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Why Use Thermal Card Printer and not AP Film For Making ID Cards ? Buy @

Why Use Thermal Card Printer and not AP Film For Making ID Cards Buy @

Why Use Thermal Card Printer and not AP Film For Making ID Cards ? Buy @

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Why we should use thermal printer and avoid using AP film, dragon sheet, fusing sheet or lamination sheet.
Thermal printer are known for high quality printing at a very high speed. we can print more than 500 cards per day fully automatic fashion without any interruption from manual operator the same qualifications are not available in AP film.
You should use a thermal printer if you want to deliver Great retail to your customers.


00:00 – Intro
00:02 – Previous video of Evolis & Datacard
00:21 – Old method machines Of ID cards
00:46 – Other sheets used to make ID cards
01:10 – Cost for making PVC id card
01:37 – Why using a thermal printer is better?
03:13 – Benefits of THERMAL PRINTER
03:31 – A Thermal printer is used in
03:46 – Advantages of thermal printer
04:48 – Best for retail id card business
04:56 – For Use In schools
05:32 – Conclusion


Hello everyone and welcome to Abhishek Products

recently we uploaded two videos

one is about Evolis printer demo and
  the second one is about the Datacard SD360 demo

in that, all of them asked one question only

Why use thermal PVC card printer,
  where its costing production is very high

many of them said that we have like this
  fusing machine of 100 cards and 20 cards

when we make cards with this its cost is only Rs.4

some of them said that we have
  a cold lamination machine like this

and with that like this die cutter and
  using rotary cutter

we can make an ID card with just Rs.5

many of them used dragon sheets

some of them used AP film and pasting photo sticker
  for making ID cards

using all these items your cost doesn’t exceed Rs.6

even then we said that to use a thermal PVC card printer
  so that your ID card range will be high

you will understand if you have watched
  my previous video

making PVC cards in thermal printer costs
  average Rs.30 per card

and the common question was,
  why make such an expensive card?

  when in the market ID card is made
  in Rs.10, Rs.20 or Rs.30

can be made with the old machines

the reason for that is

when you use a thermal PVC card printer

your manual labor is zero
  (only one person is required for making an ID card)

you will know how much time
  it takes for making an ID card

the second one is the card quality of this printer is
  better than any other methods you make

third, if you want to give the customer
  a sample can be done immediately

this is only possible with this method only,
  using the thermal printer’s method

it’s first production and last production

The quality of the 1st, 100th, and 1000th will be the same
  no change in quality

but when you use a fusing machine

or when you use a cold lamination machine

or when you use other methods like
  dragon sheet method

in all these cases colour variation may occur

first, you will print then you will laminate them

when you do all these processes, color
  the quality or color shading changes

but we use PVC card printer

in PVC card the card is directly printed from the system
  and the quality is in your hand

production is in your hand

you don’t need any helper, you can
  do this work on your own

you have to know only, how to design the card

yes, this printer benefit is

  know the cost of production in strict rule

don’t need any technical knowledge

we recommend this printer for all corporate office

CSC centres, E-seva, Meeseva, AP online,
  TS online, Aadhaar Kendra

  or if you are running a big company

if you want to give ID cards to your employees of
your own or if you want to do on-spot registration

In that case, these two
machines are perfect for you

two of the machines are made with PVC card

less space is required, less maintenance

you can give instant services

but all other methods like our fusing machine,
  cold lamination or AP film

or hot lamination machine

in all these methods first,
you have to wait for some times

first, you have to set the cards in 10, 10 sets

then you have to print

but when you use PVC ID card printer

minimum quantity of printing MOQ will be 1 piece

it’s a good thing when you have a retail business

because in the retail business you will get one or two
  piece order

if you have a school of your own and you are
  the principal of that school

if you don’t want to leak your student data outside

and to keep student data and address safe

today that’s very important

schools don’t want to leak their student’s data outside

for that, you buy this PVC card printer

in this the card cost is high, but your data
  will be safe within you and doesn’t leak outside

you can train any teacher or administration
  staff easily

to use this printer and this card

so this is the reason why to use this PVC thermal
  printer instead of other methods

and thank you for watching the video

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where we give small tips like this every day

Thank you for watching this video
  this is Abhishek

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