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Easily Make Scratch Cards By Your Self in 6×30, 8×40 Size Buy Online

Easily Make Scratch Cards By Your Self in 6x30 8x40 Size Buy Online

Easily Make Scratch Cards By Your Self in 6×30, 8×40 Size Buy Online

Short Description​

This Is A Ready-made Scratch Sticker, Available In Multiple Sizes In A Long Roll Form.
The Scratch Sticker Comes In A Unique Zebra Pattern Which Peels Off When You Scratch It It Reveals The Text Printed Beneath It. The Scratch Sticker Is Temperature Resistant And Can Be Stored For A Longer Period Of Time.
Store It In A Moisture Controlled Environment That Is You Need To Prevent Extra Exposure From Air.

The Scratch Sticker Is Pre Laminated From Inside In Such A Way That It Can Be Readily Pasted On Any Surface Such As Plastic, Metal, Paper, Plastic, Laminate Board.


00:00 – Intro
00:13 – About Readymade Scratch Label
00:19 – Available Sizes
00:34 – Scratch label Rolls
00:44 – Labels you can print in one roll
00:58 – About Mini Roll
01:20 – How to use Scratch Labels
02:37 – Quality of the Scratch Label
03:09 – How to scratch
03:41 – Glossy finish under the Scratch Label
04:05 – Surfaces you can stick the Scratch Labels
05:00 – Sizes available
05:14 – Easy to work
06:01 – How to order the Scratch Labels
06:43 – Our Address
06:57 – Our Showroom
07:36 – Conclusion


Hello everyone, Welcome to another video

Today we are going to talk about

Readymade scratch labels

Readymade scratch labels

This is available in a zebra pattern

We have two sizes of this

first size 6 x 30 millimeter

and the second size is 8×40 millimeter

These scratch labels come in the roll format

This comes in the big rolls

this is a small-size roll

and this is big size roll

in the small size roll, it has around 30,000 labels

and in the big size roll around 15,000 labels

you want the labels and if you
don’t want this quantity of labels

so don’t worry about it, we have another
A small roll of 200 labels is also available

we supply 200 labels also

now we talk about how to use these readymade scratch labels

if you are the printer or digital printer or
offset printer or if have graphic designer work

then these labels will be very useful

how to use this label

you can see now when you
  turn this paper a sticker comes out

you don’t need to do anything
  just take this sticker out, simple

the sticker has come out

and its finishing is got exactly

and its round corner is also printed correctly

and its straight line is perfect

imagine this is the lottery tickets

imagine if you are making the
lottery ticket for the customer

let us assume this as the number

this is the lottery number and you want to hide it

imagine this is the lottery
  number and you want to hide it

just paste this over the number like this

and press it like this

you pressed this sticker and the sticker is ready

this sticker is pasted well and it’s not
falling and when you bend it also bend

to make such a good quality is a difficult thing

you can see the dark lines are sharp

and when you bend no creasing is formed

or fold is formed and also no cut
is also formed in the sticker

so like this you can check the
  quality of the label

of your scratch label stickers

  so the number is hidden

imagine you have supplied this lottery to your customer

and they will give to their customer

so the customer scratch the label

when you scratch it this sticker will be removed completely

and you can see the numbers behind the sticker

and like this method this full project ends

when you turn this card you
can find a transparent glow on it

a reflection of glossy paper

basically, we have put this intentionally

so that the hidden number is highlighted

second, this is because this has a glossy finish
it allows the scratch label to stick on any surface

what is the surface you can stick this label

you can stick it on the textured paper

stick on map litho paper or bulk 80 gsm or

you can stick it on visiting card which comes in 300 gsm paper

you can also stick in the PVC non-
the tearable sheet which comes nowadays

and also in the Technova company sheet also

you can stick this in all these sheets

you don’t need to do any thermal lamination for the paper

and don’t need to do any finishing to the paper

imagine if you have any screen-printed paper

full tint paper you can stick on that also

you don’t have any limitations for this

in this, we have two sizes 6×30 and 8×40

so we have made two sizes big and small

the fast-moving size in
  the market is this size 6×30

so that your work will be easy

you can entertain small or big works of customers

and you can deliver at scheduled time

half of the work of making sticker

you have made the number hiding
work easy by sticking the readymade sticker

you not only improve your work quality

your efficiency is also improving
and your time is also saved

pasting this sticker to the paper is a very easy job

if you want to order this product from us

if you want to courier or want parcel in large quantity

so you can WhatApp to this number

in WhatsApp give the
  quantity and so and so quantity

give address and Pincode

we immediately give its cost,

transport charges or home
delivery charge whatever it be

we give it in a return format like a quotation

we will share our bank details also

and we can continue our talks on WhatsApp

and this is our WhatsApp number 9000876891

we are situated in Hyderabad
and this is our Hyderabad address

Abhishek Products shop number 37
Ground floor, Minerva Complex, S.D.Road Secunderabad


pincode 03

when you visit us

visit our showroom also, our
the showroom looks something like this

in this showroom, we have around 207 machines detail display

incoming videos we will give total detail about the showroom

here you can see 207 machines we will
make a video of each machine soon

in which you can know complete details and services

and know about expertise

and maintain business relations with us

Thank you !

and to know more about updates,
products and technical videos

subscribe our video

message through the WhatsApp number given below

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