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Complete List Of ID Cards, Lamination, Binding, Sublimation Products by ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

Complete List Of ID Cards Lamination Binding Sublimation Products by ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

Complete List Of ID Cards, Lamination, Binding, Sublimation Products by ABHISHEK PRODUCTS

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A Complete Video on list of products supplied by Abhishek Products with products ranging from id cards, lamination, binding, sublimation, badges, magnets, software, machines n raw material for the same.


00:00 – ID card products that we deal with
00:17 – Intro
00:27 – First page of the Price List
00:33 – Abhishek Products Address
01:29 – Single side pasting holder
02:36 – Double side pasting holder
03:36 – Double hole inserting holder
03:11 – Two side inserting holder
03:14 – Inner and Outer series
03:25 – U-Shape locking Holder
03:35 – ID card TAGS
04:06 – TAG + Holder direct fitting
04:18 – Fitting/Attachments
04:28 – Hooks
04:39 – Central Joint
04:51 – 2 part joint
04:57 – Metal Joint
05:15 – Normal hook
05:17 – High quality S1 clip
05:19 – Ordinary Joint
05:24 – Belt Buckle
05:33 – Badge Pin
05:36 – Magnets
05:52 – Next page of the Price List
06:05 – Laser Sheet/Sticker
06:23 – Inkjet Sheet
07:00 – Hot Lamination Pouch
07:28 – Cold Lamination 08:05 – Satin Roll
08:35 – Thermal Card
09:10 – Tag Rolls
09:38 – Badges
10:15 – Cutter (Badges)
10:31 – Key chains
11:07 – Key chain cutters
11:16 – Yoyo
11:36 – ID card Software
12:14 – Next Page
12:18 – Multi Colour TAG
12:49 – Multi Colour TAG
13:19 – Dome Liquid
13:14 – Basic Machines for making ID cards
13:54 – 12mm Joint Machine
14:12 – ID card Die Cutter
14:34 – Cold Lamination Machine
14:52 – Hot Laminating Machine
14:58 – Lamination Paper cutter & Rotary Cutter
16:00 – Lanyard Heat Press
16:46 – Electric Heat Cutting Machine
17:12 – ID card fusing Machine
17:22 – Round Die Cutter
18:08 – Binding Industries
18:25 – Wiro Binding Roll/Spool
19:01 – Calendar Rod
19:10 – Calendar D-Cut Punch
19:18 – Wiro Binding Machine
19:56 – Electric Spiral Machine
19:57 – Spiral Binding Machine
20:38 – Thermal Binding Machine/sheet
20:42 – Comb Binding Machine
20:50 – Other Machines
21:22 – Plastic Sheets
21:49 – Creasing & Perforating Machine
21:59 – PP & PVC Covers/Sheet
22:20 – Sublimation Products
23:02 – Large Format Printer
23:25 – Conclusions


Hello everyone

This is Abhishek Products and we deal in ID cards

office supplies

services in job works, printer, plastic sheet

and gifting products

and this is our WhatsApp number

Today we talk about the
ID card product Price list

product pricing and product ranges

so we start quickly

I have already opened the price list

this is our price list’s first page

our shop name is Abhishek Products by S.K.Graphics

our office is at Minerva complex at
Secunderabad city in Hyderabad in Telangana state

if you want to visit our office please come

at Secunderabad branch which
is near Paradise metro station

and near Secunderabad railway station also

and if you are coming through the
bus it is near the Patny Bus stand

This is our payment QR code
and this is our bank details

and these are our terms and
conditions of supply and of goods

We are an authorized Dealer of Kent, Epson, and Evolis

and if you want to place an order

or if you want more details about the
the product these two are our WhatsApp numbers

so let us start our product price list and product range

now you can see that this is our product

this is our ID card holders

this ID card holder number is
H1 and its size is 54×86 millimeter

and it’s pasting ID card holder and here I
have struck out all the price details in the product

if you want our product’s complete details

contact through the WhatsApp
the number is given below or message

We have large variety of ID card holder

first is single side pasting from the name
you may know it’s single side pasting ID card, holder

we have this in ATM size in vertical and horizontal

we have an ID card in apple shape and U shape

This is apple single side and this is reversible U

holder number H128 is the size 48×72

this has a curve at the bottom
and this has a curve at the top

Then we move on to the
double-side pasting holder

here is the holder number 8

and its size is 54×86 millimeter, if you don’t
know this size, its the basic size of the ATM

