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Golden Silver Sticker For Trophy, Medals & Badges Part 2 Abhishek Products @ S.K. Graphics

Golden Silver Sticker For Trophy Medals Badges Part 2 Abhishek Products @ S.K. Graphics

Golden Silver Sticker For Trophy, Medals & Badges Part 2 Abhishek Products @ S.K. Graphics

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Clear Transparent Inkjet Sheet Direct Printable In Any Inkjet Printer Without Any Special In Available In A4 Size 100 Micron. Best For Making Trophies, Mementos, Photo Frames Gift Articles.


00:00 – Intro
00:60 – About previous Video
00:20 – About Part-2 Video
00:31 – Badges Types
01:01 – Rotary Cutters
01:23 – Die Cutters
02:16 – Cutting with Die Cutters
05:19 – Silver Sticker
06:06 – Sticking on the Badge
07:42 – Rectangle Badge Cutting
09:07 – Sticking Rectangle Badge
09:52 – For Trophy


Hello everyone

we are from Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

and in the last video, we have said about
how to print this transparent inkjet sheet

in the normal printer

without any modification or changes to the printer

and in this video, we are going to tell about
how this transparent inkjet sheet is used with

is used with this gold
and silver sticker sheet

the end product will be stuck over these badges

this is a golden-based badge

this is like a metal piece

it has glue in it to stick inside

it has round and rectangle shapes
and it is available in silver colour also

you are going to paste your sticker here

and you can make stickers in gold colour also

and in silver colour also

for all these sticker cutting
and pasting you need a machine

first, you need a 14-inch rotary cutter

which cuts A4 size easily

and A3, 13×19 can be cut
in half orientation size easily

for round shape badges
there are round cutters available

now we are seeing the 35
millimeter ordinary round cutter

and this is 22 millimeter ordinary round cutter

this we say die cutter the paper is inserted
through the top and punched in the center

so that the paper is cut in a round shape

so that it fits in this badge

first, we will do a basic work

basic demo for an idea of how it works

first, we are going to cut this top heading because
we have no requirement for this in badge making

this is a rotary cutter that has a round blade in it

so that paper cuts easily and sharply,
and there is stiffness and clear-cutting

here we have cut in a long strip

so that this strip goes inside the cutter easily

again we are going to cut a long strip

this print is to show and know the size for you

this is our multicolor print

in your case when you make
a badge your badge will be this

the long strip we have cut

like that we have to cut equal gold sticker also

first, we cut this sticker and stick

we have taken lum sum size of
transparent sheet and gold sticker

we have cut this, and
this is also cut in a long strip

just take an average size
it’s not necessary to cut perfectly

we have to peel the gold sticker like this

we have removed the golden sticker back paper

now we keep the transparent
the sheet over it and press with the hand

we have to press the golden sheet with the hand

and it is pasted over it, we have cut the
golden sheet lesser than the transparent sheet

if we have cut this little
longer it will be perfect

now we cut bigger strips again

little bigger

good length

remove the sticker

if you have pasted it mistakenly you can remove
easily, its release paper is made in such a way

Press it nicely

Press it nicely as you can or if you press it
with a roller, there would be no bubbles in it

and printing quality will come nicely

we cut the extra piece with the rotary cutter

first, we cut the 22-millimeter round

we put this in 22 millimeter
cutter and make a sample

this is cut with the die cutter

and the golden colour badge is ready

we have printed in the transparent sheet

and the output is in the golden colour

because we used golden base
sticker and if you use a silver sticker

just open this and show

same sheet if we use silver sticker

open the full sheet

and paste this

we have pressed with our hands

now we cut this

now the print has come in silver colour

we have got the silver colour sticker

and this can be put in the badge like this

and if you want a golden sticker keep it like this

I am making badges all the time
you may think this is a bandage

the idea is you have to attach a pin or a magnet
behind this according to the customer’s demand

we have a plastic pin and a metal pin

here you stick a pin or magnet according to the customer
demand now we will remove the sticker behind it

now we have removed the back of the
sticker and the back side is silver colour

our sticker is 2 in 1 one side is
gold and the other side is silver

like this, we have pasted it

so this is our badge

the badge’s top part is made

and at the back pin will come

the badges are of many varieties

up to 90 millimeters available, we
maintain some the varieties

you can get whatever size you want

this badge’s diameter is 22.5 millimeters

for the demo, we have cut this
in 22 millimeter cutter for an idea

like this, your badge will be ready

similarly, all these rectangle-type badges are made

for the rectangle, there is no die
cutting you have to cut it manually

we will show you how to cut manually

we will cut this part manually

you have to cut through the outline

the blade you see here

you have to bring it near the blade

bring it over the blade and slide the
blade and the cutting will be on that line

cut the side

little more

you have to bring it near this blade

we have cut this, now paste it over this

now the rectangle badge is ready
this is the smallest rectangle badge

the same method is for bigger badges

for bigger badges, you have to cut manually
with scale or blade or rotary cutter or scissors

you can make badges with company brand names

and in the case you have
take a big sheet like this

name tag or any description

you can paste it over the trophy

the print over the golden colour background of the
the trophy will be made with this long strip

so this is the application for golden
stickers and inkjet transparent sheets

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