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Packing Plastic Roll, Stretch Film Wrap For Cartoon, Furniture Buy @ Abhishekid.com

Packing Plastic Roll Stretch Film Wrap For Cartoon Furniture Buy @ Abhishekid.com

Packing Plastic Roll, Stretch Film Wrap For Cartoon, Furniture Buy @ Abhishekid.com

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Plastic Stretch Wrap Specially Designed For Wrapping And Packaging Of Cartoons And Furniture Plastic Wrap Roll Also Known As Stretch Wrap For Furniture And Furniture Packers And Movers For Cartoon And Transportation Packaging Of Cartoons And Goods


00:00 – Intro about the PACKING roll
00:06 – Size of the roll stretch film
00:10 – Features of stretch film
00:17 – Uses of stretch film
00:50 – Why to use stretch film roll
00:57 – Gives protection when transporting
01:04 – Store for long time
01:16 – Products packed by this rolls
01:38 – In furniture industries
01:51 – Our packing material
02:03 – To order this product


This 18-inch packing roll or shrink wrap roll

It comes in an 18-inch carton and
in one carton there will be six rolls

The main feature of this roll is

This is a stretchable film that has many applications

if you have a big warehouse or godown it is
  used to pack all the cartons

this is the perfect material

your product is from temperature control
  moisture control and from water leakage

if you keep more cartons over another, use
this is so that the cartons will not slip

if your carton is 14kg

If you pack with this shrink packing roll

the whole parcel will be tightened,
and it will not break when in transport

stronger than rope

this is the sheet in which no air enter

and no water so we packed with this so that
  the carton is moisture controlled

we pack all the products imported from China like this

so that it can withstand long distance

if you want to store more products in godown and
you don’t want to damage for months

for that in my opinion is very
very perfect suitable product

It is tightly packed over the weight product

if it is a wooden box or plastic bag

or if it is an international courier or
general post office parcels

or cartons for local transport or travels

it is used in furniture industries for packing
  any type of furniture

so that it has the transparent display
  for the customer and dustproof

we pack all the packages through this packing rolls

and we store all products in
godown after packing with this roll

if you want this type of shrink rolls

contact through the YouTube comment section below

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