How To, Thermal Lamination

A0 Lamination Machine [40” Jumbo Roll To Roll Lamination Machine] ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

A0 Lamination Machine 40 Jumbo Roll To Roll Lamination Machine ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

A0 Lamination Machine [40” Jumbo Roll To Roll Lamination Machine] ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

Short Description​

A0 Size Lamination Machine for Roll to Roll 40 inches lamination Machine For Maps, Plotters, #Big Size Papers. It is a Jumbo Laminating System Roll to Roll.


00:00 – 40-inch thermal machine 00:09 – Intro
00:17 – Features
00:41 – How to ON 40-inch lamination machine
01:27 – Pressure control for the roller
02.10 – controls of 40-inch lamination machine
02:44 – Emergency stop button
03:05 – Document Roller pressure control
04:14 – Three pressure controls
04:43 – Time is taken for heating
04:53 – Paper Alignment
05:47 – Blinking red light
06:50 – Fitting the top roller
09:30 – lock at the top roller
10:06 – Loading the bottom film
11:24 – Loading the two films to centre
12:24 – Centering two films
13:56 – Lock the bottom rod
15:12 – Lock the roller pressure
15:22 – Inserting the two films
15:56 – How to control wrinkle 17:04 – How to put the document
18:06 – Lamination output
18:24 – 80-micron lamination
18:47 – How to cut
20:14 – Rotary cutter
20:40 – After lamination
21:13 – Switching off


Today we are going to see a 40-inch roll to roll
  hot lamination machine

in this machine, there is a roller at the top
  and at the bottom

when you laminate map, plotter or
big documents or properties documents

at that time double side is done in a single run

so we talk about this machine in detail

we have to switch on the plug

Please on this machine

the first switch is the power-on switch

after power on only one roller is heated

after power on only one roller is heated

on the single roller at the top

when we on this button the bottom roller
  will also start heating

Press this switch up for on

yes at the top

in foreign countries, the “On” position is at the top

so that you have to put up

after that

this is a roller pressure knob

after putting the roller

at the bottom is the roller

I am bringing the roller left

this knob is to control pressure

when you bring this knob down, the two roller touches
  each other and rolls

so that lamination film is pressed and laminated

this is the roller job

when laminating put the knob down

put the knob down and lock it tightly

now when you press this button the
  machine starts heating

the light is on

this is to increase or decrease the temperature

this is forward and reverse

when we press forward the roller
spins and at the top also spins

and the bottom roller also spins

which is the bottom one

two rollers are rotating

see this how it is spinning

correct ok

you can also give emergency stop also

if you want to stop this machine press this button

when work is done, release this button
and the machine starts working again

this controls this roller pressure

when there is a wrinkle in the document

when you turn this knob
pressure is increased in this roller

and when you release it, it rotates freely

when you turn this the roller is tightened

each roller at the top has a separate pressure control

each roller at the top has a separate pressure control

this roller has pressure control here

and this roller has pressure control here

and this roller has pressure control here

when you loosen this knob the roller rotates freely

this controls downwards laminating pressure

and this controls upward laminating pressure

on this roller, you can put the large

like this roller, you can fill this
roller with a document for laminating

not film, document on this

and insert here for lamination

this is a paper roller stand,
this is a lamination roll stand

and three roller pressure can be controlled

this three knob is for pressure tension

for wrinkle control, some pressure must be kept

then only the document comes out without a wrinkle

if the pressure is not given
correctly the wrinkle will come

now it is heating

after heating, I will tell you all the other things

and also show you how to laminate

how much time does it take to heat?

this is for center alignment

this is for the center alignment of the document

adjust according to your document and leave it

for example 24 inch, 18 inches or 14 inch

adjust it according to the size

This is the adjustment

according to the document
adjust this at the center and push it

why it is blinking?