similarly, you can get the double side
U shape double-side apple U shape

double side square shape 48×72

double side horizontal 48×72 holders

This is double side inserting holder where you can
insert the laminated card but others are pasting type

this is two side inserting holder
where two cards can be inserted

and this is our inner-outer series in which
it’s pasted in sheet and after that it’s fitted

it’s also available in vertical and horizontal

This is a new design, which is U shape locking

ATM size card goes into it and you
can’t remove the card after inserting

similarly, we have seen the ID card
holders, now we go to the ID card tags

this is a sleeve tag, sleeve with clip,

flat with hook, flat with clip

there are also other varieties in this

but this is to give a basic idea
about the product range starts here

there is variation and varieties in this which
we can arrange through phone or order basis

when we talk about government schools, there
the blue tag attached with the holder is the most selling product

this is a ready-made product
which is available at our shop

you can purchase this product
and make screen printing over it

imagine if you don’t want the ready-made
product and you make your products yourself

and if you want the raw materials,
this is our raw material chart

This is a high-quality twisted hook

this is the ordinary quality of a hook

this is lever hook, this is fish
hook, this is a plastic center joint

which comes back of the
neck to open the tag fully

this is a stitching model and this is a fitting model

similarly, there is a joint between the tag and
the holder two-part joint which is held by this

and this is a metal joint which
hold the tags and it has three sizes

this joint is made of stainless steel

this is a special quality joint and its weight
is also high and its quality is also high

and here is the normal hook
and this is a high-quality S1 clip

we have seen a special joint, this
is an ordinary joint that is cheaper

when you are making multicolor belts

which come over the waist

this is the plastic belt buckle

and when you are working with
the badges this is the badge pins

nowadays magnet is also placed
in the badges for high quality

this magnet is also available with us,
there are also other varieties of magnet

we recommend according to
your order and specification basis

This is our next price list page

on the previous page, you have seen the cardholder
now we focus on the printing media and laminating media

you can get white Teslin sheet paper
of size 12×18 in 100 pcs pack

similarly, you can get a 12×18 sticker in a pack of 100

Teslin sheet is compatible with a laser machine
  laser means digital press

the second option is an inkjet sheet

from the name, you can know that these
are compatible with the inkjet printer’s

we have more varieties in this

like A4 AP sheet, A4 photo sticker

fusing sheet, A3 fusing sheet all in the pack of 100’s

AP sheet is waterproof, nontearable,
  Teslin inkjet sheet

the last Teslin was for laser
sheet and this one is for inkjet

similarly, we have photo stickers for pasting ID cards
  and fusing sheets to make fusing cards

after printing all this you have to laminate

we have a versatile range from A4 to A3

from 125 microns to 350 micron

we have the 13×19 pouch also, in 125 micron
  and 250 micron which is the latest development,

in the future, if you want bigger than this
size or any custom size we can make that also

This was about the hot lamination now
we talk about the cold lamination stickers

in this, we have two options

one is glossy lamination some say this is small cold laminating,
  in Maharashtra and Tamilnadu they say it is glossy lamination

we have this in 13-inch variation and one meter

double side sticker roll

we have double side sticker roll
in 13-inch and one-meter variation

if you want any custom size like 25 inch

this size also in the given time

from all the above materials you have
made the card printing, now for making the tag

nowadays satin roll is mostly used in multicolored
  industries and corporate industries

we supply plain satin roll and color satin roll also
  in 12, 16, 20, and also in 35 millimeters also

In recent, we have developed a 25-millimeter satin roll if you
required this please contact through below WhatsApp number

now your card is ready, now you have to give access control
  or RF control identity or integrate with attendance control

for this, we have ordinary PVC
card, Epson compatible special PVC card

access card, thin access cards,
  Mifare 1K cards and also chip cards

This is the chip card

this is the thick access card

this is the thin access card

If you want this in bulk quantity or
compatible printer so please contact us

Generally, to make ID card tags cheap, it is
made with sleeve, flat and satin materials

if you have a requirement that, in bulk quantities

in huge quantities in one ton
  or two tons or 100 kg or 150 kg

so you can get this item also and
photo to that product is on the screen

after making ID cards for school
they had the requirement of badges

the school needs lower budget badges,
  they don’t need premium quality

small school and government school has this demand

when we talk about private schools or international
  the school we have a different range of products

