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PART 2 – Visiting Card Printing In INKJET Printer Using Powder Sheet Buy @

PART 2 Visiting Card Printing In INKJET Printer Using Powder Sheet Buy @

PART 2 – Visiting Card Printing In INKJET Printer Using Powder Sheet Buy @

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Print visiting cards in a inkjet printer easily double side visiting card multicolor printed using today sheet Abhishek products and S.K Graphics. we give you visiting card template file which will help you print double side in a inkjet printer like Epson, Canon, HP, brother and large format printer.

  after doing powder lamination sheet also becomes waterproof how to teach you how to cut visiting cards using paper cutter, Rotary cutter, ream cutter


00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Powder Sheet To Print Visiting Card In Inket Sheet
01:21 – Visiting Card Setting Template 02:12 – Document Setting
03:15 – Print Setting For Visiting Card
03:36 – Compatible Printers
05:40 – Size Of Powder Sheet 208x303mm
07:55 – Dummy Demo File For Printing Sheet
08:25 – Printing Back Side Of Visiting Card
10:25 – Print Option For Back Side
13:15 – Tools Cutting Visiting Cards
14:15 – Checking Front & Back Print Output
15:47 – Why It Is Called Powder Sheet


we put powder on the “powder” sheet

don’t put too much just put some powder

rub the sheet with your hands

this is a type of powder lamination

we have done hot lamination, thermal
lamination, cold lamination this is a powder lamination

you have to put on both sides

you can laminate by hand with normal powder

we used normal powder which
you can get this in the nearby shops

you can use any company like Nycle, Fair and lovely

Ponds or as you like, only
thing is, it should be face powder

when you put powder, it goes to ink in the sheet

it gives the ink a coating which
give some waterproof to it

when you pour water into it,
this sheet will not get damaged

the sheet becomes waterproof
and the ink doesn’t spread easily

it has become water resistant, it
has got some limits to become waterproof

it is also smooth now

now we will cut this sheet

you can cut this sheet with a rotary cutter

and in the normal paper also

with the rotary cutter, the work is very easy

we have given the cutting marks

use the cutting marks and cut the paper

don’t cut fully leave small
amount of paper at the end like this

you will understand later

you may not cut perfectly when you do it the first time

don’t worry you have to practice

you have to waste some sheets to practice

we have left a little bit on the edge of the paper

at the top, we have not cut fully

now we put the sheet inside

now you understand why
we have not cut the sheet fully

when we make the ID card we cut the full sheet

but when you make visiting
card leave a bit at the top

when you cut this it cut like vegetables

you will get left and right alignment like this

and your time is also saved and your effort

and your work will also be accurate
and you will get left and right alignment

when you cut this at the center

then you have to cut ten times

now we are cutting only 5 times

so you have saved double the time

you have to cut only one sheet at a time

if you cut two or three sheets at a
time, your result will not be perfect

it will not be accurate and
the finishing will not be good

now we have collected the cards

and you can see the finishing is
good and all the cards are even

all the cards are even

it is possible because we have made
special format for printing visiting cards

we have given cutting marks

we have set different settings in the PDF files also for the “powder” sheet

and in the printer, we have given the 1-millimeter gap

then we put the powder on that sheet

after putting the powder we
have cut it in a different manner

after doing all these things
we have got the visiting card

you can print it in the inkjet printer

and you will get perfect alignment like this

and you will get a diamond finish

now I will show you is this card is waterproof or not

this is our “powder” sheet and water over it

we say this sheet “powder” sheet
because we have put talcum powder over it

and after pouring water it passes the water over it

the ink in the sheet does not
dissolve in water or get any damages

we have put so much water in it

after pouring water the sheet is not damaged

when you tear this sheet

you can tear this sheet

it is waterproof but you can tear this sheet

when you scratch this with
nail the ink does not get damaged

as we have done the powder lamination

this card does not stick with other cards

when you keep inkjet print together

the ink will stick with each other

because we have done the power
lamination and the diamond coating is given

the coating name is diamond coating

so that the cards don’t stick with each other

and after pouring the water the card is not damaged

the ink and paper are not damaged

if you want to print inkjet visiting
cards this and develop your side business

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main work is to develop your side business

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making trophies and bookbinding

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Thank you! this is Abhishek Jain

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