when heating is near, it starts blinking

we have put 100-degree heat, and we got
  that 100-degree heat now

then only it starts to blink and light
is turned off automatically

now the power is not supplied to the heater

when we put documents inside the heat
comes down and it starts to blink automatically

it will control the temperature automatically
when the temperature comes down

when 100 degrees is reached it cut off and on
automatically when the temperature comes down

now the machine is in a ready state

before the ready state, the light above starts to blink

this indicates that the machine is going to be ready

when the machine is ready the blinking will stop

when we put the paper the heat is taken by the paper

heat comes down and the machine
automatically put heat on again

when heating is on the light blink again

it will not blink continuously

now I have stopped the roller

now I will tell you how to put the roller

this is the backside roller

this is the rod which is the part of the machine
  and roller is the raw material we have to buy

this is the bush for the roller which is
  same on both sides

when we purchase the roller we get only the roller
  and the bush is the part of the machine

you have to put the bush correctly

put it in the rod

insert the bush correctly and tight the screw

and put another bush on another side

the alignment must be perfect

if this bush’s screw is at the top, the other
  bush’s screw must also be at the top

when you push it goes inside

after that

the cut position must come out

another side is round

one side is D-cut and another side is round

put it like this

D-cut facing upwards

put the spring then this nut

this is done

there is a lock inside

the lock is rotated with the rod

you have to insert in between the gap

and it is fitted

the chemical in the lamination the
the sheet must face toward us

the shining side must come down

keep the glossy side down and matt side upwards

matt side means chemicals gumming,
it is the glue

the bottom roller is fitted in the same manner

you have to remove this

the same process is done again

the process is the same

the glue must face towards us

this side is glue and another side is shining

the same system is here as the top

the same system of glossy and matt finish is also here

safety glass lock is here

take this film under this rod

pull the film up to the bottom roller

now take this film

center alignment of this roll

center alignment must be
done for the top and bottom roller

starting point and end point
must be the same on both roller

we got the center

now we have to fit this film

fix this by tightening the screw

after centering the film

fix the screw at both sides of the roller film

the screw is facing upward direction on both sides

screws are in the same direction in both rolls

take the bottom film like this

bring under the rod

there is a rod at the bottom also

it has come under the rod

keep the film like this

take the bottom film like this

keep one film over another

this is the bottom rod

you have to lock this rod

there is a “U” shape lock

because of this rod film moves evenly

this is one side lock same lock is on another side

we have locked the two rollers at the bottom

put this at the top

this lock is open

now it is locked

take a long piece of cardboard
sheet and push film inside

the machine is now in forward condition

it will come at the backside

it comes at the backside

as it comes back – yes

like this wrinkle will appear
when the roller is not fitted correctly

there is a wrinkle at the bottom when you
increase pressure the wrinkle will disappear

increase pressure at the top on both sides also

don’t increase too much little
bit only until the wrinkle disappears

put the pressure as it is, when the wrinkle
is gone you have to decrease the pressure

you increase too much the
more load will be on the motor

I will show you how a document can be laminated

this is a plain paper just an example, it may
be map or plotter’s printout or properties paper

or a blueprint, you can laminate anything

this much of the part has been laminated already

this is the cardboard we have
put so that machine can start

this cardboard pushes the film inside the machine

the paper started coming out after lamination

we have laminated it with 80 microns

the paper has come out completely

no, we have stopped the machine

this is a stop button

just cut it with scissors and give it to the customer

front and back lamination is done

the back side is also done

  show how cutting is done

the cutting is done manually using the scissors

you can also cut with a rotary cutter

we can supply a 40-inch rotary cutter

instead of cutting with scissors use
rotary cutter for a neat and clean cut

if your work is fewer use scissors or a blade

the lamination we have done is using

many times the customer asks that the
lamination must be flexible and it should bend

so that it can be kept in a case after rolling

we have laminated it with 80-micron film

you can supply this type of product with 80 micron

the machine is in hot mode when
we put it to cold mode heaters are off

we have put to cold mode and
now we are going to off the machine

the total machine will be switched off with this switch

this machine is totally off

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