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Office Desk Sneeze Guard Portable Counter Shield Acrylic Countertop Display

Office Desk Sneeze Guard Portable Counter Shield Acrylic Countertop Display

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– Time Stamp –
00:00 Transparent Face Shield
00:06 Patient identification Tag
00:07 Sanitizer fog machine
00:09 Sanitizer gun Machine
00:14 Office desk Sheild or Sneeze Guard
00:36 Office setup
01:25 Office desk Shield
01:45 Gap for document exchage
02:00 Size of  the sheet
02:10 Two legs
02:28 How to install the legs
02:41 The shield will be protected by brown sheet
03:00 Example of transaction
03:31 what happens when Sneezing example
04:16 You can order according to you offfice need
04:42 Conclusion


In this entire series, we will
talk about transplant face


About Patient Identification
Tags Sanitizer Fog Machine,

sanitizer Gun Machines and
Sanitizer fog Machines and very

interesting products, this one
which will be the focus of our

entire video is this office
desk shield if you want.

If you can sneeze shield or
direct contact shield, then in

this video I will discuss and
tell you about this whole

product and the idea of this

Let us tell you that this is an
average office setup or an

average retailer or an average

Where the trainer who is the
main person, the shop owner or

an employee, he is sitting on
this side and here his client

customer or any other person
who brought his query is

sitting here now.

Because the distance between
the two is about one meter, but

for the corona virus, you have
to maintain a distance of about

one and half meter or two
meters and in such a long

distance you can not address
the customer by shouting loudly,

nor can you address any of them.

You can exchange documents, nor
take cash from them or do this

deal properly or you will not
be able to sit them comfortably

in a way, then keeping that
problem in mind, we are

introducing this one.

Office Desk Shield is very
small, very portable, very easy

machine easy hardware.

Like it is very transparent and
made of plastic.

So you will not even get this
high maintenance cost of this

thing and here it is down.

Below is it, on this side we
have given a hole from where

the direct will not come, but
if you have to pass the

document or bring the document
in reverse or give any cash,

then we can do that work from

At this time, the model we have
put in front of you, its size

is 24×32 inches.

it its width, and here we have

given two dismantle portable
legs that you can remove

according to your convenience.

In this way, you can take it
out and take it somewhere else

or give it to another employee
in another office.

And back to erect it you have
to assemble or install it this


When we are giving you this
shield, there is a coating of

brown paper on top of the
entire shield in this way, this

coating prevents it from
scratching by bringing

scratches, so on top of this
entire shield you will also get

a coating of brown paper in
this way.

And when you are taking
delivery from us, remove this

sticker brown sticker and your
crystal clear will be

transparent in this way.

Let me give you an example of
how a transaction will be

between two one customer and
one employee.

So this is how the customer
will come and sit near you.

And you will sit on this chair
in this way or you will come

and sit on your chair.

And the customer will see a
clear cut and someone can

exchange a visiting card with
them, talk to them, deal with

them and suppose they are
unwell and they are coughing or

they are sneezing.

I’ll give demonstrations,
suppose they sneeze

So when they are sneezing, the
water that is coming from their

side stops here and if you are
safe in a way or they are also

special, then nothing has
happened to you, that water has

stopped there, the customer has
stopped there.

If you are sitting on your
distance on your safety, then

in this way you can use this
product, time to time every day

you can clean it with sanitizer
on both sides.

And in this way, with the
direction of the customer, it

will look like this.

The sanitizer or the i.e sneeze
coming or, the water stops on

this side.

If you want, you can order it
custom for all your employees

and according to your desk or
according to your office, we

can also modify its size to
make it higher, longer, wider

or in a different angle.

as per order or as per quantity

So thank you for visiting our
video series

Video series and if you want to
contact the sales department,

then message on the WhatsApp
number given below.

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