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Heavy Duty Spiral Binding Machine, Especially For Xerox Shop Owners, Dtp Centres, Meeseva, Ap Online, Csc Supply Centres. Machine Is For Commercial Use And Best For Spiral Binding Binding Textbook, Binding, Printing In Xerox Shops. It Is Available In Many Sizes Such As A4, Fs, A3 You Can Order The Products Online At Or Call Us At Our Whatsapp Number. Check Full Description.


00:00 – Intro
00:45 – What Is Spiral Rings
01:41 – How to Do Spiral Binding
02:55 – Punching Papers
03:59 – Aligning Papers
04:19 – Putting Spiral Into Pages
05:10 – Locking Spiral


Hello and welcome to Abhishek Products

and you are now inside our showroom

and in this video, we are going to tell about

about spiral binding machine

this brand is from Abhishek products

this is available in three
size A4, legal or FS, and A3 size

in this video, I am going
to tell a small demo about it

how the spiral binding is done with this machine

for spiral binding we need papers

with that you need plastic sheets also

we supply plastic sheets also

after that you need to spiral, we say
this spiral, the spiral is of different sizes

it starts with, 8 mm and is available up to 52 mm in size

and every size is available like this pack

this one pack contains many spirals nearly one kilo

spiral is off long size, you
have to cut like this small piece

this spiral is off 12 millimeter

with this 1 kilo pack, you can make about 200 books

with this 1 pack

as the spiral size increases the number of
books you can make in A4 size decreases

each size has a ratio to making books

now we are going to tell about
actually how to start the spiral binding

first, you have to take plastic sheets with paper

and insert into the machine bring
towards the left side of the machine

after inserting the paper you have
to watch the scale in the machine

with this scale, you can find
where the hole will be made

with this adjustable knob you
can make the hole where you want

where you want the hole to be made

after you have made the correct alignment

put the paper inside and keep
the paper ready for punching

here we have given the stainless steel handle

with this punching is made

you can punch 10 to 12
papers at a time in this machine

you can punch more paper but the
life of the machine would be less

you have to put oil or grease on the machine daily

so that the machine will be smooth

when we have not oiled the machine between
some days so that the machine is a little rough

when you oil the machine daily

so that the machine’s life will be long

the machine is free when we started using it

if you have 100 pages of the book

you have to punch 10 times

or you have to punch the papers 9 times

the method we are punching the paper in this video

you have to punch the printed papers like this

turn the paper and tap down like this
so that the papers are aligned correctly

the paper would be in order from 1 to 100

turn the paper and tap down, you must also
follow this so that 100 papers are aligned correctly

now our whole book is punched
and the alignment is perfect

perfect alignment is got only when
you have good practice with the machine

when you are new to this, it will
take time to get the perfect alignment

when you practice it will be easy

we cut the spiral into a short piece

stretch like this so the spiral
goes easily into the book

put the wiro into the book and roll slowly

this rolling is done manually
this is also done with the practice

when you practice for one month you
can get this speed, only you have to practice

the wiro book is made easily

this is a simple and strong machine

we keep some spare parts in stock for this machine

and according to the orders
we send through the courier

lock the wiro like this when
it comes at the end of the book

when we lock at the end the wiro is sealed
and it is not broken and the side will not open

and the student can use rough and tough easily

you can cut the wiro like this with
the hand or with the cutting player

and at the back side also we lock the wiro like this

after locking it looks like this

if you don’t understand how this is made see the
video again and again so that you can get an idea

after the wiro the book is opening freely because

number of pages vs size of the wiro

the perfect size is matched
so that book is free to move

it’s opening freely

if you use the wrong size wiro
the book does not open easily

this is also a thing to have to learn step by step

if you want to order this machine from us

if you want to order spiral rings

or if you want to order the plastic sheets

you can go to our website

or if you have a bulk order

if you want our address or full details it is
given in the description already

and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel

so that you will get continuously
all the demos of the machine

there you can get a demo of lamination
machines used in the xerox shop

the different types of cutters

we give details about it
and online sales are also done

if you have any inquiries please tell me in
the comment section of the YouTube

the machine I have told is available in
A3 size and legal size which is FS size

A4 size, FS size, and A3 size

all three sizes are available

we can provide this for you

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