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Visiting Card Printing In INKJET Printer Using Powder Sheet Part 1/2 Buy @

Visiting Card Printing In INKJET Printer Using Powder Sheet Part 12 Buy @

Visiting Card Printing In INKJET Printer Using Powder Sheet Part 1/2 Buy @

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Print visiting cards in a inkjet printer easily double side visiting card multicolor printed using today sheet Abhishek products and S.K Graphics. we give you visiting card template file which will help you print double side in a inkjet printer like Epson, Canon, HP, brother and large format printer.

  after doing powder lamination sheet also becomes waterproof how to teach you how to cut visiting cards using paper cutter, Rotary cutter, ream cutter


00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Powder Sheet To Print Visiting Card In Inket Sheet
01:21 – Visiting Card Setting Template 02:12 – Document Setting
03:15 – Print Setting For Visiting Card
03:36 – Compatible Printers
05:40 – Size Of Powder Sheet 208x303mm
07:55 – Dummy Demo File For Printing Sheet
08:25 – Printing Back Side Of Visiting Card
10:25 – Print Option For Back Side
13:15 – Tools Cutting Visiting Cards
14:15 – Checking Front & Back Print Output
15:47 – Why It Is Called Powder Sheet


Hello and welcome every one

I am Abhishek, today I am going to tell about how
to print inkjet visiting card

This is a visiting card that I have
printed just now in the inkjet printer

the printer model number is L3150

you can use any inkjet printer

today I will tell about how to print in this powder sheet

front and back cards, visiting cards
  with the inkjet printer easily

and how to improve your side business with this

even in this coronavirus pandemic

you can build your extra business without
extra investment, if you have an inkjet printer

you can see the print quality is very good

the glossiness of this sheet is on a different level

we say this shining as diamond finish

we say this as diamond finish

here we have used a powder sheet

after using this sheet we have got the
  diamond finish print quality

if you want to develop like this business

then you have to design the visiting cards
  in this setup first

if you think this setting is so difficult to make

no tension about it, I have made two templets one for
  front and another for the back

and also a tutorial file for that

a sample design is given with millimeters and sizes

how to set the visiting cards

don’t worry about the page setting because I have
  made the page setting already

you have to do one thing, just make a
design and copy paste in the templet

after that give the print option on the computer

after sending the print
option the properties button will come

press the properties button

most of the time A4 is selected
when the properties button is pressed

go to “User-Defined” rather than A4

select that

after selecting that type here
  “POWDER SHEET 208 X 303”

you have to print it like this

then you have to come to the bottom

once again you have to type
  208 and go below and type 303

here you have to select the “mm”
  and here select the save option

after saving, this will come at the left side
  then click “OK”

the name of the new document you have made
  is “POWDER SHEET 208X303”

after that, you will select the paper type, there
  you select matte

then you select “high” quality

after selecting this we click the “OK” button

after that click “Actual Size” once again

after that give the print command

after the print command is given

you may have any printer example “Epson, Canon”

may it be Epson’s 1110

or L3110 or L3150

L3156 or you may use L805

L800, L810 or L850

if you use a Canon printer you can select canon’s 2010

or Canon’s 3010, Canon 4010

you can also use 6010 or 7010

if you have an HP ink tank printer, I think it will
  work on that also

it will work on the Brother’s printer also,
  there is no difficulty

just you need is inkjet and
you have to put normal ink

you don’t need any special ink

  just use the normal ink, your warranty will not be void

your work will go on

the powder sheet we used is,
  I will show the powder sheet

this powder sheet is double-side printing paper

and it has a diamond finish on both sides

then you think this paper gives the diamond finish and
it has a double side

prints on an inkjet printer, then why it is
  said as powder sheet

you don’t understand what is powder
the sheet now, I will tell you in the part 2 video

in that video, you will understand why
  this sheet is said as powder sheet

now you can see how the visiting card
  is printed on the sheet

this sheet’s gsm is 260 gsm

this is double side powder coated
  diamond finish sheet

this will finish in just a minute, meanwhile, I will tell you
  about the setting

earlier when we gave the printing option, we went
  to the properties

and gave the value 208 x 303

we gave that value because the powder
  sheet size is not exactly like the A4 sheet

it is slightly bigger than the A4 size

that size difference setting is changed
  in this new document

and now that value or setting is saved
  in the laptop or computer

and when you print “Powder sheet” next time select “Powder”

and when you print in normal paper select the A4 size

and your printer will automatically
  configured to that setting

this is the printing setting

and if you are thinking about how to make the design

how to make front and back setting

it is the difficult job

so don’t worry about it

I have made a solution for that also

first, you have to design your
  visiting card of your own

we don’t have a visiting card design, you have
  to design your visiting card

you have to design visiting card in 90×52 millimeter

and when designing you have to note one thing

you have to give 2 millimeter or wide gap on
all the four sides like this

so that when printing, cutting, alignment

the reverse setting for all that this setting will
be very helpful and gives the design a good look

and the size of the content or design inside
  should be 82 x 44 millimeter

your main content and the wide space
  margin has given outer

the colour in the main content must be also
extended in the outer gap also as shown

and the phone number, address, and other content
  must be inside the inner box

when you design like this your
front and back printing will be perfect

you can download this file through our website

I have also made a sample file also

this is a sample file

you can experiment with this sample file

we have designed the front side like this

as I said in the specification before I have made the
front & back design according to that specification

