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Paper Plate Roll Cutting Machine Only Manual Roll Cutter


Paper Plate Roll Cutting Machine Only Manual Roll Cutter

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00:00 Intro
00:10 Cutting plates with rotary cutter
00:38 Rotary cutters
00:58 Demo of cutting the plates with 14 inch Rotary cutter
01:12 Set a size for plate cutting
01:35 Sharp cutting with Rotary cutter
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Welcome to Abhishek Products by
S.K graphics I am Abhishek Jain

and our job is to develop your
side business and similarly

today we have brought for you
rotary cutters using which we

are going to cut cardboard
rolls which are cardboard rolls.

They are used in the market to
make food plates or to make

some other decoration.

Which is similar to the food
plate in weddings, receptions,

birthday parties, look like
plate, so we have rotary cutter

to cut this paper and cardboard.

We will not be able to supply
you these cardboard rules and

the rotary that is being cut is
available in 24 and 14 inches

in two different sizes because
every day can be big and small

and now I will give you one of
it quickly.

I will show the demo.

So here we are using a 14-inch
rotary cutter to show you the


And maybe when you are cutting,
you have a very big roll on the

left-hand side whether 10kg or

When you cut one first
according to your own, set the

excise and cut it by simply
sliding it in this way with the

rotary cutter, there is a round
blade under it which rotates

round with the cutter.

Due to this, the cutting that
does this cuts is very sharp

cut and the technical name of
this sharp cut is flash cut

because there is a sharp and
good cutting inside it, one

more time I will show the
cutting little closer

I will give

So this is how you will forward
your paper

And after that, hold the paper
in one place by putting a fire

by hand and then pull it
forward with this handle of

rotary cutter.

And so easily this cardboard,
which is about 300GSM, is

easily cut and thus if you cut
a card to make a decoration

item or wedding plates or any
other type of cup for the


If you want to use it to make
etc., then this cutter is

perfect for you, to purchase
this rotary cutter, you can use

our YouTube comment section.

where you will get a link to
our e-commerce website as well

as you will also get a link to
our WhatsApp from where you can

also talk to us directly.

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