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Low Cost Spiral Binding Machine Demo, Plastic Sheet, Spiral Rings Buy @

Low Cost Spiral Binding Machine Demo Plastic Sheet Spiral Rings Buy @

Low Cost Spiral Binding Machine Demo, Plastic Sheet, Spiral Rings Buy @

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Budget Spiral Binding Machine, Especially For Xerox Shop Owners, Dtp Centres, Meeseva, Ap Online, Csc Supply Centres. Machine Is For Commercial Use And Best For Spiral Binding Binding Textbook, Binding, Printed Xerox Paper for Binders. Machine Available In one Sizes Fs/Legal/Full Scape. how to Do Spiral Binding.


00:00 – How To Do Spiral Binding 00:44 – Demo Of Spiral Binding Machine
01:06 – Punching Spiral Binding Books
01:59 – Choosing Correct Spiral Ring Size
03:00 – Alignment Of Spiral Holes
03:34 – Inserting Spiral Rings
04:30 – Locking The Spiral Rings
05:10 – Suggestion For Spiral Binding Machine
05:40 – Maintenance of Spiral Binding Machine


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products

In today’s video, I am going to tell about how
to make a book with paper, spiral, and with plastic

using Abhishek spiral binding
machine down load model

in this machine, the paper is a slide
downward, so we call down load

and in this machine, 4-millimeter holes are punched

if you don’t know what is 4 millimeter or

you see our old video from that you will
  get a clear idea

you will find what are the types in
spiral binding in that old video

so we start the demo of this video

first, we take the plastic sheet which is transparent

and after the papers, keep one plastic sheet at last

at the back of the paper we
kept the plastic opaque sheet

taking some paper and plastic sheets we start punching

in this machine, you have to
take 10 paper of 70 gsm every time

see carefully how the paper is taken and punched

It is very important

if you punch in the wrong direction

the book gets damaged and a number in the book
  will be not assembled correctly

I am showing once again

you have to maintain this method,
how this paper is picked and punched

for every size, it requires different spirals

if your book is big you need big spirals

and if your book is thin, the thin spiral is required

here we are using 12 millimeters spiral

you will get spiral rings from

from that, you can make a book from

number of pages is equal to the size of the spiral

and at the end, you have to punch
like this and keep the paper like this

you can see here we have made the perfect holes

the reason is, we have adjusted the
alignment already here, this is a screw system

if you loosen the screw you can move

if you keep this tight and perfect
your book will be neat and perfect

you may not able to do it correctly for the first three
times but after practice, you can make perfect binding

now I will tell you how to insert the spiral ring

as we have used a 4-millimeter hole

we can insert this spiral easily in this book

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with this spiral binding machine

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In the end, you have to lock the spiral like this

and after finishing the book opens like this

The spiral comes in the long ring, you
have to cut according to the book size

when you cut spiral it may cut less or more, don’t
worry about it because the spiral is a low-cost material

you can make a book for under 5 or 6 rupees

I have told only the binding
price but the cost of the paper may be high

we suggest this machine who wants in low budget

or for those who don’t take this business seriously

if you have a side business or corporate office

for that people, we suggest this
low budget spiral binding machine

we call this as down load model

it is available in blue and red

here we don’t give choice for choosing a colour, you
  will get surprised when you get the carton

for the long life of this machine spray Zorrik at here,
Zorrik is another product we supply

and in the next video, I will tell you how to spray Zorrik

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