On the back side, we have put the full colour

and on the front side, we have put the company’s
phone number, address, etc.,

we give this file free of cost when you buy
  this “powder” sheet from us

if you want to test yourself you can download
this file through our website then you will understand

this file is in the PDF format

import this PDF into any software

like Photoshop or CorelDraw, import this file
  your work will be done

in just a moment of time, the design is printed

now we will see how to print on the back side

the front side of the “Powder” sheet has been printed
  with the diamond finish

when the printing is done the paper
comes out in the printer like this

like this, the paper comes out from the printer

now we have to print the back side, how
  to print the backside

you don’t need to do anything, just take the sheet

take the sheet and turn the paper like this

after turning the paper like this

the sheet was like this we have turned
  A paper like this

and load in the printer

we have loaded the paper into the printer,
  and set the paper well

set the marker on the left and right

after setting give small gap like this

when you touch this one-millimeter gap will be formed

why leave a one-millimeter gap

this one-millimeter gap is given because the pickup
  roller rubber can pick the paper easily

when you tighten like this

then the paper will be stuck in the printer

so when you do like this one millimeter
  the gap will be formed

and the printer takes the paper easily

now the printer’s setting is done

the paper is ready, the ink is
ready and is your file is ready

and on the computer give ctrl+P which
is the shortcut for the print command

here I have selected the printer and on the
properties the “Powder” sheet is already selected

and I will come here and select
Epson Matte and high quality

and click OK

and click Actual Size

and our backside sheet is ready
and I am going to click the print option

as I click the Print option

the printer queue is opened, the print is going on,
  we can see the file name 208×303

and the back side is printed

now we see how printing is going on

this is the “Powder” sheet that we loaded

This is our printer Epson L3150

Now the printing has started

Now it will take two minutes to print

Until then I will tell you some important thing

I am using the printer Epson L3150 you can
  use any printer you like

like Epson’s L130, L1110, L310

L3111 or L3156, L3151d

you can use another model like L14150

L15150 like that you can use any model of Epson

imagine if you are using Canon’s printer

if you are using the Canon printer you can
  use Canon’s G2010

G3010, G4010,

or 6010 also can be used and in India 7010 is also
  coming to India, you can use that also

The HP’s higher-end models

which costs around fifteen thousand,
you can print with that also

I have not tested all the HP’s model

Now the back side printing is going on

the front side is printed already, it’s
  quality is like this

now we are printing the visiting card on a big piece of paper

but we need visiting card to cut like this

how to cut this visiting card

you can use many types

the first method is scissors

or a blade

but using that you will not get good quality

if you want good quality when cutting visiting cards

which you can not get with scissors or blade

for good cutting, you have to use Rotary Cutter

This is the Rotary cutter, I have made many details
  videos about this also

It has a round blade which helps
  to cut the visiting card

this is A4 size, FS size, and A3 size ordinary paper cutter

you can cut with this ordinary paper cutter
  but you will not get good finishing like the Rotary cutter

  The rotary cutter has two sizes 14 inches and 25 inch

after printing the back side of the sheet

now the back side printing is going on

On the front side is the name and in
  the back side is the image

so we can wait for one minute and see how
  the whole print comes out

now in our “Powder” sheet our front and back visiting card is ready

now we see the print quality of this sheet

now you can see here a cutting mark

here is the back side cutting mark and
  this is the front side cutting mark

you can see how the printing is done

the front and back cutting mark is even on both side

when you see through lights both sides will be visible

when the light comes you can see the front and back side

you can see the registration mark

you can see the black line at the front and little grey
  colour at the back which is perfect on both side

this registration is got when you practice

when you buy this sheet first time you will not get
  this perfect marking result

you have to practice a little bit, you have to
give some time, some wastage also will be there

then you will get the perfect result

when you see through the
the light you can see the perfect printing

you have learned how the printing format is done

you have learned how to set the page size in the PDF file

you have learned how to print front and back

but you have not learned to put Power in this sheet

this sheet is called the “Powder” sheet because the
  the powder is put on this sheet

what is the advantage and disadvantage of putting powder

this sheet becomes waterproof
when you put powder on it

this I will tell you in the Part 2 of this video

you will get the part-2 link below the description

you see that one time you will understand

how to put the powder in this sheet,
how to convert this sheet to waterproof

and how to cut this sheet, you will get all these
  information in part 2 of this video

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