we have three fast-moving badges

this size is 29×84

and B7 by the size of 22×71 millimeter
  and B10 by the size of 35×35 millimeter round

we supply all these badges and
we supply its compatible cutter also

cutter prize range is Rs.2500 for each size cutter

if you want a high-quality cutter, we
  have that also and its price is separate

once you have made the badges you will have
  requirement of key chains from schools and colleges

keychain is used to attach to lunch bags
  or school bags in schools and colleges

or just for souvenirs or for a reminder for the branding

similarly, we have three sizes of key chain

and here we have the square shape of the key chain
  27×40.5 millimeter

rectangle shape 25×55 millimeter
  and round 35×35 millimeter

similarly, this cutter also starts with Rs.2500, and If
If you want a high grade its range and quality are different

when you are approaching the companies they take the yoyo
  instead of badges

In this, we have two qualities
one is ordinary and one is special

both of them here are round and here are oval
  ordinary and special

with all these things your ID is made

The physical structure is made for inside the software
layer, we supply Abhishek’s brand ID card software

By using this software you can convert the whole excel
sheet to ID card within a matter of seconds with zero mistakes

You can finish 4 or 5 days of work in
  one hour with perfection and precision

We are now going to the next page

This is our multi colour tag ranges

We have a multi colour tag with a normal hook

with lever hook, with fish
hook and with no fitting cut piece

If any one of you are resellers

We make this tag
and supply it to you

The second option will be to purchase machinery with us

Half of the work is done by us
and half of the work is done you

So that cost is also less and the investment

A similar story is for multi-color belts and multi colour tie

In belt, we have 30-inch and 40 inch

and in tie, we have 10 inches, 12 inches and 14 inch

Remember that these are made with satin cloth

This item’s cost is higher than the normal tie and belt

So remember this thing when you are showing to customers

we have dome liquid, for making labels

In dome liquid, we have two varieties one is
used for belts and others for labels and stickers

We have two varieties hard and soft

So that is about the raw
materials, machinery, and services

for ID card industries these are some machineries

These are the most basic machines
when you are doing ID card works

So we start from the left, this is 12,16 and 20 millimeter
joint machine, you can fit all this in one machine 3 in 1

This is a heavy-duty model, we have light duty model also

and we have a 54×86 ID card cutter

  card holders, holder number 1, holder number 12

holder number 8, holder number 43 and 44

and also for this inserting holder

This is our cold lamination machine

as I have shown in the first slide about the sticker
pasting single side and sticker pasting double side cards

you have to do the cold lamination in this machine and
  double side lamination in this machine

This is the hot lamination machine

This is a 48×72 U shape Die cutter

This is a lamination paper cutter

Remember in paper cutter there are two varieties

one is ordinary which you can
get in the Bright or Kent brand

This only cuts the paper, not the
laminated items or double-side sticker

for that, we have made a special cutter

which is a 15-inch lamination paper cutter,
  which cuts the lamination and also the paper

if you have the photo studio shop or if you have specific
ID card graphics shop, so this will be very useful

This is the updated model of
the cutter is called a rotary cutter

in this, we have different sizes from 14-inch to 40 inch

and this is the fast-moving product
and reliable and heavy-duty product

in this, you can change the blade

you can change the blade in the rotary cutter and
not the paper cutter so this is the better investment

This is our lanyard heat press machine

which can make up to 40-inch multi-colour tags

This we say multi colour tags

This tag is printed in this machine

When you are in the ID card industry for a long time

You can easily understand these things

if you are new to this industry slowly
  follow our YouTube or our websites

You will get ideas slowly

if can visit our showroom please visit or showroom
  we have a demo and display of all these machines

we are trying to provide value-added service to customers
  through the YouTube channel

