can purchase this scanner

if you want this excel sheet from us

  that is also possible

go to the comment section below

there you will get a link, with that link
you can purchase this excel sheet also

first, we start from the item list

Click the item list and
the product is opened

here I have written our shop
  name Abhishek Products

you can type your shop name

like D.K.Enterprises

when you click ok for D.K.Enterprises, all the
inventory will change to D.K.Enterprises automatically

like that this is a sample
company name D.K.Enterprises

we are going to do stock management for that

first, you have to put the
codes, code of the barcodes

first, we will take our barcode

when we press this button
a red colour light starts glowing

then we bring the barcode

when we scanned the bar code it is
entered in the excel sheet automatically

enter the item name and the item name is a pickle

and this item’s name is
pickles and its colour is white

similarly, it has some size

like that we scan 2ⁿᵈ, 3ʳᵈ and 4ᵗʰ

as we scanned the barcodes the codes
details are stored automatically in excel

and now we give the full details of that

now we have put all the details in it

here is 5 item we have put all
  5 item’s name, colour, and size

in some products you don’t
need to enter colour and size

and at that point, you can leave that empty

or you can write something else

you can enter full details in one line

like 2-inch paper roll white 15
meters in one line or different in cells

So this is the item’s list

imagine in this shop you have only 5 items

so there will be only 5 items in the list

and the inventory report is made automatically,
here you don’t need to change anything

this is done automatically

at today’s date the codes, item, colour, and size is this

how many items had come in
and how many items have gone out

and the total stock is zero because
  we have not done any transaction

imagine the next day has come

and we come to this report

at first, we enter the date 05-05-2021

and here we enter the codes

“ITEMS” which means what
are the items you purchased today

we select the in button

imagine I have brought a paper roll today

when we scanned the paper roll
automatically item, colour, and size have come

imagine today I have purchased 50 quantity

so I type 50 here

and again when I went to market
I have brought these 5 dragon packets

for a new entry, you have to put the date first

before scanning the barcode select the codes
cell in excel and then scan the barcode

and scan the barcode

after scanning the name dragon sheet
will automatically come and the quantity here

imagine we have purchased 5 quantity

and we have gone to the market again the next day

imagine the next day is 7ᵗʰ

and on the 7th date, we went to market
  and purchased the calendar punch

and when we scanned, it is has
automatically has come here calendar punch

and we have purchased 6 pieces

and we come back to the inventory

and here it shows that you
  have 2-inch paper quantity is 50 today

and dragon sheet stock
is 5 and calendar punch 6

and the final stock is the same

imagine after two or three days
we have started to sell things

so we have to sell things in the 10th date

On the 10th date what are the things we sold

imagine we have sold the paper roll

we scan this again

as we scan all the details that have come here

and imagine that we have sold 10 pieces

and also dragon sheet

sorry, the wrong cell selected in the excel

first, we put the date

first, we put the date

we scan the dragon sheet again

as we scan all the details have come here automatically

we sold this one piece only

and imagine on the other day we sold

first, we have to put the next day’s date

and the next day we sold this calendar punch

we sold 2 pieces of calendar punch

and we come to the inventory

as we come to the inventory

the item that we sold is “TOTAL OUT”

and here it sold 10 pieces and here one piece and here two-piece

and the final stock is here

you can put this excel sheet in your godown

from godown, you can manage
how many products are going in and out

or if you have small shops

or if you have any manufacturing
  jobs or packaging jobs

or if you have a factory of your own

with this excel sheet you
can match exact stock in hand

and you can do many
work with this excel sheet

it’s not necessary to use only this excel sheet

you can also use dedicated
the software also like tally

Vyapar, Elbow, Zoho you can work with this software also

this barcode scanner is
compatible with that software also

I am giving an idea of how
to use this barcode scanner

if you don’t want to use other software

if you have difficulties with other software

you only understand excel
sheet you can do this work

imagine if you have entered any item wrongly

imagine that we have not yet brought
the pickel item in the excel sheet

and you want to sell this
thing, you can do this also

and in the inventory file
it says it is negative file

because you have not entered this item in the
in item list so this inventory is showing negative file

in this excel sheet we have developed

any mistakes also displayed

so this is simple idea or example how your product is managed

and when you are using this excel
sheet you can enter upto 1000 products

and it will show 1000
product inventory also

and there is no limit for item in and out

you can enter 10,000 or 20,000 entries

you can enter as many entries
you can and data will go on and on

and the concept is very simple

if you understand our idea or if
  you undestand our small tutorials

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Share and Comment our video

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like this we bring small products
and small, small idea like this

I am Abhishek Jain with Abhishek Products

and we have only job, to
develop your side business

and this is our main business

so thank you for watching

and wait until the next video

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