So you visit our showroom and
understand what are the things we supply

next, we talk about the electric heat cutting machine

when you are buying this multicolor tag machine
  you need this electric heat machine also

from this machine, you can cut the tags

and also for joining the tags (sealing)

when you are buying this tag joint machine
  you need this electric heat machine also

so that you can cut the tags and joint

with proper finishing and proper speed

If you are interested in making PVC card

We have 100 cards and 20 cards fusing machine

if you want to make ribbon badges, stickers

if are doing or you want to make a round button badges

if you have an order for making round stickers we have

we have all these sizes of round cutter

This is the old list we have made
  above 90 millimeters up to 120 millimeters

if you want to cut a round shape in 18
  millimeter up to 120 millimeters of paper in 300 gsm

so please contact us

In the last three pages, I have shown


this is one

two and three

these three pages are for ID card industries

now we are moving ahead our industry to binding industry

binding, offset, digital press

when you call too many job works centers

you may use all these items

we say wiro binding rolls or twin wiro binding loops

we supply wiro binding rolls and A4 cut piece

from 6.4 mm to 32 mm

we have different types of pitches in this
  from 2.1 millimeters to 3.1 millimeter

we have made the complete chart

about how much pitch is required, pages, inches of size

if you don’t understand inches
  then there are millimeters also given

how many loops will be there
  in one roll if you are taking in A4

This is an A4 size segment

In this how many pieces and loops are there

If you want nylon-coated calendar rods or
hangers this is available in 9-inch and 12-inch

If you are making a calendar you have cut the calendar
  in d shape at the top for that, we have a d-cut machine

we have seen the raw
  materials now we see about machinery

We have A4 wiro binding
  machine in regular and heavy-duty

then we have one more machine

which will do A4 size wiro binding and spiral binding

This is the win, win situation

where you can make wiro, spiral and calender also

then we supply a calendar hole punch machine

calendar hole punch heavy duty we have two
  types in this we supply these two machines

These all are wiro binding machines

The electric wiro and spiral
  the binding machine will look like this

we have given 1 hp motor in this

you can get a live demo of this machine in our office

located at Secunderabad

now we move on to the next page

This is our spiral binding machine ranges

in this, we have an ordinary brand and also the Abhishek brand

if you want a top-loading model you can get that also

the first four models are down load model

the fifth one is the top load model machine

you can get spiral rings in white color and watercolor

you can get thermal binding
  sheet and thermal binding machines

you can get comb binding
  machine and comb binding materials

if you do visiting card
  works this page is for you

the book works or if you want to cut corners
  of 100 pages we have a cutter for this

If you have a small manual press and if you
  need manual cutting machine we have that also

If you have 300 pages of book or visiting cards

you can cut visiting card corner at a
  time, for that we have the heavy-duty machine

Similarly single hole punch machine, stapler
  and center pinning stapler machine is also available

we now move on to the binding industries
  raw materials

you can get rigid sheets or PVC sheets

you can get this in ordinary quality in A4, 9×12, and A3

we also deal with PP sheets also in A4 and FS size

when talking about OHP sheets we have
  many versatile ranges

A4, A3, 100, 175, and 250 micron

creasing machine manual and creasing perforation
  half cutting machine all-in-one small machine

you will get electric with motor machine

you will get OHP rolls

packing rolls for cartons, for packing cartons

if you are making new years diary and calendars

we have a wide variety of PP plastic sheets of
  0.4 millimeter 0.5 millimeter and 0.7 millimeter

in 24×36 inches

moving forward you will get
complete range of sublimation products

sublimation printers. sublimation inks and
  Inktech brands 1-liter inks bottles

A4 size sublimation paper

  14 inch also

Sublimation cups and sublimation
  cup printing machines

sublimation heat tapes 8 millimeters

  2 centimeters of tapes is also available

If you want to do sublimation business

we have a 5-in-one machine along with that machines
demo, details and we also give full training of this machine

if you want to do series sublimation printing works

if you want to set a large multi colour format printer

or bed sheets, pillow covers, or if
  you want to print large format printing

you can get consultancy for that

for Epson large format printers and
  large format sublimation heat press

So this was the complete and
  overall idea about our products range

about product ideas, services, and machines

and if you want more details about us you can
  visit our website www.abhishekproducts.in

and our second website www.skgraphics.in

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel also

you can see what are the product range

we have uploaded the product demo

there are more than 250 videos
  for the product that we deal with

and you can subscribe second YouTube channel
  Abhishek Products

This is launched recently on the 1st of April this year

in this, you can get complete products
  details, walkthrough, and demos

visit once and see this

if you have any doubt or want any details

about our products and details
  or if you want to place orders

WhatsApp through the given WhatsApp number given below

communicate with the WhatsApp number

and get full details about our products

and thank you all

from Abhishek Products and S.K.Graphics

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